Natalia Amestica Manager Murder Wikiepdia: Killed Canserbero

Natalia Amestica killed Canserbero after she drugged and murdered her husband, Carlos Molnar. Who is Natalia Amestica manager? Find out.

Canserbero, a Venezuelan rapper Tirone José González Orama, was a big name in independent rap in Venezuela and Latin America.

Sadly, he passed away in what seemed to be a murder on January 20, 2015, in Maracay.

According to reports, Canserbero fatally stabbed Molnar and then leaped to his death from the tenth floor.

However, various family members have expressed doubts about the police investigation.

On December 26, 2023, it was verified that two people were killed. Canserbero was also allegedly killed by Natalia Amestica after she allegedly drugged and killed her husband, Carlos Molnar.

Natalia and her brother Guillermo Amestica reportedly paid $10,000 to the police to make it look like a murder-suicide.

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Natalia Amestica Manager Murder Wikipedia

Natalia Amestica, the spouse of Carlos Molnar, was connected to Canserbero, a Venezuelan rapper, as she used to serve as Canserbero’s manager before their unexpected deaths.

Natalia Amestica, though not extensively known, had a history of working with Canserbero for several years.

Unfortunately, both Canserbero and Molnar met tragic ends, allegedly at the hands of Natalia Amestica, with the assistance of her siblings.

As of now, information regarding Natalia’s educational and familial background remains undisclosed.

Natalia Amestica manager
Singer Tyrone Gonzalez, or Canserbero was killed by his manager Natalia (Source: billboard)

Similarly, there is a lack of public knowledge regarding the specific details of Natalia and her husband’s marital relationship before Carlos’ and Canserbero’s deaths.

The absence of these details adds an element of mystery to the circumstances surrounding Molnar and Natalia, leaving essential aspects of their personal lives, which might be the reason behind Molnar’s and Canserbero’s ultimate deaths.

It raises questions about the factors that may have contributed to the events and highlights the need for further investigation to uncover the complete story.

Natalia Amestica Killed Canserbero and her husband.

According to recent statements by the Venezuelan attorney general, new evidence has emerged related to the 2015 deaths of musician Canserbero and producer Carlos Molnar. The case, originally classified as a murder-suicide, was reopened last month.

The attorney general reported that two individuals, María Natalia Améstica and her brother Guillermo Améstica, have allegedly confessed to involvement in the homicides.

María Natalia Améstica was Canserbero’s manager and Molnar’s partner at the time.

Natalia Amestica manager
Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab, photographed in October 2023, announced the death of Canserbero (Source: Yahoo News)

Authorities claim she has admitted to giving Canserbero and Molnar drugged tea on the night of January 19, 2015, while in her Maracay apartment before fatally stabbing them.

Officials also accuse her brother of helping manipulate the crime scene to suggest Canserbero murdered Molnar before dying by suicide.

The investigation remains ongoing. Further scrutiny of the alleged deception’s motives, events, and aftermath seems probable.

Authorities confirmed this information after an extensive eight-year investigation.

Where are Natalia Amestica and Guillermo Amestica now? 

Natalia and her brother Guillermo are currently in the custody of the authorities, providing testimony regarding their actions.

As the legal proceedings unfold against Natalia Amestica and Guillermo Amestica, this case serves as a poignant illustration of the intricacies within the realm of criminal justice.

This case highlights the importance of truthful testimony and an unobstructed investigation to achieve justice.

Natalia Amestica manager
Natalia Amestica admits to the killing of Canserbero (Source: YouTube)

The ongoing legal case involving the deaths of Venezuelan rapper Canserbero and producer Carlos Molnar continues to develop.

Recent statements from Venezuelan authorities have brought new but unverified information regarding the circumstances and parties potentially involved.

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