Mohammed Shami Divorce With Hasin Jahan: Payal Ghosh Proposed Marriage

Mohammed Shami Divorce

The Mohammed Shami divorce, marred by a tumultuous relationship with Hasin Jahan and an unexpected marriage proposal from Payal Ghosh, has been a subject of public interest.

Mohammed Shami is a prominent Indian international cricketer renowned for his right-arm fast and fast-medium bowler prowess.

Representing the Indian national team across all formats, he has also been a critical figure for Bengal in domestic cricket. He has featured for various franchises in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

His unique swing technique, including the reverse swing, allows him to create unpredictable movements in both directions, causing trouble for batters.

A bowler who can change games, Shami is known for his strength in the “death overs” of limited-overs cricket and his occasional “unplayable” stints in all formats.

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Mohammed Shami Divorce With Hasin Jahan

The life of Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has been marked not only by his on-field achievements but also by a series of tumultuous events in his personal life.

One of the most significant episodes in his personal life is his divorce from Hasin Jahan.

This divorce was marred by accusations of marital infidelity, match-fixing, and domestic violence, making headlines and keeping Shami in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Mohammed Shami Divorce With Hasin Jahan
Mohammed Shami’s wife has accused him of multiple physical and mental abuses and extramarital affairs. (Source: deccanchronicle)

Shami’s former wife, Hasin Jahan, accused him of severe wrongdoings during their marriage.

These allegations included claims of adultery, marital rape, match-fixing in cricket, and domestic violence.

Shami vehemently denied these accusations, and their issues soon became public, casting a shadow over his cricketing career.

Mohammed Shami Married Life

Following their tumultuous divorce, Mohammed Shami’s relationship with Hasin Jahan has remained strained.

In a recent interview with News Nation, Hasin Jahan expressed her disinterest in cricket and indifference towards Shami’s cricketing achievements.

She stated,

“I have not watched cricket, so I am not a fan of cricketers either. Or how many wickets he has taken, what he has done is beyond my control. I have not even known anything.”

Hasin Jahan’s statement highlights the stark disconnect between her and Shami, not only on a personal level but also regarding his career and accomplishments in cricket.

The divorce has significantly impacted their relationship, both as spouses and as individuals.

Surprisingly, Hasin Jahan also made a statement suggesting that if Shami continues to perform well in cricket, he will not only achieve financial success but also be able to support her and their daughter, Aaira.

Mohammed Shami Divorce With Hasin Jahan
Mohammed Shami pictured with his former wife and daughter (Source: latestly)

She stated, “Kuch bhi hai, accha perform kr rha hai, accha khelega, team main bana rahega, achha kamayega toh humara bhavishya secure rahega,” which translates to,

“Whatever it is, he is performing well, will play well, will remain on the team, and will earn well, so our future will be secure.”

These comments raise questions about the dynamics of their post-divorce relationship and financial arrangements for the care of their child.

The divorce appears to have left a complex and intertwined set of emotions and expectations between Shami and Hasin Jahan.

Mohammed Shami Marriage Proposal from Payal Ghosh

Adding a twist to the narrative, Bollywood actress and politician Payal Ghosh made headlines when she proposed marriage to Mohammed Shami through a tweet.

Payal Ghosh, known for her controversial statements and actions in the past, wrote, “#Shami Tum apna English Sudha Rao, I’m ready to marry you,” along with two laughing emojis.

This unexpected proposal garnered attention and stirred curiosity among the public.

This proposal came when Shami performed exceptionally well in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, amassing 16 wickets in four matches.

He emerged as one of the key players for the Indian cricket team, receiving accolades and praise from cricket enthusiasts nationwide.

Mohammed Shami Divorce
Mohammed Shami gets a marriage proposal from Payal Ghosh. (Source: timesnownews)

However, amidst all the positive attention and well-deserved recognition, Hasin Jahan made a bizarre statement about Shami’s performance in the World Cup.

When asked about her thoughts on his cricketing achievements, she responded with,

“Kuch bhi hai, accha perform kr rha hai, accha khelega, team main bana rahega, achha kamayega toh humara bhavishya secure rahega,” indicating her ambivalence and perhaps a touch of sarcasm.

Furthermore, when asked to extend her wishes to Shami, Hasin Jahan declined, saying,

“I will give my best wishes to Team India but not him,” emphasizing her ongoing rift with her former husband.

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