Julian Castro Children: Who Is His Daughter Carina Castro?

Julian Castro children

Julián Castro is a famous lawyer and politician, originally from San Antonio. Who are Julian Castro children? Delve to learn more about Julian and his children.

A member of the Democratic Party, Castro was appointed the youngest cabinet member in President Obama’s administration.

From 2014 to 2017, he worked as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary.

Castro served as San Antonio’s mayor from 2009 to 2014, when he was brought into the Obama White House.

At 26, he was the youngest San Antonio City Council member when he was elected in 2001.

During his tenure as a council member from 2001 to 2005, he stood against establishing a golf course endorsed by the PGA and extensive real estate development on the city’s outskirts.

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Julian Castro Children

In 2007, the famous lawyer and politician married an elementary school teacher, Erica Lira.

They had two children together: a daughter named Carina (nicknamed Carino) Castro, born in 2009, and a son named Christian Castro, born in December 2014.

Carino is now a teenager attending high school, while Christian is around 9 years old and likely in elementary school.

Julian Castro children
The beautiful image of Julian and his beloved children, Carina and Christian (Source: Instagram)

After over a decade of marriage, Julián and Erica divorced in 2022, ending their relationship.

As a politician and former mayor, Castro’s family and personal life have been in the public eye.

His daughter Carino and son Christian grew up with a father involved at high levels of government.

Now that Castro and his wife have split up, he faces the challenge of co-parenting and maintaining a close relationship with his children.

Carino is at an age where this transition in her family may be difficult, while Christian is still young, with much of his childhood ahead of him.

Julian Castro, wife

After divorcing his ex-wife, an elementary school teacher Erica Lira, in 2022, Castro appears to have remained single since their split.

In his late 40s, Castro seems focused on his career rather than pursuing another romantic relationship.

As a prominent lawyer and politician, he likely has a demanding schedule and may feel dating would be too complicated at this stage of his life.

Additionally, as part of their divorce settlement, Castro and Lira share custody of their two children, Carino and Christian.

Co-parenting and making time for his kids are probably Castro’s priorities.

Being a father to a teenager or pre-teen requires significant time and attention.

Also, having gone through a recent divorce, Castro may not be interested in seriously dating someone new right away.

Though once considered a rising Democratic star, his political future is uncertain after dropping out of the 2020 presidential race.

Julian Castro family

Julián Castro was born in San Antonio, Texas, to Maria “Rosie” Castro and Jessie Guzman.

Julian Castro, a former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has an identical twin brother named Joaquin Castro.

Joaquin Castro is a U.S. Representative. Julian was born just one minute before Joaquin.

Their Mexican-American mother, Rosie, is a political activist who helped start the Chicano political party La Raza Unida and ran for San Antonio’s City Council in 1971.

Julian Castro children
The famous lawyer, Julian, admires his mother for being a fantastic mother (Source: Instagram)

Their father, Jessie, is also a retired math teacher and political activist.

Though never married, Rosie and Jessie separated when Julián and Joaquin were eight years old.

On his mother’s side, Julián’s Texan roots trace back to when his grandmother, Victoria Castro, immigrated to Texas from northern Mexico as a six-year-old orphan in 1920 to join her extended family members.

In a recent Instagram post, Julian, the American attorney and politician, wished his fans and admirers a Merry Christmas.

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