Moshe Yatom Suicide: Benjamin Netanyahu Psychiatrist Found Dead

Moshe Yatom suicide

Moshe Yatom suicide: Moshe Yatom chose to end his life due to a severe mental breakdown that became unbearable for him.

A significant rise in suicide rates has been observed recently, primarily attributed to mental breakdowns and heightened stress levels.

Depression and anxiety have victimised numerous individuals, pushing them to the brink.

When people find themselves unable to manage their mental turmoil, they may tragically choose to end their own lives.

Among those who succumbed to this tragic outcome is Moshe, who also lost his battle against profound mental challenges.

This underscores the pressing need for increased awareness and support for mental health issues in society.

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Moshe Yatom Suicide 

When Moshe Yatom took his own life, the psychiatrist for Benjamin Netanyahu’s suicide incident initially received limited attention.

However, the recent Israeli military operation in Gaza has brought it back into the spotlight.

People are now referencing the psychiatrist’s words because they reveal a previously unseen aspect of Bibi’s character.

Moshe was responsible for addressing Netanyahu’s issues and suffered as a result.

This prominent Israeli psychiatrist was found dead with a suicide note by his side, in which he stated that Netanyahu had drained the life out of him.

Moshe Yatom suicide
                                   Moshe lost his battle with mental breakdown and depression (Source: Medium)

Yatom resorted to shooting himself, declaring to the world that he couldn’t endure it any longer.

The psychiatrist seemingly grew despondent over Netanyahu’s failure to confront his contradictions.

In certain documents written about the Prime Minister, Yatom alleges that Netanyahu once confined him in his basement overnight when he refused to leave.

While Yatom remained trapped downstairs, Netanyahu entertained his friends upstairs. When Yatom attempted to escape, Netanyahu restrained him and denied his very existence.

According to the psychiatrist, his series of strokes was also linked to specific statements made by Bibi about 9/11 and later comparing Iran to Nazi Germany.

Yatom could no longer bear the profound intricacies of Netanyahu’s mindset.

Benjamin Netanyahu Psychiatrist Moshe Yatom Found Dead

While there is currently no confirmed and verified information available regarding the specifics of Moshe’s suicide, several online news outlets have reported his passing.

Notably, news of Moshe’s death initially surfaced back in 2010, but it received minimal media coverage at the time.

Moshe Yatom suicide
                                                            Moshe took his own life by shooting himself (Source: Pinterest)

However, the story has now gained widespread circulation across various online platforms.

It’s important to acknowledge that the whole truth about this case remains undisclosed.

We encourage you to stay connected with our page to stay updated on any developments.

We will promptly update our page once authentic details emerge from verified sources.

Moshe Yatom suicide details

Numerous individuals are expressing delight over reports that Dr. Moshe Yatom, purportedly Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s psychiatrist, has taken his own life.

Interestingly, the man whose images have been circulating on social media and certain dubious websites does not publicly identify himself as a psychiatrist.

The initial report regarding the supposed demise of this same psychiatrist dates back to June 23, 2010, when it was published by MIFTAH, a Palestinian initiative focused on news and dialogue.

Presently, this news has been reissued by a Pakistani news website, Global Village Spaces, in an apparent attempt to create the impression that the so-called psychiatrist recently passed away.

Global Village Spaces is a propaganda platform run by Dr. Moeed Pirzada, a self-exiled Pakistani journalist with prior ties to Pakistan’s establishment.

Dr. Pirzada lives in the United States and is known for spreading untruths via his website.

He allegedly profited from supporting former Prime Minister Imran Khan and left the country following Khan’s removal.

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