Iris Ortner Wikipedia And Alter: Family And Net Worth 2024

Iris Ortner Wikipedia

Is Iris Ortner Wikipedia page available? Let’s delve into the professional mechanical engineer’s family background and unravel the facts, capturing widespread attention.

Iris Ortner is a managing director of IGO Industries, a construction company. Likewise, she has been loyal to the company for more than ten years.

Ortner hails from from Austria. Moreover, she served as the Supervisory board member of a construction industry named PORR Group in 2010.

Discover more about her life and career through Iris Ortner Wikipedia. 

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Iris Ortner Wikipedia And Alter: How Old Is She?

Iris Ortner Wikipedia unfolds her life as a professional Mechanical engineer with vast experience in many construction industries.

Likewise, she has been serving as the Managing Director of IGO Industries since 2013. As a managing director, she oversees the company’s operational business.

Ortner is a mechanical engineer. Similarly, she is a graduate mechanical engineer (Dipl.Ing.) from ETH Zurich. She was one of the four women among 150 men in the class. Also, she is incredible in math.

While revealing her age, it is not easily mentioned. Her recent photos and decades of experience in the construction industry suggest that Iris is likely in her early 50s or late 40s.

Iris Ortner Wikipedia And Alter
Iris Ortner Wikipedia And Alter Mechanical Engineer currently serving as the managing director of IGO Industries. (Source: industriemagazin)

Furthermore, Iris enrolled at Kalksburg College. She studied Humanistic and graduated in June 1992.

Similarly, Iris completed an MBA in Business, management, marketing, and related support services at INSEAD in December 2001.

At that time, girls were not used to studying Engineering in Austria. However, Ortner studied and prepared herself to be a professional mechanical engineer.

From September 1997 to June 2000, Iris was a junior project manager for the construction company ORTNER.

Later, she worked for about a year as a consultant at Siemens Advanta Consulting in Germany.

In 2014, she was promoted to Supervisory Board-Deputy Chairwoman and has served in teh position since then.

Furthermore, Iris is a Supervisory board member of TKT and construction company ELIN GmbH.

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Iris Ortner Family Background Explored

Iris Ortner was born in Innsbruck, Austria, and was raised in Vienna. She was born into a family that had the majority of men.

Iris Ortner is the daughter of a businessman, Klaus Ortner. Klaus joined IGO Industries in 1968 and served for over five decades.

Iris is inspired by her dad’s hard work and dedication to businesses.

Furthermore, Iris Ortner is fluent in five languages: English, Polish, German, French, and Spanish.

She has been to different countries in the course of her career. She has a vast knowledge of industry, property, and building technology.

Iris has preferred privacy regarding her personal life and family. She is more active in his work and has not publicly disclosed much about her family life.

Net Worth Of Iris Ortner Revealed

Iris Orner is a talented individual involved in several businesses, from engineering and construction to finances. However, she has rarely mentioned her net worth and fortune details. 

Iris served as the Supervisory board member of UBM Development from 2003 to 2010. This is a company conducting European timber construction projects.

Later, Ortner joined ORTNER and served as a member of the executive board for over fifteen years since July 2003.

Likewise, she began working at UBM Development and served as a Supervisory board member in 2011.

Iris Ortner Wikipedia And net worth
Iris Ortner Wikipedia And net worth prefers privacy regarding her life and family. (Source: der KURIER)

Ortner is also a Supervisory board member of OBAG, Capital Markets. Moreover, she has been a Supervisory board member of Liechtensteinische Landesband (Austria) AG since May 2022.

Hence, Iris is an incredible and talented mechanical engineer with vast experience in several construction and financial companies. And we hope her fortune increases in the coming days.

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