Minnesota Student Sumith Maddi Parents: Where Are They From? Family Details

Sumith Maddi Parents

Who are Sumith Maddi parents? The Minnesota student’s missing case has seen a significant update recently as the search expedition continues for the 19-year-old teen.

The concerned authorities with the University of Minnesota say a 19-year-old student named Sumith Maddi went missing in October 2023.

Officials reports suggest Maddi was 6’0″ tall and he was wearing a black puffy jacket, black pants and white shoes.

Anyone with information regarding the missing teen is asked to contact the University of Minnesota and the Police Department.  

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Minnesota Student Sumith Maddi Parents: Where Are They From?

According to a few verified sources, Sumith Maddi was a talented student studying at the University of Minnesota. Likewise, he was an ordinary individual who lived a low-key life.

Hence, there are fewer details regarding Sumith Maddi’s parents, family life, and achievements.  

Similarly, Sumith Maddi’s parents’ details are undisclosed, but the teen’s family may cooperate with the authorities to find their son sooner. 

It isn’t easy to assume Maddi’s parents and family background until the verified sources release the evidence. 

Sumith Maddi Parents and missing case
Sumith Maddi Parents: The Minnesota student went missing on the weekend for an undisclosed reason. (Source: CBS News)

Detectives and concerned authorities have revealed they continue searching for the missing teen, who has been missing from C326 17th Ave SE in Minneapolis since Saturday, 21 October 2023.

Missing 19-year-old student Sumith Maddi was nowhere to be found, but the rescue mission continues. Also, a criminal investigation was launched following the disappearance of the Minnesota student. 

Maddi, a young student residing in Minneapolis, was spotlighted after being last seen at the 326 17th Ave SE area. Sadly, the student went missing for an undisclosed reason.

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Sumith Maddi Family Details

Minnesota student Sumith Maddi’s family and close ones could be hopeful for his safe return.

It could be possible that the student’s missing case could take a severe turn in the days to come. However, only a few official outlets have verified the topic. 

As investigators and concerned authorities have reported the 19-year-old teen’s missing case, his search operation is advancing.

Reportedly, he left the 17th Avenue Resident Hall. Similarly, the victim identity organizations in the area seek assistance.

Missing Minnesota Student Case Update

According to CBS News, Sumith Maddi was last seen at 2:40 a.m. Saturday. Likewise, the Minnesota student left the 17th Avenue Resident Hall, which is located at 326 17th Ave SE in Minneapolis. 

Minneapolis officers with the University of Minnesota reported that the 19-year-old student went missing over the weekend.

Missing Minnesota Student
Sumith Maddi parents: The missing Minnesota student’s family details have not been released. (Source: Kare11 News)

Reportedly, missing student Maddi was last seen early on Saturday morning and wore a puffy black jacket, black pants and white shoes.

Also, the authorities revealed Maddi is 6′ and weighs 170 pounds. Also, he has black hair and brown eyes. 

However, only a few official outlets have covered the topic. Johnston’s close ones were hopeful for his safe return. Hopefully, they stayed on their word that Johnston would be found well and alive.

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