Ameen Hurst Prison Escape – Where Is He Now? Charges And Case Details

Ameen Hurst Prison Escape

The subject of Ameen Hurst Prison Escape began trending into the news after surprising disclosures on the accused killer and second inmate’s escape case. Let’s find out the case details and what the charges are. 

Recently, Ameen Hurst’s prison break news sparked Netizens online. The murderer’s escape caused fear in everyday citizens. Where is he now? Let’s investigate the facts.

The accused killer and a second inmate came into the spotlight after they escaped Philadelphia prison by cutting holes in the fence, as reported by the authorities. 

Reportedly, a manhunt is underway for two dangerous criminals who escaped the correctional facility. The two were missing even a day later after the escape. 

The two wanted criminals, Ammen Hurst and Nasir Grant, escaped the Industrial corrections center. 

People were living in fear once they heard the news, and soon began trending online. The prison break topic has quickly gained everyone’s attention, but sadly they are not arrested.

Furthermore, an inmate has also been missing. The case allowed the concerned authorities to adopt professional precautions for people’s safety, and reports suggest that they are nowhere to be found. 

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Ameen Hurst Prison Escape: Where Is He Now? 

A man accused in four Philadelphia murders, Ameen Hurst, and an inmate received all the attention as the dangerous criminals dug a hole in a perimeter fence and escaped Philadelphia correctional facility.

Hurst is accused of killing four people in three different shootings. 

As reported by Fox 29 News, Ameen Hurst, 18, escaped with Nasir Grant, 28, on Sunday night.

The city’s Prison Department released a statement that Hurst and Grant fled the prison grounds through a hole cut in a fence surrounding a recreation yard.

Ameen Hurst charges and arrest
Ameen Hurst’s charges and arrest. (Source: CBS News)

Commissioner Blanche Carney reported, “It is the first prison break in the Philadelphia prison since 2010.” The Commissioner admitted that the prison fence has no alarm to detect a breach.

“We have protocols, but those protocols were breached and not followed. The yard should have been secured with an alarm system, and the fence not breached.”

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Ameen Hurst Charges And Case Details

Prison escapee Ameen Hurst and inmate Nasir Grant’s latest news have been trending online as everyday citizens live in fear, seeking their own safety ever since the prison break.

Hurst and Grant’s missing detail concern people, as the cases and safety are closely related. So, let’s check how the manhunt procedure has been doing since the mishap.

We have already answered what caused the prison break, but their arrest news is an emerging topic among desperate social media users. 

According to CNN, Ameen’s deadly rap sheet dates back to Christmas Eve 2020, as investigators reported that he fatally shot Dyewou Nyshawn Scruggs. The young escapee shot him at a property on the 1800 block of Wynnewood Road.

Ameen Hurst arrest
Ameen Hurst was arrested in 2022. (Source: YouTube)

In March 2021, Hurst opened fire on four people at a Philadelphia parking lot, leaving 2 injured and the other 2 killed, as mentioned by the investigators. 

Concerned authorities released a statement reading, 

“He is too dangerous from what we know, and we are expecting the public’s cooperation to get him back. We, with all forces, are trying to get this individual back in custody as soon as possible,” as per the released media statement from Inspector Frank Vanore.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Grant was locked up on weapon and drug charges in September 2022.

The commissioner blames a breakdown in the prison systems headcount protocol for the Hurst and Grant escaping.

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