Joanna Simpson Husband Robert Brown Killed Her With Claw Hammer: Kids And Parents

Joanna Simpson husband

Who is Joanna Simpson husband? Joanna tragically lost her life when her husband, Robert Brown, used a claw hammer to fatally assault her in Windsor in 2010.

Brown, who received a 26-year prison sentence for manslaughter, is scheduled for automatic release in November.

In 2010, Robert killed Joanna by beating her 14 times in the head with a hammer while the kids played in the room next door.

He then told Alex and Kate that their mother was ill and had to go to the hospital as he placed her body in the trunk of his car.

Joanna passed away after a protracted period of domestic violence that included coercive control, seclusion, intimidation, and extreme brutality.

Five days later, Joanna’s body was discovered in a pre-dug grave.

She was just a few days away from Robert’s divorce being finalized.

In the Netflix documentary, one of Joanna’s acquaintances claimed that the tomb had been excavated close to the playground where Robert used to take his kids.

Brown was convicted of manslaughter at Reading Crown Court despite being cleared of murder in May 2011 owing to diminished culpability.

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Joanna Simpson Husband, Robert Brown Killed Her With a Claw Hammer

The netizens wonder about the late Joanna Simpson’s husband, Robert Brown.

A former British Airways pilot, Robert Brown, attacked his partner, Joanna Simpson, in their home as their two young children hid nearby.

Brown then disposed of Simpson’s body, driving to Windsor Great Park, where he secretly buried her.

Joanna Simpson husband
                                                       The late Joanna’s husband, Robert Brown (Source: The Sun)

Moreover, it took five days for Joanna Simpson’s remains to be discovered finally.

Formerly residing in Winkfield, Berkshire, Brown received a 24-year prison term for manslaughter and an additional two years for impeding a coroner’s duty.

He was cleared of murder charges as he admitted to manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

Brown is set to be granted parole in November after serving half his sentence, as his conviction for manslaughter exempts him from Parole Board scrutiny.

Joanna Simpson kids

The late Joanna and her husband Robert had a family consisting of two children.

Their family journey began when Joanna became pregnant with their son, Alex, two months after marriage.

Moreover, this pregnancy culminated in the birth of Alex in December 1999.

Not long after, approximately 17 months later, Joanna and Robert joyfully welcomed their second child, a daughter named Kate, affectionately known as Katie, within their family.

Joanna Simpson husband
Joanna initiated divorce proceedings against Brown, having suffered an extended period of harassment and threats. (Source: Daily Mail)

Additional information regarding Joanna’s children has intentionally been withheld from the media to safeguard their privacy and ensure their well-being remains undisturbed.

After their mother’s passing, the children resided with Ms. Parkes on the Isle of Wight.

She remarked that her grandchildren provided her with a sense of “purpose” following the loss of her daughter.

Joanna Simpson parents

Limited information is accessible regarding Joanna’s parents. We do know that Joanna’s mother is Diana Parks.

Joanna’s late father, Chris Simpson, a prosperous property developer, harbored such profound concerns.

Unfortunately, he died from cancer eight years before his daughter’s demise.

Joanna Simpson husband
Diana Parkes, the mother of Joanna, has been advocating for Brown’s continued incarceration ever since her daughter’s tragic murder (Source: Daily Mail)

Despite Chris and Diana’s divorce after a 25-year marriage, they maintained a close and amicable friendship.

Further details about Joanna’s case have yet to be revealed. So please stay connected with us to learn more about his disturbing case.

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