Kay Baker Murder Case: Boyfriend Matt Terry Trial And Verdict

Kay Baker murder

Kay Baker murder case: Kay Baker was killed by her partner, Matt Terry, in 2022 in a vicious way. Let’s delve into more details about this murder case.

A former marine, Matthew Terry, is facing accusations of brutally stabbing his girlfriend, Kay Baker, multiple times at their residence in Lithia, Florida. This tragic incident allegedly occurred after an argument between the couple.

Terry, who had a prior history of violence, had previously been incarcerated for stabbing his ex-partner seven times in the neck.

Prosecutors now contend that he murdered Kay Baker, a math teacher and mother of two, following a heated dispute.

The grim circumstances surrounding this case shed light on the alleged pattern of violent behavior exhibited by Terry.

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Kay Baker Murder Case

An ex-marine, Matthew Terry, faced accusations of brutally murdering his girlfriend, Kay Baker, 43, at their residence in Lithia, Florida.

The alleged crime involved slashing her throat, leaving her nearly decapitated, during a violent outburst.

Terry’s trial commenced Monday at the Hillsborough County Courthouse Annex in Tampa.

Kay Baker murder
                                                                   An image of Matt Terry, Kay Baker, then boyfriend (Source: Daily Mail)

According to prosecutors, the night before Baker’s death, the couple was at a bar and grill restaurant with friends.

During the evening, Baker, after a brief restroom visit, was captured on video dancing with a friend while a passerby gestured and danced.

This seemingly harmless encounter reportedly infuriated Terry, leading to accusations of Baker dancing with the stranger.

Later that night, Baker called a friend during a car ride home with Terry, pleading for assistance in convincing Terry that she hadn’t danced with another man.

In the conversation, Baker reportedly urged Terry to stop being unreasonable. Despite a text message sent by Baker at 11:56 p.m. expressing that things were now fine, tragedy struck around 30 minutes later.

In the early hours of May 28, 2022, neighbors Jonathan and Ruth Figgins discovered Baker’s lifeless body.

Kay Baker’s Boyfriend Matt Terry’s Trial

Baker was a mother of two and a math teacher in love with Matthew Terry, who had a criminal record history as provided by online sources. 

A man from Hillsborough County, who was previously convicted of first-degree murder, is seeking a new trial, alleging that his attorneys deceived him.

Matthew Terry, found guilty in November by a jury for the murder of his girlfriend, Kay Baker, had his attorneys back in a Tampa courtroom on Thursday, requesting a new trial.

Despite this, Judge Christopher Sabella swiftly issued a ruling after examining his legal challenge.

Kay Baker murder
                                                                     Matthew Terry  faced death penalty for killing his partner (Source: FOX 13)

“I’m going to deny the new motion for judgment of acquittal and a motion for a new trial,” declared Judge Sabella.

Nevertheless, Terry caused a stir in the courtroom recently when he informed the judge that his attorney had made false assurances and was now seeking a do-over.

“I wish to state for the record that a commitment was made in return for my decision not to testify,” asserted Terry.

Matt Terry verdict

As per sources, Matthew Terry has been sentenced to spend the remainder of his life in prison for the brutal murder of his girlfriend, as determined by a Tampa jury.

The jury, which had previously found Terry guilty of first-degree murder in the case of Kay Baker, deliberated for about an hour before dismissing the option of the death penalty.

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher Sabella handed down a life sentence to Terry with no chance of parole—the sole remaining option.

In addressing Terry, the judge alluded to his earlier conviction in Michigan, where he had served prison time for stabbing and severely injuring another woman.

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