Amber Alert: Marisol Avila Missing Case Houston, Bio And Case Details

Marisol Avila missing report was filed on the same day of her disappearance on Monday, May 23, 2023. Via this article, learn about her case details and biography. 

We report that Marisol Avila, a 14-year-old girl from Houston, has been missing since May 22, 2023.

Given her disappearance under such troubling circumstances, authorities issued an Amber Alert on May 23 to signal the potential danger that Marisol may be facing. 

In light of these developments, we firmly ask anyone with any helpful information about Marisol’s whereabouts to kindly come forward with the same wherever possible to support her safety and timely return home.

Her family is exceedingly worried about her well-being and has urged local authorities to take urgent steps to expedite this process wherever feasible.

To underscore the importance of everyone’s cooperation in this matter – we urge all community members to remain alert and take prompt action if they spot any sight or hint that could help expedite Marisol’s safe return home.

Marisol Avila Missing Case Houston 

Marisol Avila is still missing since disappearing on May 22nd from the North Side of Houston despite efforts by authorities in pursuit of any lead to track her whereabouts.

She is described as a young girl standing at four feet and five inches tall with black hair and brown eyes.

Marisol Avila
Houston ISD Police Department requests anyone with information regarding Marisol’s disappearance to contact them immediately at (713)892 7777. (source: Twitter)

The last confirmed sighting of Marisol was at 1115 Noble St on the same day at 9:23 am. She wore a black shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes before disappearing.

The family’s agony over their missing daughter has touched the community and the entire city. Any clue or detail that might lead to finding Marisol safe should be immediately brought forward.

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Marisol Avila Bio 

Unfortunately, there seems to be a little about Marisol Avila revealed within the search results, except for her being labeled as missing.

The current focus primarily revolves around details regarding when she disappeared, where she was last located and what type of vehicle possibly involved, leaving us with no available information regarding her family or educational background nor any pointer of their ethnicity.

Nevertheless, since this remains an ongoing occurrence, it could result in additional knowledge being exposed on behalf of both the individual involved and their personal life.

It would undoubtedly become visible through media coverage, provided we stay curious, keeping ourselves informed via reliable sources every step of the way.

On another note, our top priority would be making every effort possible toward locating Marisol to guarantee their well-being and security before anything else, maintaining persistent levels of awareness alongside continuing support within ongoing attempts toward bringing them back home safely.

Marisol Avila’s case details 

The officials investigating the mysterious disappearance of Marisol Avila have found reason to suspect a particular tan late-model Subaru Forester automobile is tied up in her sudden absence.

The pertinent Texas Department of Public Safety bulletin draws attention to this vehicle as having involvement in what is broadly characterized as a child abduction, termed so within Amber Alerts broadcasted upon receiving these cases for committed attention from everyone who reads them.

Marisol Avila Missing
The suspect vehicle is a tan 1990 Subaru Forester. (source: star-telegram)

As things stand, we do not know the identity of any potential suspects, placing authorities widening their net, hoping something will turn up related to their hunt, specifically involving searching high and wide with multiple leads materializing due to diligently-staffed tip-follow-up teams exploring every possibility.

While no official details surrounding any exact circumstances leading up to Marisol’s disappearance exist, our officials inform us they are actively searching for a tan 1990 Subaru Forester connected with her case, concentrating diligently on viable tips and leads because time is critical in staying ahead of events.

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