NBI: Mariano Mison Wikipedia Bio Age Wife And Salary Explored

Eddie Garcia as Mariano Mison

The general public is interested in learning more about the previous director of the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation, as there isn’t much information online about him. Read the Mariano Mison Wikipedia provided to learn more about him.

Mariano Mison, an agent known for his dedication and integrity, leads him to earning the NBI’s director post. He became widely known to the public. When the horrifying massacre of the Vizconde family occurred, he fought against all odds to look into the killings and identify the perpetrator.

“NBI: The Mariano Mison Story,” the series, is based on his investigation journey into the “Vizconde Massacre,” which was released in 2003. The Vizconde murder case, also referred to as the Vizconde massacre, involved the numerous homicides of members of the Vizconde family on June 30, 1991, at their home in Paraaque, Metro Manila, the Philippines, located at 80 Vinzons Street, BF Homes.

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NBI: Mariano Mison Wikipedia Bio and Age

Since then, he has earned celebrity as a result of his involvement in the murder investigation, and a lot of people are curious to learn more about Mariano Mison Wikipedia.

We are now unsure about his age because there is no information on his birthdate readily available. However, based on how he seemed, the former director might be in his 60s or 70s.

There isn’t much information accessible about him other than his involvement in the murder case, which is still one of the most notorious murder cases in Philippine history.

Mariano Mison Wikipedia
The man without prejudice and fear “NBI Mariano Mison” (Source: YouTube)

The former director held the job of director of the National Bureau of Investigation for a year, from 1995 to 1996, but regardless of the duration of his tenure, he is well respected for the role he played in the murder investigation.

People continue to praise him for his dedication to cracking the case, and they also still hold him in high regard for his efforts in pursuing justice for the innocent victims of the corrupt individuals.

Regardless of how much notoriety the ex-investigator earned as a result of the case, he was able to lead an undetected personal and professional life, as evidenced by the fact that nothing is known about him as of right now.

Mariano Mison Wife- who is she?

Since Mariano’s personal life has not been covered by the media, as was previously noted, there has been no information on his wife since the very beginning of his career.

Considering his position at the Investigation Bureau and the fact that this was one of the most infamous murder cases, disclosing his family’s information could have been detrimental to his career.

Since the officer’s involvement in the case, neither his personal life nor he have been in the spotlight of the media, indicating that he prefers to keep his life out of the spotlight and has been successful in doing so.

Mariano Mison Salary Explored

Mison must have amassed a large fortune for himself given that he was a member of the NBI investigation team and later advanced to the agency’s highest position.

The salary of the NBI director is P182,191 as of 2023, which is $3334.39; This is a considerable sum for his position. However, his tenure lasted from 1995 to 1996, which is 24 years ago. As a result, his pay may have been less than what directors are paid now, but it may also have been equal to the value of today’s money.

Finally, in terms of his net worth, Mariano is predicted by the website NETWORTHPOST to be worth $200,000 in 2023. However, official data regarding his net worth has not yet been released. We will update our readers as soon as this data becomes available.

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