Neil Currey Kids: McKenna, Cole, Faith, Jack, Remi and River Currey Age Gap

Neil Currey Kids

Who are Neil Currey kids, McKenna, Cole, Faith, Jack Remi and River Currey? Let’s find out about his children’s age gap difference below.

Neal Currey tragically took his own life on September 10 in Lindon, Utah. The 42-year-old social influencer was best known for his pro-gun stance.

Ready Gunner, a well-known firearms store and training facility in Utah, experienced a sad moment in September 2022 when its proprietor, Neal Currey, passed away at 42.

His wife, Casey Currey, confirmed his suicide via an Instagram post, revealing that he had been grappling with mental health challenges.

Just three days before his passing, the former Army Ranger shared a video of himself enjoying a surfboard ride.

A viewing in his memory is scheduled for September 16, followed by his funeral on the subsequent day.

The Curreys were well-regarded for their glamorous image as a beautiful couple who cherished family, embraced outdoor activities, and had a deep affinity for firearms.

Neil’s unexpected demise also brought immense sadness and sorrow to his fans and loved ones.

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Neil Currey Kids: McKenna, Cole, Faith, Jack, Remi and River Currey

Fans and netizens wonder about the Neil Currey kids and their recent whereabouts. So, here’s all you need to know about his children.

Neil was happily married to his wife, Casey, with whom he shared six children.

Also, the Curreys’ named their children McKenna, Cole, Faith, and Jack, along with younger children Remi and River.

Casey Currey, Neal’s spouse, was once an active presence on Instagram, where she shared glimpses of their leisurely activities through clips and images.

Neil Currey Kids
Neil Currey and his beloved wife Casey had six children together. (Source: Instagram)

However, her online presence has noticeably dwindled since losing her beloved husband.

Consequently, it has become increasingly challenging to access updates and information regarding their children, including their current circumstances and whereabouts.

While it remains uncertain, there is a possibility that Casey and her children may be residing with her parents for support and comfort during this difficult period.

Neil Currey Kids age gap

As mentioned above, Neil and Casey were blessed with six beautiful children with whom they used to share quality time.

The Currey family’s eldest child, McKenna, was just 15 years old, followed by Cole, 13, and Faith, 12.

Afterward, they welcomed Jack into the family, who was a mere eight years old then, followed by Remi at the age of 5, and their youngest child, River, who was just two years old.

Before Neal’s untimely passing, the Currey family frequently engaged in outdoor pursuits, such as surfing and visiting beaches, as part of their cherished leisure activities.

Neil Currey Kids
The late Neil and Casey with their beloved children. (Source: Instagram)

In the wake of this tragic event, there has been a noticeable absence of updates on their social media platforms, which were previously a valuable source of insight into their lives.

The lack of recent social media activity from the Currey family has made it challenging for well-wishers to stay informed about their well-being and current endeavors.

It’s conceivable that Casey, Neal’s wife, is trying to support and secure a bright future for their children.

The memories of Neal will hold a special place in the hearts of those who loved him and in the circle of friends, he maintained close relationships with.

His legacy is enduring, marked by significant accomplishments throughout his life that will be remembered and celebrated for years to come.

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