Lovely Mimi Parents Ethnicity: Where Are They From? Family

Lovely Mimi Parents

Who are Lovely Mimi parents? Find a glimpse into the family life and upbringing of the emerging social media influencer.

Lovely Mimi is a famous digital media influencer and television personality. Likewise, she rose to fame for her unique content on several social media platforms.

She first gained attention after joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on VH1 in 2017. Additionally, the TV personality played a supporting role in the sixth season of the show.

In September 2016, Mimi digitally released the hip-hop song “We Don’t Care.” Likewise, many know her as one of the best nail technicians in the nation, and they adore her charm and great humorous personality.

Moreover, the entrepreneur has been trending on social media for quite some time now. Likewise, many search for Lovely Mimi parents which we will discuss below. 

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Meet Lovely Mimi Parents: Where Are They From?

Lovely Mimi was born to her parents as Myha Thi Luong, on April 27, 1990. Likewise, her parents are from Vietnam.

Reportedly, Mimi, with her parents, spent the early years of her life as a refugee in the Philippines.

Moreover, the influencer’s parents took her and her siblings when she was three years old, escaping the nation. Similarly, they emigrated to the United States, with her family settling in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Lovely Mimi Parents
Lovely Mimi Parents: The social media star with her kids and her current partner. (Source: Instagram)

Although Mimi sometimes features her family in her social media profiles, she has not revealed much about them.

But, glancing at her posts, the social media star seems close to her mother and elder brother. Reportedly, her brother is 20 years senior to her.

Additionally, she has five sisters and her older sister still lives in Vietnam.

Mimi described that her childhood was not easy after settling in the U.S. Growing up in a financially unstable household, her parents found it difficult to provide her best clothes and the latest trends.

Also, Lovely Mimi parents were old school. Hence, other kids in the school made fun of her, which caused her to rebel and act out. 

Despite the differences and bad experiences earlier, Mimi stuck with her family and proved her worth in the digital media and entertainment scene. 

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Lovely Mimi Family And Ethnicity Revealed 

Social media influencer Lovely Mimi’s real name is Myha Thi Luong. Likewise, she was born on April 27, 1990. Reportedly, the social media star is Vietnamese-American. 

Despite the content creator being active on the video and photo-sharing app since 2013, she has rarely revealed about her family ties.

The Vietnamese-American influencer tied the knot with Remy The Boss in 2009. Also, they had two children together, Juice and Jayy. However, the family separated in 2019.

Besides, the emerging public figure has remained tight-lipped regarding her upbringing, being only vocal about her career.

Since the digital era allows access to virtually anything nowadays, only a few emerging talents use these channels to exhibit their abilities. Some of them succeed in garnering admirers since people admire those who are blessed.

Also, Mimi has balanced her work and family life quite well. Furthermore, it seems like the nail artist is dating a social media influencer who has the username @juicenjayy.

Lovely Mimi Wikipedia: Who Is She?

Lovely Mimi is a nail salon owner and famous social media influencer/ artist. Likewise, she launched her business venture titled Luong’s Lovely Nails. 

Mimi successfully uses her talent to benefit her entrepreneurship by posting her talent in nail art on her social media account. 

As suggested by Famous Birthdays, the social media star is a dropout as she did not complete high school.

Lovely Mimi parents
Lovely Mimi parents: The social media star with fellow influencer, Juicenjayy. (Source: Instagram)

Mimi has become one of the most famous nail technicians as she has been gaining much popularity with her creativity.

Additionally, VH1 personality and comedian Jasmin Brown promoted her nail shop.

In an interview, Mimi revealed her struggles being a high school dropout, facing several challenges along the way to becoming a nail technician.

Her road and career path wasn’t an easy option, but now she currently operates two salons in Georgia and Maryland. Moreover, Mimi regularly posts on Instagram, showcasing her several impressions and personalities.

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