Nigel Kennedy Married Agnieszka Kennedy: Relationship Timeline

Nigel Kennedy married

Nigel Kennedy is a renowned violinist and violist who originally hails from England. Let’s learn about Nigel Kennedy married life with Agnieszka Kennedy.

He first gained recognition at the age of 11 when he was discovered by Jimmy Savile on a British television show.

Initially, his career focused on classical music, but he later diversified into jazz, klezmer, and various other music genres.

At 16, Kennedy received an invitation from jazz violinist Stéphane Grappelli to perform alongside him at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

In 1984, he made his debut recording with Elgar’s Violin Concerto. One of his most notable recordings was his rendition of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons with the English Chamber Orchestra in 1989.

This album dominated the UK classical charts for more than a year and achieved total sales exceeding three million units.

Kennedy is a devoted fan of Aston Villa F.C. During the Przystanek Woodstock festival in 2010, he made a unique gesture by having his orchestra don Aston Villa shirts and leading the crowd in the team’s chants.

Additionally, during his time living and recording in Poland, he showed a keen interest in KS Cracovia, even appearing in the club’s replica kit as part of their 100th-anniversary celebration.

In recognition of his achievements, in 1991, the University of Bath bestowed upon him an honorary degree, specifically a Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.).

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Nigel Kennedy Married Agnieszka Kennedy

Nigel Kennedy has entered into matrimony on two occasions. His second spouse, Agnieszka (formerly Chowniec), is a Polish actress and artistic director, born in April 1977.

She is active on social media and goes by the username @agnieszkakennedy.

Nevertheless, her social media account is set to private, making it challenging to gather extensive information about Nigel’s wife.

Agnieszka Kennedy, a performer based in London, has gained significant recognition in the realms of both film and theatre since the early 2010s.

Nigel Kennedy married
                                                  Nigel Kennedy and his beloved wife Agnieszka Kennedy (Source: Pinterest)

Her talents span a diverse spectrum, encompassing acting, directing, and creative direction.

She is proficient in English, French, Polish, and Russian, showcasing her remarkable linguistic abilities and versatility in communication.

In contrast to many other celebrity partners, Agnieszka consciously opts for a discreet approach to her personal life, preferring to keep a low profile and maintain her privacy.

Therefore, this choice reflects her desire to shield her personal affairs from the public eye.

Further details about Nigel Kennedy married life are not readily available as of now. So stay updated on our page to learn more about Nigel.

Nigel Kennedy relationship timeline

Nigel’s romantic relationship took a new turn when he became involved with singer and guitarist Brix Smith following her separation from and subsequent divorce from her husband, Mark E. Smith, in 1989.

This marked a significant chapter in Kennedy’s personal life, as he embarked on a romantic journey with Brix Smith, adding an intriguing layer to his life story.

In the present, Kennedy leads a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, dividing his time between various residences.

Nigel Kennedy married
                                                     Nigel has tons of fans on his social media handles (Source: Facebook)

He has homes in Malvern, Worcestershire, where his former girlfriend Eve Westmore and their son Sark Yves Amadeus (born in 1997) currently reside.

This reflects a connection to his past and his ongoing responsibilities as a parent.

Additionally, he maintains residences in London and Kraków, Poland, showcasing his international and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

These different locations likely play a role in his music career and personal interests, allowing him to engage with various cultural influences and musical scenes.

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