Tighnari Voice Actor Elliot Gindi Allegations & Google Docs Screenshots, Is He In Jail?

Fans of the voice Actor Elliot Gindi need clarification about his allegations. Here are some of the information that we have accumulated.

As for the bio of Elliot Gindi, he is a well-known American voice Actor. At best, his fans know him from his work in the English version of Tighnari in Genshin Impact.

After his recent apology message through TwitLonger, Elliot Gindi has since blacked off his Twitter profile and hopes to seek help for his problems.

Likewise, he has also announced that he will not be reading any responses and is currently logging off. Tighnari from Genshin Impact was his most important VA role in the past. In addition, he has done some minor work in Pokemon.

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Is Tighnari Voice Actor Elliot Gindi Allegation True?

The allegation against the voice Actor, Elliot Gindi is true, and he recently admitted and apologized for using the Twitter platform. He used the platform to accept it as he has vast followers on Twitter.

He used the medium called TwitLonger, where he wrote all the long paragraphs and posted the link to them on Twitter.

To summarize what he explained, he apologized and admitted that all the screenshots of the relevant chat logs and google docs were accurate. He also revealed that the voice Actor threatening to commit suicide was actual.

However, Elliot denied this in his statement, saying that he did not do anything to the minors and also about not respecting people’s pronouns. Toward the end, Gindi assured the readers that he would never do this again and would try his best to improve.

You can check it out by inserting his Twitter handle name @ElliotGindiVO. Initially, he joined the platform in August in 2009 and has been active since then. So far, he has already accumulated over 14.4 thousand followers and 4497 tweets. He has also shared his email address, i.e., [email protected].

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Is The Voice Actor Elliot Gindi In Jail?

It appears that so far, The voice Actor Elliot Gindi is not in jail after the incident was brought to light earlier when user FretCore shared an extensive Google Document with statements from Gindi’s alleged victims.

The screenshots reveal an unpleasant image, ranging from personal DMs to now-deleted Discord discussions. The individual, who was a Twitch and Discord moderator for Gindi, shared the information with the voice Actor’s permission.

The character called Tighnari in Genshin Impact that Elliot Gindi did a voice acting for. (Source: IGN)

After Elliot’s lengthy apology through Twitter, there is no recent news on this case. We shall learn more about it once the investigation reaches a verdict and know what Elliot Gindi may have to face.

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Elliot Gindi Wikipedia Explored

As for Elliot Gindi’s wikipedia, he has done minor roles in Pokemon’s animes but was most prominent and talked about after his work in Genshin Impact as Tighnari.

Other information in regard to his family members has yet to be revealed. But we do know that at the moment, most of the prominent voice actors and the gaming community have expressed how disappointed and angry they are about the news. Many have already removed Elliot Gindi from their stream and do not want to do anything with him.

Tighnari’s English voice actor went offline a day before the allegations were made public in order to seek therapy. (Source: Yahoo News)

Others have also shared how triggering all the screenshots were and the overall situation. This further depicts that Elliot Gindi’s future career and development will be harshly affected.

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