Zach Bryan Cheating Scandal And Reddit Drama With Ex Wife

Zach Bryan Cheating

The scandal surrounding Zach Bryan cheating on his ex-partner captivated the public’s interest and sparked intense discussions on various social media platforms.

Zach Bryan is a singer-songwriter who began his career in the late 2010s. His achievements in such a short period are pretty astounding.

In mid-2022, he published his major-label debut, a triple album called American Heartbreak, which charted at No. 5 on the US Billboard 200.

Before pursuing music, he served in the United States Navy. Numerous individuals have expressed curiosity about his personal life since he rose to stardom as a solo musician.

The artist’s ex-wife, Elizabeth Rose Madden, and the reasons for their divorce have long been the subject of rumors and concerns among his followers.

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Zach Bryan Cheating Scandal And Reddit Drama With Ex-Wife

Zach Bryan and his ex-wife, Rose Madden, initially met in the Navy. And shortly after knowing each other, they got married. But for whatever reason, their romance ended, and they were never destined to get married.

It was reported that he cheated on his wife. Zach Bryan’s cheating scandal became a hot topic of discussion for people both online and offline.

On Reddit, the topic of Zach Bryan’s cheating scandal garnered significant attention, with users sharing their opinions and speculations.

One Reddit user, @thatsweirdthatssus, claimed that both Zach Bryan and his ex-wife were in the military, and he cheated on her while she was deployed. She publicly posted about it on Instagram and then fell off the radar.

Zach Bryan Cheating
Zach Bryan and his ex-partner Rose Madeen’s wedding photo. (Image source: Facebook)

According to what he added, Zach even removed the songs about her and acted as if he had never been married before.

Another user, @Seriously_9876,  claimed to know Zach and Rose personally. He continued by saying that once Zach deceived Rose, he forcibly divorced her while she was still on deployment.

After that, the artist said that she “didn’t support his music enough as an explanation. He also said that Zach used to date several ladies at once and shamelessly lied about it when the proof was there.

In most people’s thoughts, Zach was wrong in the relationship as he dared to cheat on his wife, causing betrayal.

Who Is Zach Bryan’s Ex-wife?

Zach Bryan’s former wife is Rose Madden. She, like him, served in the United States Navy, and it was there that they met for the first time.

Her hometown is Lancaster, Ohio. In terms of education, she graduated from Arizona State University.

In August 2017, she began her military career as a Naval Aviator at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, the air station in Island County, Washington.

Since then, Rose has retained the role. Maddel now serves as Patrol Squadron 46’s ground safety petty officer. In 2021, she began her career as a petty officer.

Zach Bryan Current Relationship

Though people gossiped about Zach Bryan cheating on his wife, he has been freely dating other girls, seemingly unaffected by the rumors. He has most recently been connected with 24-year-old podcaster Brianna LaPaglia. She has discussed their relationship on Barstool’s BFFs show.

Dating has been going on between the two since July 2023. In addition to the BBFs podcast, Briana is well known on social media. She gained two million TikTok followers after becoming famous on Vine. Additionally, she is the podcast Plan Bri Uncut’s host.

Zach Bryan Cheating
Zach Bryan is currently dating Brianna LaPagila. (Image source: Instagram)

Although they have been dating since July, Brianna mentioned that they first connected at the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2023. After meeting him, she recalled the encounter and called him “the nicest man she had ever met in her entire life.”

They appear to be very in love with one another. Brianna even said their first actual date included an 18-hour car excursion, during which they conversed the entire way. He is the kindest, most sincere guy she has ever encountered, according to her.

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