Nazir Razak Cerai Story: New Wife Yati Zainuddin Age Gap

Nazir Razak Cerai

Who is Nazir Razak’s new wife? The secrecy surrounding Nazir Razak Cerai has left many wondering, leaving them curious to unveil his married life and drama. 

Nazir Razak serves as the chairperson of CIMB Group. Likewise, many know him as a Malaysian banking executive.

Razak was born on 19 November 1966. Similarly, he hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Also, he is of Bugis descent.

CIMB Group is the world’s largest financial services provider. Also, the company makes more profit in Malaysia and ASEAN. Moreover, he joined CIMB as a CEP of the group in 1999.

Moreover, he uplifted his position and justified the chairman’s role from 1999 to 2014.

Nazir’s father, Abdul Razak Hussein, was the second Prime Minister of Malaysia. Being the youngest in the family, his elder brother, Najib Razak, became the sixth Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, Razak’s father passed away when he was 9. In 2009, he served as the Chevening Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.

Meet resilient and dynamic former Nazir Razak’s ex-wife, whose grace and strength have shaped their compelling divorce story. 

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Nazir Razak Cerai Story 

Love and cerai gossip are one of the most selling ideas for audiences. Also, if a married couple’s separation is associated, many find things more captivating.

After Nazir Razak announced his separation from his wife, Azlina Aziz, many began spreading rumors about the third potential individual, probably sabotaging their relationship.

Nazir was married to Azlina Aziz, daughter of Abdul Aziz Taha, a former governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, until 2023. Likewise, the estranged couple have two children, Arman and Marissa,

Rather than mudslinging on one another, the former pair seems to have moved on in their lives as of this writing.

Nazir Razak Cerai story
Nazir Razak Cerai: The CIMB Group chairman with his daughter. (Source: Instagram)

While a love triangle brings the most gossip, it also destroys individuals’ lives involved in it, stirring controversies.

Hence, staying away from false gossip and rumors is beneficial until the thing is verified. 

Things changed between them, and they decided to go their separate ways. Their decision to split up resulted in a divorce in 2023.

Their divorce wasn’t talked about much in public. They both tried to keep their personal lives private, away from the public eye.

Even though they were part of influential families, they wanted to handle this difficult time quietly.

Both Nazir and Azlina focused on their children even after their separation. They wanted to ensure Arman and Marissa felt supported and loved despite their parents not being together anymore.

They continued to support different causes and organizations, showing that personal struggles don’t always stop you from helping those in need. Their divorce story didn’t change the respect people had for them.

They remained influential figures known for their dedication to making a positive impact in Malaysia, even as they moved forward separately in their own lives.

Divorce can be challenging for anyone, primarily when many people know you. But Nazir and Azlina didn’t let this affect their work helping others.

Meet Nazir Razak Former Wife Azlina Aziz 

Azlina Aziz embodies a unique blend of grace, intellect, and philanthropic zeal.

Hailing from a family deeply rooted in financial leadership, her father, Abdul Aziz Taha, a former governor of Bank Negara Malaysia Azlina, carried a legacy of astuteness and societal dedication.

Throughout her marriage to Nazir Razak until their separation in 2023, Azlina navigated the intricate balance of family life alongside her pursuits.

While her role within the public eye remained discrete, her commitment to various philanthropic endeavors was resolute.

Azlina’s presence within charitable circles spoke volumes, her efforts resonating in causes aimed at education, women’s empowerment, and healthcare advancement.

Despite the demands of being part of a prominent family, Azlina devoted herself to nurturing their two children, Arman and Marissa, instilling in them values of empathy and resilience.

Her focus on their upbringing amidst high societal expectations reflected her unwavering dedication to family and values.

Azlina Aziz’s poised demeanor, steadfast support within her family, and contributions to societal causes speak volumes about her character.

While the public spotlight may not have been her chosen domain, her impact resonates through her compassionate endeavors and the enduring values she instilled in her children.

Nazir Razak’s legacy remains intertwined with a commitment to bettering the lives of others, a testament to his enduring influence within Malaysia’s social fabric.

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Meet Nazir Razak New Wife Yati Zainuddin: Age Gap

Since this is Nazir Razzak’s second marriage, their interest in the lives and age of his spouse, Yati Zainuddin, has grown.

Yati Zainuddin is an entrepreneur who started Bluemolly, a cosmetics brand. She hasn’t disclosed a lot about her age or life, though.

We can only presume that Yati, who may be in her forties, has withheld much information regarding her personal life.

Nazir Razak Cerai new wife
Nazir Razak Cerai: The Malaysian CIMP Group chairman looks much older than his Second Wife, Yati. (Source: Instagram)

Along with her friend Sherry Kamaruddin and sister Shireen, Yati Zainuddin co-founded the business. The source claims that Shireen and Yati’s father is Malay, and their mother is Chinese.

Yati was brought up in a strict and orderly home. Zainuddin has a tight bond with her sister and her relatives. It seems that Yati co-founded the business with her sister in 2020.

Yati is also a co-founder of BlueMolley, which uses only the best natural ingredients to make gentle, effective cosmetics for all age groups. 

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