Lee Johnston Missing Update 2023: Is Coleraine Man Found Yet?

Lee Johnston Missing

Lee Johnston missing case update 2023: Is the missing Coleraine man found dead or alive? Here’s what we know about his disappearance.

Detectives and concerned authorities have revealed they continue searching for Lee Johnston, 21, who has been missing from County Londonderry since Saturday, 7 October 2023.

Missing 21-year-old man Lee Johnston was nowhere to be found, but the rescue mission continues. Also, a criminal investigation was launched following the disappearance of the Coleraine man. 

Johnston, a young citizen residing in Coleraine, was spotlighted after being last seen in the Maghera area more than a week ago. Sadly, the young man went missing for an undisclosed reason.

As investigators and concerned authorities have reported Lee Johnston missing case, his search operation is advancing.

Reportedly, he left his home in Coleraine. Similarly, the victim identity organizations in the Maghera area seek assistance.

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Lee Johnston Missing Update 2023

A 21-year-old man from Coleraine named Lee Johnston went missing on Saturday, 7 October 2023. Likewise, his last seen location was in the Maghera area.

Officers scouting the area and investigating the Lee Johnston missing case have arrested an unnamed 31-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man.

Lee, originally from Coleraine, was last seen in Mullagh Park, as per the report suggests.

Johnston was first reported missing on Friday, 13 October 2023. Likewise, officers scout at the scene close to the entrance of Mullagh Park. 

Lee Johnston Missing Update
Lee Johnston Missing Update: The 21-year-old man was last seen in the Maghera area in October 2023. (Source: BBC News)

Moreover, the PSNI revealed that Lee Johnston’s disappearance was out of character. Also, it is unusual for Johnston not to have been in contact with his close ones and family for several days.

Describing Johnston’s appearance, the 21-year-old kept short brown hair. Also, he has blue eyes and is about 5ft 9ins in height.

Police have already conducted a criminal investigation. Also, Supt Michael O’Loan told BBC:

Our team is becoming increasingly concerned for Lee’s safety. Furthermore, we have now launched a criminal investigation into his disappearance.

Reportedly, Johnston was last seen wearing tracksuit bottoms and a blue hooded top.

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Is Coleraine Man Lee Johnston Found?

A missing man from Coleraine, Lee Johnston, dragged the eyes of citizens, but sadly, he is nowhere to be found. Likewise, Johnston’s close ones are worried for his safety.

Lee Johnston’s missing news has quickly gained everyone’s notice. Moreover, several news outlets and reports suggest that the 21-year-old man failed to adopt safety precautions.

Moreover, officers investigating the case appealed to anyone traveling through Mullagh Park from 15:00 to 16:00 BST on 7 October to contact the authorities if they have any information. 

Police also urged anyone with dash-cam, CCTV, or mobile footage to cooperate and stay in touch.

Lee Johnston missing case
Lee Johnston missing case: The 21-year-old man from Coleraine has not been found yet, but the search continues. (Source: Yahoo News UK)

It could be possible that the Lee Johnston missing case could take a severe turn in the coming days.

However, only a few official outlets have covered the topic. Johnston’s close ones were hopeful for his safe return. Hopefully, they stayed on their word that Johnston would be found well and alive.

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