20 Most Expensive Hotels in 2021

Which are the 20 most expensive hotels in the world in 2021?

Want to lodge in the world’s most expensive and dreamy unparalleled hotels?

Then, check out our reach on such 20 unique, premium, heavenly, super-duper luxurious hotels in the world, which are treasured for their golden location, out worldly accommodation, and services.

Well, most of these lavish hotels are from the US. While some of them are from Italy and Switzerland.

Quick Overview

Hotels Country Price/night
20. The Nautilis Maldives $2,875
19. Amanzoe Greece $2,972
18. Kokomo Private Island Oceania $2,975
17. Nimmo Bay Resort Canada $3,100
16. Le Dune Resort Italy $3,321
15. The Ranch at Rock Creek USA $3,600
14. Brush Creek Ranch USA $3,869
13. Anatara Maia Sychelles East Africa $4,059
12. Amangiri USA $4,298
11. The Brando Resort French Polynesia $4,818
10. The Royal Suite- Burj Al-Arab  Dubai $28,000
9. The Royal Suite- The Plaza USA $40,000
8. The Hilltop Villa Fiji $45,000
7. The Muraka Suite- The Conrad Maldives $50,000
6. The Penthouse Suite- Hotel Martinez France $53,000
5. Ty Warner Penthouse- Four Seasons Hotel USA $60,000
4. The Mark Penthouse- The Mark Hotel USA $75,000
3. The Royal Penthouse- Hotel President Wilson Switzerland $80,000
2. Empathy Suite- The Palms USA $100,000
1. Lover’s Deep- Luxury Submarine Hotel Saint Lucia $150,000

Most Expensive Hotels

The details and information below has been compiled through reliable sites on the web, including Luxury Topics.

20. The Nautilus (Maldives)- $2,875/night

Nautilus is located in the Baa atoll UNESCO biosphere in the Maldives.

The resort comprises 26 houses with suites featuring separate living and bedrooms, butlers, private pools, air conditioners, water spa, wifi, yoga club, etc.

Nautilus Hotel (Source: Arlo Hotels)

Also, one can enjoy mini bars in their rooms, light bites in the Deli poolside, and do windsurfing, canoeing, and swimming with manta rays.

Further, one can wander around the stunning coral reef just a few minutes away from the beach.

19. Amanzoe (Greece)- $2,972/night

Amanzoe beach club is located on the hilltop of Greece’s peninsula, Peloponnese.

Also, Amanzoe is affluent with 38 guest pavilions, four villas, 360-degree views of the area, and the Aegean Sea.

Amanzoe Hotel
(Source: Luxury Concierge Greece)

Moreover, the resort comprises two lap pools, a large dining area, spa, massage, sauna, steam bath, yoga, lounge bars, etc.

Further, one can photograph ancient ruins, do mountain biking around the beach, enjoy Asian cuisine indoors or outdoor with a fire pit watching sunsets.

18. Kokomo Private Island (Fiji)- $2,975/night

The exclusive resort is located in Fiji, a country in Southern Pacific.

Kokomo offers 21 grand villas, each with a private pool, tropical walled garden, and ocean views.

Kokomo Private Island (Source: Resort Traveller Made)

Further, one can cherish bathtubs, indoor and outdoor showers, Fijian antiques, stonework, artwork, butlers, spas, etc.

One can also enjoy the delightful view of the Pacific Ocean with the exceptional Fijian cuisines and book lavish master suites in the Kokomo Private Island.

17. Nimmo Bay Resort (Canada)- $3,100/night

The true west coast vacation resort, Nimmo Bay, is located at the core of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.

In addition, the resort offers peaceful homestay either in seashore cabins or forest cabins with waterfalls.

Nimmo Bay Resort (Source: Outside Go)

Moreover, the resort features two bedrooms, one bathroom, a lounge area, admirable housecleaning services in each of them.

Further, one can escape into the wilderness and forget their busy life in Nimmo Bay Resort.

16. Le Dune Resort (Italy)- $3,321/night

The perfect vacation resort, Le Dune, is located on Sardinia Island.

Le Dune Resort (Source: Hotel and Tennis)

Similarly, the resort offers the paradise of the Mediterranean region with its diverse ten restaurants, Sardinian cuisines, six swimming pools, 6 bars, open-air theatre, sea safaris, boat excursion, spas, etc.

15. The Ranch at Rock Creek (Montana, USA)- $3,600/night

The Ranch at Rock Creek is located in the heart of Southwestern Montana, Philipsburg.

In addition, one can experience a “true west” ambiance on the 6,600 acres, Rock Creek watching the beautiful Montana sky.

The-Ranch-at-Rock Creek
The Ranch at Rock Creek (Source: Trip Advisor)

Similarly, the 19th-century resort offers fly fishing on a Blue Ribbon trout stream, exquisite ranch cuisine, horseback riding, mountain biking, and 29 deluxe private rooms, and a granite lodge with an extensive view of Rock Creek Valley.

14. Brush Creek Ranch (Wyoming, USA)- $3,869/night


Brush Creek Ranch
(Source: One Kindesign)

America’s no.1 luxury ranch and world’s most toured resort, Brush Creek, is located in the 30,000 acres of Western land Wyoming’s town, Saratoga.

Moreover, the ranch comprises delightful services like private luxury suites, upscale lodge rooms, fly fishing excursions, horseback rides, snowboarding, etc.

Further, the exclusive guest ranch offers western adventures, exotic cuisines, and lavish accommodations.

13. Anantara Maia Seychelles (East Africa)- $4,059/night

The resort is located on the largest island of Seychelles, Mahé.

Moreover, Seychelles is rich with tropical landscape islands, white sands, carved natural stones, 30 private villas lying between the 30 acres of green forests.

Anantara Maia (Source: Seychelles Agoda)

One can explore the profound beauty that lies in the Indian Ocean and feel paradise.

12. Amangari (Utah, USA)- $4,298/night

On the twelfth spot of the world’s 20 most expensive hotels in 2021 is Amangiri.

Amangiri blends into the unseen deep canyons and towering plateaus, situated in 600 acres in Canyon Point, Southern Utah.

Similarly, the central swimming pool around the resort offers extensive views towards the Staircase- Escalante National Monument.

Amangiri Resort (Source: My Luxury Travel)

Also, one can enjoy the spectacular view of the Colorado Plateau from Lake Powell.

Moreover, one can get abundant facilities like Aman spa (floatation therapy pavilion, water pavilion with sauna, steam room, yoga pavilion), private dining, 34 suites, hiking, horse riding, air tours around the resort.

11. The Brando Resort (French Polynesia)- $4,818/night

Brando Resort is an exceptional luxury resort on French Polynesia’s wonderful private island of Tetiaroa.

Similarly, dozens of beautiful beaches surround the resort and sit 30 miles northeast of Tahiti.

Moreover, Brando offers pure natural ambiance, luxurious accommodation with its 35 villas, including the exotic views of sea turtles, tropical birds.

Most Expensive Hotels
The Brando Resort
(Source: Xerjoff Magazine)

In addition, Brando’s main services include a consistent and balanced airstrip, eco-resort, and spa on the islet of Onetahi with their 80 staff.

Hence, one can have a carefree vacation on this resort and connect with the Polynesian lifestyles and culture.

10. The Royal Suite- Burj-Al-Arab- $28,000/night

The world’s one and only seven-star hotel, The Royal Suite in Burj-Al-Arab, is the tenth most expensive hotel in 2021.

This wonderful sail-shaped hotel stands on an artificial island at a height of 1,053 ft and is one of the tallest hotels in the world.

Most Expensive Hotels
Burj Al Arab The Royal Suite (Source: Visit All Over The World)

This lavish suite features a royal-like ambiance with 22 karat gold pillars and stairway, Arabic lounges, private dining rooms, rotating master rooms, private butlers, etc.

Moreover, one can have a refreshing spa with exotic fragrances and enjoy a private cinema.

Further, it costs a whopping $28,000 to spend such a noble-like night in this opulent suite.

9. The Royal Suite- The Plaza- $40,000/night

The ninth most expensive hotel in 2021 is the Royal Suite located at the Plaza, New York.

The Royal Suite Plaza Hotel (Source: Wikipedia)

It comprises a three-bedroom suite with deluxe bathrooms, private elevators, private butlers, and Haute dining experiences, and a large master bedroom, etc.

Further, one can have an extensive view of Fifth Avenue from the suite. It costs a staggering $40,000 to spend a night at the Royal Suite.

8. The Hilltop Villa- $45,000/night

Coming to this spot is the Hilltop Villa situated at Lacula Island in Fiji.

The Hilltop Villa (Source: Suite Hub)

This 4-acre villa features three villas with a living room, library, private kitchen, private pool, and dining room offering panoramic views of the Fiji archipelago and lush jungles.

Moreover, one can savor Asian cuisines, barbecues and enjoy cocktails in the resort.

Further, it costs $45,000 to spend a night at The Hilltop Villa.

7. The Muraka Suite- The Conrad- $50,000/night

The Muraka Suite is located in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

Most Expensive Hotels
Muraka Suite First Underwater Hotel (Source: Teeny Abode)

This first underwater suite is affluent with a master bedroom, bathroom tub, private butlers, bar, gym, infinity pool, etc.

Further, one can discover the submarine creatures of the South Ari Atoll sea.

Also, the minimum stay requirement in this hotel is about four days which costs a total of a whopping $200,000.

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6. The Penthouse Suite- Hotel Martinez- $53,000/night

Located in Cannes, France, this immersive Art Deco-style hotel gives you a rich Mediterranean vibe.

Moreover, the hotel comprises 409 luxurious rooms and 99 suites with king-sized beds, Turkish baths offering an enchanting view of the ocean.

Most Expensive Hotels
Hotel Martinez (Source: Traveller Made)

Further, one can dine at the exclusive restaurant at La Palme d’Or and chill at the private beach.

Thus, it costs a whopping $53,000 to spend one night in this lavish hotel.

5. Ty Warner Penthouse- Four Seasons Hotel- $60,000/night

Coming to the fifth spot of the most expensive hotels in 2021 is the Ty Warner Penthouse at Four Seasons Hotel in New York.

This 52 story hotel comprises four glass balconies providing panoramic views of the entire New York City.

Moreover, this hotel accommodates the customer with a zen room with aesthetic arts and master bedrooms made of Thai silk, private butlers, spa and massage, and waterfall view from the walls.

Thus, it costs a staggering $60,000 to spend a night at this deluxe hotel.

4. The Mark Penthouse-The Mark Hotel- $75,000/night

Remarked as one of the finest penthouse suite hotels in America, The Mark Hotel’s grand Penthouse is the fourth most expensive hotel in 2021.

Most Expensive Hotels
The Mark Hotel Penthouse (Source: New York Post)

Moreover, the hotel offers both ancient French and modern American ambiance and the dining experience of the reputed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

It comprises 47 suites and 106 rooms with a fitness center, four fireplaces, a large living room which can be transformed into a ballroom, etc.

Thus, spending a night in this luxurious hotel costs a whopping $75,000.

3. The Royal House Penthouse- Hotel President Wilson- $80,000/night

The Royal House Penthouse in Hotel President Wilson is the third most expensive hotel in 2021.

Most Expensive Hotels
Hotel President Wilson (Source: Uniq Hotels)

Located in Geneva, Switzerland, this lavish hotel offers panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

Similarly, it offers 12 luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, jacuzzis, 24/7 security, private spa suites, butlers, and chefs.

Moreover, one can savor Japanese cuisine in the restaurant Umami and gastronomic Haute cuisines in Bayview Restaurant.

Thus, staying for one night at The Royal Penthouse costs a whopping $80,000.

2. Empathy Suite- The Palms- $100,000/night

Empathy Suite is the second most expensive hotel in 2021.

Located in the Las Vegas Palms, this lavish hotel is rich with Damien Hurst’s masterpiece shark formaldehyde, butterfly floor, and aesthetic graphic arts.

Moreover, this deluxe hotel offers two master bedrooms, a salt relaxation room, massage rooms, and cantilevered outdoor pools.

Further, one can look over the whole Las Vegas Strip and accommodate in this hotel at a whopping $100,000 per night.

1. Lover’s Deep-Luxury Submarine Hotel- $292,000/night

This billion dollars worthy underwater hotel, Lover’s Deep Luxury Hotel, is the most expensive hotel in 2021.

Besides, this hotel is located in St. Lucia and offers the voyage to the deepest corners of the Caribbean Sea.

Moreover, the hotel offers soundproof lodgings, with a private chef, butler, and a captain who will direct the location as your choice.

Most Expensive Hotels
Lover’s Deep Submarine Hotel
(Source: Luxtionary)

In addition, the customers can relax in luxurious private rooms, minibars on each suite, and savor grande cuisines like Russian caviars, oysters, etc.

Further, a night at Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel costs a whopping $292,000.

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