Nell Sutton Age: How Old? Wikipedia, Parents And Family

Nell Sutton Age

What is Nell Sutton age? The young American actress’s exciting personality, filled with aspiring belief and talent, has now unravelled.

Sutton is a young and talented American actress. Likewise, she has captured the hearts of many with her outstanding performance as the young Marie-Laure LeBlanc.

Nell appeared in the Netflix series All the Light We Cannot See. Similarly, the series is based on Anthony Doerr’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Moreover, the series portrays the story of a blind French girl and a German soldier as the two cross paths in occupied France during World War II.

Sutton portrayed Marie-Laure’s younger version, and she loses her sight at six. Likewise, she learns to navigate the world with her father’s help, who is a museum locksmith.

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Nell Sutton Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is He?

Netflix actress Nell Sutton was born in 2016. Likewise, she is 7 years old as of this writing.

Sutton inherited congenital glaucoma from her parent. Similarly, her father, Paul, lost his vision at an early age. Nell began using a cane when she was two years old. 

Nell Sutton age and wiki
Nell Sutton age: The actress began using a cane when she was just 2 years of age. (Source: Birmingham Live)

Nell’s rare medical condition, congenital glaucoma, causes increased pressure in the eyes, which leads to vision loss and blindness.

Moreover, the young actress has undergone several surgeries to preserve her remaining sight. However, Sutton is legally blind but can only see shapes and colours.

Sutton attends a mainstream school. Also, the young Netflix star enjoys reading, singing, dancing, and playing the piano.

Nell is fluent in English and Welsh. But she is keenly interested in learning other languages. Nell also loves animals and uses a guide dog named Poppy.

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Meet Nell Sutton Parents And Family

Nell Sutton comes from a loving and supportive family. Moreover, her family has helped their daughter achieve her dreams.

Sutton’s family resides in Gwynedd, North Wales. Also, Sutton and her parents have created a cozy and comfortable home.

Nell’s father, Paul Sutton, is also legally blind. Moreover, her father lost his sight at 18 and had to adapt to a new way of living.

Nell’s parents met at a support group for people with vision loss, and they fell in love. Likewise, her father is a software engineer. Also, Paul enjoys playing chess and guitar during his leisure.

Nell’s mother, Rachel Sutton, is a sighted individual. Likewise, she is involved in the teaching sector.

Nell’s mom is caring and devoted. Also, she encourages her daughter to pursue her interests and talents.

Besides, Rachel is excellent at helping Nell with her schoolwork, acting projects, and daily activities. Moreover, Nell’s mother loves reading, gardening, and baking.

Nell has two siblings and shares a close bond with her brother, Isaac, and sister, Martha.

Her brother, Isaac, is two years older and is sighted. Moreover, Isaac is very protective of Nell and often helps his sister with her homework and cane skills.

Martha is three years junior to Nell and is also legally blind. Likewise, Martha is very close to her sister and often accompanies her acting auditions and sets.

Nell’s family also has a guide dog named Poppy. Besides, the actress’s family is very proud of her achievements and supports her in every way.

Nell Sutton Movies And Career

Young American actress Nell Sutton has a remarkable story of overcoming her sight loss and pursuing her passion for acting.

Also, she began her acting career in 2020. The young talent appeared in an ad campaign for Guide Dogs, a charity that delivers assistance dogs and other services for individuals with sight loss.

The campaign, “We’re by your side through it all,” featured Nell and her guide dog Poppy in several scenarios. 

Nell’s breakthrough role came in 2023 as she was cast as the young Marie-Laure LeBlanc in the Netflix series All the Light We Cannot See.

Nell Sutton age and career
Nell Sutton age: The aspiring young actress overcomes blindness with her own little cane. (Source: Birmingham Live)

Nell auditioned for the role after her parents responded to a casting call for a blind actress. 

Moreover, the actress filmed the series in 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, and Saint-Malo, France. Also, the talented star had to learn French for the role and how to use a cane and a Braille typewriter.

Nell’s performance as the young Marie-Laure has been praised by critics and fans alike. Director Shawn Levy has described her as “magic”, “adorable”, “smart”, “funny”, and “sparkling.” 

Moreover, Nell has been commended for her authenticity, emotion, and courage in portraying a complex and challenging character.

Also, Sutton has received several nominations and awards for her role, including the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie.

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