Missouri: Jessi Wilfong Missing And Obituary, Suspect Lawrence Schanda Teresa Baumgartner Arrested

Jessi Wilfong

Jessi Wilfong missing report was made by her mother on May 25th, 2022. Read the article below to learn further about her and her case. 

The residents of Millersville Missouri are deeply worried about the welfare of one of their own, Jessi Wilfong, who disappeared without a trace on May 25th at just twenty years old. Her last sighting was six days earlier when she was home with family members.

The fog surrounding her not knowing whereabouts has caused widespread alarm, leading investigators to acquire legal permission to search a home in Cape Girardeau County starting June 15th. Once inside, their discoveries proved deeply upsetting – Jessi was the victim of a horrific crime, and her life was taken.

This terrible news has been an unimaginable blow for Jessis’s tight-knit community, who knew her as their daughter, friend, and neighbor.

Jessi Wilfong Missing And Obituary

Despite extensive searches, we regretfully inform you that an obituary for Jessi Wilfong could not be found. Such information accentuates the grim circumstances surrounding her untimely demise.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that she had been buried within an obscure location inside of a barn situated in Cape Girardeau County after signs of recent disturbance were noticed there by investigators on June 18th.

Jessi Wilfong Missing
Jessi’s remains were found in a barn near his uncle’s home. (source: thesun)

Confirmation came via post-mortem results indicating homicide as her cause of death, intensifying investigations into finding possible culprits responsible for such heinous actions.

The situation thus took twists and turns- leading to Teresa Baumgartners’ apprehension by authorities from Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorneys Office on Wednesday under tampering charges related to the felony investigation.

The mystery and sorrow surrounding this tragic death continue to leave us grappling with unanswered questions.

It remains unclear whether Teresa Baumgartner had any former associations with Jessi Wilfong; therefore, we cannot establish a motive or relationship between them.

In summary, her passing has profoundly impacted our community.

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Suspect Lawrence Schanda Teresa Baumgartner Arrested

Lawrence Schanda and Teresa Baumgartner are in custody pending trial for the killing of Jessi Wilfong. The last known sighting of Wilfong alive was when she left with Schanda, her uncle after being seen by security footage entering a truck.

Schanda claimed they had an argument where he accused her of reporting illegal drug transactions to the Police, which is believed to have led to her subsequent death.

Jessi Wilfong
Lawrence Schanda and Teresa Baumgartner were arrested and charged with first-degree murder. (source: wpsdlocal6)

A confidential informant disclosed that Baumgartner confessed awareness about Schanda killing Waldorf at their shared residence.

As detectives searched for more evidence, they obtained a search warrant under suspicion. They found knives and carpet samples, along with Waldorf’s body buried elsewhere, confirmed through an autopsy that she had multiple stab wounds.

The prosecutor has charged both suspects with severe accusations, including first-degree murder, armed criminal activity and obstruction of justice, as they wait patiently behind bars under a five million dollar bond in cash only while awaiting trial date, hoping to clear their names.

Jessi Wilfong family 

In recent events, we share our heartbreak as we learn about another tragic incident- The Wilfong Family losing their daughter Jessi under mysterious circumstances with connections to one of her uncles.

It all unfolded when Jessis worried mother reported her missing on May 25th; soon after, Jessi’s stepbrother also shared concerns about his sister’s situation and disclosed information about their uncle’s history entailing drug abuse and aggression fuelled by methamphetamine consumption.

He reported several instances where he had subjected himself and witnessed harm inflicted on his mother due to his uncle’s behavior.

It is excruciating for any parent to lose a child under such circumstances; hence it hits home hard knowing that someone within one’s own family may have had a hand in one child’s demise.

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