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Gary Dell'Abate

American radio producer, and media personality, Gary Dell’Abate, better known as Baba Booey’s net worth is $14 million. 

Originally Gary Patrick Angelo Dell’Abate, Gary was born on March 14, 1961, in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

Gary is well-known for his work on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Gary Posing For The Camera (Source: Stamford Advocate)
Gary Posing For The Camera (Source: Stamford Advocate)

Since 1984, he has served as executive producer of the show, working with Howard Stern and Fred Norris. 

They have collaborated and created history with perhaps one of the best radio broadcasts ever.

Furthermore, his memoir, “They Call Me Baba Booey,” was published in 2010.

The autobiography helped him gain more success and shot him to stardom.

Gary Dell’Abate | Quick Facts

To understand more about Gary Dell’Abate, let’s look at his quick facts.

Birth Name Gary Patrick Angelo Dell’Abate
Professional Name Gary Dell’Abate
Nick Name Baba Booey, Ta Ta Toothy, Fa Fa Fooey, Ma Ma Monkey, Gadget Gary, Techno Beaver
Birth Date March 14, 1961
Age 63 Years Old
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York City, USA
Weight 214 lbs. (90 kg)
Height 1.78 m (5 feet 10 inches)
Religion Christianity
Gender Male
Nationality American
Net Worth  $14 Million
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black & White
Profession Radio Personality, Producer
Father’s Name Salvatore
Mother’s Name Ellen (née Cotroneo)
Body Type Average
Horoscope Pisces
Ethnicity Italian-American
Sibling Steven Dell’Abate
High School N/A
College Adelphi University
Distinctive Features Beard
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Mary Dell’Abate
Children 2 (Lucas and Jackson)
Active Since 1984-Present
Merch Signed Book
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update April 2024

Gary Dell’Abate | Net Worth and Income

Multi-millionaire radio producer Gary Dell’Abate’s net worth is a staggering $14 million.

He has collected a large fortune due to his career as a radio show producer. In fact, he has a salary of $4 million per year.

Dell’Abate started performing his show publicly in 1984 after being presented on the “Howard Stern Show.”

He has booked several great superstars for his events as a producer. Demi Moore, Sting, and Jerry Seinfeld are among them.

He has been on many television shows in addition to the television version of “The Howard Stern Show.”

Likewise, 60 Minutes, VH1’s Rock, Roll Jeopardy, and Hollywood Squares are some of the shows that made him famous.

Stern received $500 million in 2006 for his transition to unregulated, censorship-free satellite radio.

The radio show was to be paid $100 million each year for five years by Sirius (now SiriusXM Pandora).

This money was split between Howard and the rest of the employees. While Howard gets a big percentage, the rest is divided between his staff and production charges.

Moreover, in 2010, Gary’s annual salary was $6,000,000 as the show’s producer.

Gary has made tremendous progress from starting with a salary of $150 a week to getting in a position where he can easily earn $4-6 million a year.

Furthermore, his career is still on the rise, and with more success, Dell’Abate’s net worth will surely increase.

Gary Dell’Abate’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Gary Dell’Abate’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 13,458,060
Pound Sterling £ 11,427,640
Australian Dollar A$ 20,191,234
Canadian Dollar C$ 18,064,970
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,089,732,700
Bitcoin ฿ 474.51

Gary Dell’Abate | Houses and Cars 


As of April 2024, Gary Dell’Abate’s net worth is a massive $14 million.

In 2021, he listed his custom-built Connecticut property, which he had lived in since 2007, for $3.2 million.

The five-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion is located in the exclusive Hillcrest Park’s Old Farm Lane neighborhood in Old Greenwich and was custom-designed for the producer.

Gary Dell'Abate Net Worth- Gary Dell'Abate
Gary Dell’Abate (Source: Greenwich Time)

According to the description, the property has hardwood floors throughout, high ceilings, formal kitchen/dining spaces, various family spaces, and a walk-out basement level.

Similarly, the main suite includes a spa bath and a spacious walk-in closet.

In 2020, he stated his plan to own a small property in Maine and, eventually, in Florida.

Therefore, we can estimate that Gary must have moved to the place mentioned above after selling the Greenwich mansion.


In 2019, the executive producer admitted to crashing his friend’s new Tesla while on his way to get some cookies.

The friend was displeased with what had happened to his new ride, which is not just pricey but also difficult to obtain.

The incident came in after Gray was also thinking of purchasing a Tesla, but his decision to buy a Tesla was in question after this.

Nonetheless, Dell’Abate has a Range Rover, the majority of which costs more than $100,000.

Gary Dell’Abate | Lifestyle and Vacation


Multi-talented radio producer Gray Dell’Abate lives a comfortable lifestyle with a net worth of $14 million.

He was born to Salvatore, an ice-cream salesman, and Ellen, a food demonstrator. He grew up on Long Island in Uniondale, New York, with a brother.

Gary entered Adelphi University after finishing high school and got the Richard F. Clemo Award in his senior year.

He interned at several radio stations in his early years, including WLIR.

He met Howard Stern while working with Roz Frank, a traffic journalist for WNBC.

After that, Gary joined the “The Howard Stern” show and eventually became an active member.

Gary Dell'Abate Net Worth- Gary Dell'Abate With His Family
Gary Dell’Abate With His Family (Source:

He got his famous nickname during the airing of an episode.

It all started when Dell’Abate talked about purchasing cartoon cels (plastic sheets used for early animation projects).

He mentioned wanting to get a Quick Draw McGraw cel, but he said McGraw’s partner was “Baba Booey” rather than “Baba Looey.”

This blunder earned Gary a huge insult from the rest, who pointed out that he wanted to buy this expensive memento without even realizing the true name of the figure.

The jokes continued despite Gary’s insistence that the cast had gone too far. Hence, Dell’Abate eventually embraced his new name, “Baba Booey.”

The phrase has become somewhat of a pop culture icon. Prank callers frequently use or yell out the name “Baba Booey.”

Gary is a die-hard New York Mets fan who threw out the opening pitch during a Mets game on May 9, 2009.

The pitch failed miserably, landing down a third line and striking an umpire.

Later, he and coworker Richard Christy visited the 2015 World Series.


Gary loves visiting new places and talking to people. Besides his work, traveling is his favorite activity.

With his wife and friends, he visited the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A former sponsor provided the European holiday, including a layover in France.

Millions of people see the cathedral’s French Gothic architecture and famous bell towers every year.

Similarly, he and his wife visited Maine and fell deeply in love with the area. They even thought of relocating to the place.

Gary Dell’Abate | Charity

Gary became a volunteer for “LIFEbeat: The Music Industry Fights AIDS” when his brother died of AIDS in 1991.

He eventually became the nonprofit’s president. This charity aims to build alliances with the entertainment business to promote sexual safety.

The organization also assists and supports individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or social class.

Similarly, he still has time to volunteer for the “Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation,” which encourages boating and water sports safety.

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Gary Dell’Abate | Movies, Book, Investment, & Endorsement


In addition to his production work, Gary has had modest parts in film and television.

Gary has acted in movies such as “Sandy Wexler” (2017) and “Private Parts” (1997).

Similarly, he starred in the television series “Cubed” (2010) and “Son of the Beach” (2001).

Likewise, Dell’Abate has cameoed in several television shows, including “30 for 30” (2021), “Dare to Be Different” (2017), “Hollywood Game Night” (2014), and many more.


Gary has also ventured into the world of words.

They Call Me Baba Booey,” Dell’Abate’s autobiography, was published in 2010.

Gary Dell'Abate Net Worth- Baba Booey
Baba Booey (Source:

In November 2010, it appeared at number 6 on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Dell’Abate narrates the story of his brother’s death from AIDS, his mother’s grief, and his climb to executive producer of the show in the book.


As of April 2024, Gary Dell’Abate’s net worth is a massive $14 million.

His primary investment is all the shows he has produced.

Specifically, Gary has been a producer of “For What It’s Worth” (2013), “Howard Stern on Demand” (2006-2007), “U.S. Open Sores” (1989), and “The Uncle Floyd Show” (1974).

Moreover, he has been a producer of “The Howard Stern Show” for a long time.

Thanks to his contributions from 1994 until 2001, the radio show was the top-rated morning discussion show in New York City.

However, the program has aroused tremendous criticism due to its typically filthy tone.


Gary has endorsed many celebrities throughout his career.

As a producer of a popular morning radio show, it is his work to book media personalities and stars for the show.

Moreover, SiriusXM ads and television commercials have frequently been included in the radio show.

He is a New York Islanders hockey enthusiast interviewed for author Greg Prato’s 2012 book, “Dynasty: The Oral History of the New York Islanders.”

Several images of him with Islanders athletes at a Stanley Cup victory celebration in 1980 are included in the book, as with his thoughts and memories of watching the Islanders.

In fact, he interned for SportsChannel, the television network that aired the team’s games at the time.

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Gary Dell’Abate | Career

Dell’Abate started his professional career as a producer in 1974. He helped in the production of “The Uncle Floyd Show.”

Since then, Gary has worked as a producer on several television programs and movies.

When Dell’Abate met Howard Stern, his career took off. He was working for WNBC and decided to take a position at “The Howard Stern Show” for $150 a week.

Getting Stern lunch and scheduling guests were two of his first responsibilities.

Gary Dell'Abate Net Worth- Gary With Howard
Gary With Howard (Source: Billboard)

Howard initially referred to him as “Boy Gary.”

On the other hand, Gary soon became a more important member of the radio show, earning him his more well-known nickname.

Since then, Dell’Abate has worked as a producer and frequent guest member on the “Howard Stern Show.”

Some Interesting Facts About Gary Dell’Abate

  • In 2020, he devoted the year to work from his “man cave” in the basement of his house during the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • He studied photography at BOCES Technical School.
  • Gary worked at TGIFriday’s and Record World in Garden City before becoming a producer.
  • He has been wedded to Mary Dell’Abate since 1992. Lucas and Jackson are their two sons.


Was Gary Dell’Abate his town’s board member?

He was elected to the Greenwich, Connecticut, Board of Parks and Recreation by a 119–64 vote margin in 2011. In 2014, he was successfully reappointed.

Has Gary Dell’Abate left the Stern show?

No, he is still working for the show.

How much does Gary Dell’Abate ‘s book cost?

His book, “They Call Me Baba Booey,” can be brought from Amazon for $18.

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