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Nick Woodman

Founder and CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman, has a total net worth of $300 million.

On June 24, 1975, Nick Woodman was born in Santa Clara County, California, and United States.

He founded GoPro in 2014 after he was financed $200,000 from his father, $35,000 from his mother, and other $10,000 by selling necklaces.

Nick Woodman
Nick Woodman/ Source: Wikipedia

The camera developed by GoPro was a huge success, and at some point, Nick’s business was worth $11 billion, and his net worth was $4.5 billion.

Quick Facts

Full Name Nicholas D. Woodman
Common Name Nick Woodman
Net Worth $300 million
Birthdate June 24, 1975
Age  49
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Robertson Stephens
Mother’s Name Concepcion
Siblings Andrea Moody and Pilar Woodman.
Birthplace Santa Clara County, California, United States.
Home Town Santa Clara County, California, United States.
Citizenship America
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity American and Hispanic
School Menlo School, University of California
Height 1.93 m
Weight 70 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Brown
Martial Status Married
Relationships Jill Woodman
Children Three
Profession Investor, CEO Of GoPro
Net Worth $400 million
Position Wide Reciever
Merch GoPro Hero 8 , GoPro Hero 9
Last-Update July, 2024

Net Worth and Income

As of 2024, Nick Woodman has a total net worth of $300 million. The majority of his income is from the GoPro business.

Earning From The Business

The first GoPro camera was developed in 2012, which has access to Wifi, is remote-controlled waterproof, and has 64 GB of memory.

Moreover, it cost only $300, and within the year, the sale of cameras started to grow exponentially, selling 2.3 million cameras in 2012.

Likewise GoPro made $150,000 revenue inn 2004 and $350,000 revenue in 2005.

The product started to become a huge success and went public on June 26, 2014. Nick Woodman had around a 45% stake, and with a company value of $3.25 billion, his net worth rose to $1.45 billion.

Moreover, with continued success, Nick Woodman’s net worth reached $4.5 billion with a company value of $11 billion.

However, the company’s stock price fell heavily, and by January 2016, Nick Woodman’s net worth was reduced to $1 billion.

Again in 2018, the share price fell by 90%, and his net worth fell to 100 million.

Likewise, with the constant falling of his company share price, his net worth has been around $300 million.

Nick Woodman’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Nick Woodman’s net worth in different currencies, including BitCoin, is discussed below.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 257,647,500
Pound Sterling £ 217,312,500
Australian Dollar A$ 400,392,000
Canadian Dollar C$ 369,751,500
Indian Rupee ₹ 22,460,565,000
BitCoin ฿ 4,584

Nick Woodman: House, Cars, Yacht, and Jets


Woodman owns properties in Hawaii and Montona.

Moreover, he bought a 150-acre property in 2012 for $12.5 million, known as Bobby Doon, located in California.

However, the house was sold in July 2020 for the price of $20 million.


Nick often drives the luxurious Porsche Panamera.


Woodman possesses a yacht known as DRIFTWOOD which he purchased in 2017 for $40 million.


He owns a Gulfstream G550 private jet which he bought for $60 million.

Lifestyle & Vacation


Nick Woodman is married to Jill R Scully. The couple has three children and lives together in Woodside, California.

Moreover, he is an inventor, so he likes to create new products and bring those products to the market.

Additionally, he is also a fan of racecar driving and surfing.


With such an enormous net worth, Nick Woodman has a fantastic lifestyle. He likes to travel a lot and therefore, he frequently visits different destinations.

He was seen on vacation in Hawaii.

Moreover, he loves surfing and spent around five-month in Australia and Indonesia on vacation. This is where he got motivated to start Go-Pro.


Nick and his wife Jill founded the  Jill + Nicholas Woodman Foundation with 5.8 million shares of GoPro.

In 2019, the foundation donated $4 million to the community center in Montona. Moreover, the foundation also donated $2.85 million to a child abuse prevention center in San Francisco.

Moreover, he was honored for his philanthropic work with the BUILD in San Francisco.

Investment & Book Publications


Nick Woodman has around a 36% stake in his company GoPro. Moreover, he also appeared in the show ‘Shark Tank‘ and made a total of $120,000 investment in two different companies.

Nick Woodman In The Shark Tank
Nick Woodman In The Shark Tank/ Source: Twitter

After finishing school, he started two startup companies, but they did not hit the ground.

The first business was which was developed for selling goods for less than $2, and the other was FunBug, a gaming and marketing platform for winning cash prizes.

Book Publication

Matt Doeden has written the book GoPro Inventor Nick Woodman, which is the biography of Nick Woodman.

Likewise, Michael Andrews has also written the book Nicholas Woodman: From Rock Bottom to Billionaire.


Nick Woodman founded the GoPro startup company in 2004 after getting an investment of $200,000 from his father, $30,000, and a sewing machine from his mother.

The GoPro business was a huge success, and eventually, its worth started to rise exponentially. Moreover, the company was worth $11 billion at the peak of business, making its net worth $4.5 billion.

Furthermore, Nick has won the national Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the retail and consumer products category in 2013 and Emmy awards for GoPro in Technology and Engineering.

3 Facts About Nick Woodman

  • Nick built his first camera prototype in 2002 using his mother’s sewing machine and drill.
  • He released his first video camera in 2004 and sold it everywhere from a surf shop to home shopping network QVC.
  • Nick has completed his bachelor’s degree from the University Of California in 1997 in visual art and minor.


What is Nick Woodman worth?

Currently, Nick Woodman’s net worth is a staggering $300 million.

Why did What is Nick Woodman invent the GoPro?

He wanted to build a device that would help surfers photograph or create the video while surfing. So based on that idea, he came up with GoPro cameras.

Does Nick Woodman still own GoPro?

Nick owns a majority share of the GoPro. He owns around 36% stake of the GoPro company.

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