Martin Frizell Wife Fiona Phillips Married Life And Age Gap

Martin Frizell

Martin Frizell wife is a successful English journalist and broadcaster, and the couple is happily married, cherishing their life together with their two sons.  To learn more about their married life and the age gap, continue reading.

Martin Frizell, a highly experienced producer, and editor, originates from Glasgow and has enjoyed a lengthy career in the news industry. With over thirty years of professional experience, Frizell has held various roles, beginning his journey as a researcher for the BBC.

Throughout his career, he has also served as a correspondent for the renowned news agency Thomson Reuters and worked on the Australian breakfast show Channel 7 Sunrise.

Notably, Frizell spent a decade as an editor for GMTV, where he also worked as the Scotland correspondent before ITV acquired the channel.

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Martin Frizell Wife Fiona Phillips

Martin Frizell is happily married to Fiona Phillips, a prominent English journalist, broadcaster, and television presenter. She is best known for her roles on the ITV Breakfast program GMTV Today.

Phillips began her career in the media industry in independent radio, working as a reporter for stations such as County Sound in Surrey, Hereward Radio, and Radio Mercury in Sussex.

Her passion for journalism led her to make a transition to television, where she quickly made her mark. Joining BBC South East’s Weekend program as a co-presenter, Fiona showcased her talent and charisma.

Her ability to engage with viewers and deliver news with finesse caught the attention of industry professionals. This paved the way for her to join CNN News, where she excelled as a reporter and eventually rose to the position of entertainment editor.

Fiona’s career has been characterized by versatility and a relentless pursuit of excellence. She has hosted various programs, including the celebrity lifestyle show OK! TV, Baby House, Room to Rent, and Carlton’s entertainment guide Good Stuff.

Her talents have also been showcased on LWT’s Friday evening entertainment show Start the Weekend, ITV’s Sunday Night, and the Rich and Famous series.

In addition to her television work, the television presenter is an accomplished writer. She writes an opinion column in the Daily Mirror on Saturdays and serves as an agony aunt in New! magazine.

Martin Frizell Wife Fiona Phillips
Fiona Phillips with Martin Frizell (Source: Daily Record)

The journalist’s passion and dedication to her craft have earned her numerous opportunities and accolades. She has been a regular reporter for the BBC One consumer affairs program Watchdog, delving into important issues and providing valuable insights.

She has also presented several documentary programs, including “The Truth About…Sugar” and “The Truth About…Healthy Eating,” which aired on BBC One.

Martin Frizell Married Life

Frizell and Phillips have shared a remarkable journey since exchanging vows in 1997. Their marriage has stood the test of time, spanning over two decades and counting.

Throughout their marriage, the married couple has always put their family first. They have worked hard to create a loving and caring atmosphere for their two children, Nat and Mackenzie. Nat was born in 1999, while Mackenzie came into the world in 2002.

Their journey as a couple has not been without its obstacles. The couple faced a setback when Fiona’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, prompting them to postpone their original wedding plans.

They eventually got married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas thanks to their dedication and tenacity, though. Fiona’s mother wholeheartedly agreed with their choice, even though neither of their families could make it.

Martin Frizell Married Life
Fiona Phillips and her husband Martin Frizell have been together since exchanging vows in 1997. (Source: The Telegraph)

Frizell’s previous relationship with Margaret Sawdon, a senior GMTV executive and the mother of their three-year-old son, added complexities to their love story.

Despite the challenges that arose from their circumstances, the couple stood firm and continued to nurture their relationship. They have since established a loving home in Battersea, London.

Martin Frizell Age Gap

Frizell and Phillips have a three-year age gap between them. Martin was born on December 9, 1958, while Fiona was born on January 1, 1961.

The age difference between the couple is a reminder that love can overcome anything. It hasn’t affected their happiness or their strong relationship. They have built a strong foundation of love, trust, and support that has lasted a long time.

Martin Frizell Age Gap
Martin Frizell and his wife Fiona have a two-year-age gap. (Source: Mirror)

The age gap is just a part of their unique story and journey together. It shows that love knows no boundaries and can conquer any challenges that come their way. They have proven that age is not a barrier to a happy and fulfilling relationship. 

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