Chiang Mai Stabbing Incident, American Tourist Arrested Stabbed Dutch

Chiang Mai Stabbing

Chiang Mai stabbing news began trending online after surprising disclosures of the case.

Concerned authorities of Chiang Mai arrested an American man on Thursday. Allegedly, the American tourist stabbed a Dutch father and his son on a road in Chiang Mai’s Muang district on Wednesday.

Chiang Mai police arrested the American foreigner for stabbing two Dutch people in Chiang Mai, as suggested by official sources.

As per the Chiang Mai superintendent Phuwanat Duangdee, the arrested individual was a 28-year-old American identified as Brian Andrew Burggraf.

Moreover, the detectives told reporters at a press briefing Thursday morning that the suspect was detained for stabbing tourists in the city.

The facts surrounding the Chiang Mai stabbing case have generated controversial online buzz, resulting in the conviction of an American tourist.

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Chiang Mai Stabbing Incident

Reportedly, American tourist Brian Andrew Burggraf, 27, was arrested at 1 a.m. while walking on a road in Tambon Jed Yod.

Likewise, his victims were among eight Dutch tourists visiting the ancient Chiang Mai moat when brutally stabbed at 9 p.m. on Wednesday. 

Also, detectives mentioned that they discovered a 15-centimeter-long knife in Burggraf’s trouser pocket. Moreover, he had a packet of hashish marijuana.

As per the sources, Burggraf confessed to assaulting the Dutch father and son. Similarly, the victims were identified as Erik Jan, 52, and 20-year-old Dutch individual Colin Mike.

Chiang Mai Stabbing Incident
Chiang Mai Stabbing Incident: The suspect’s description and images were released online. (Source: Reddit)

However, the suspect provided no reason for perpetrating the attack.

Eyewitnesses reported that the convicted American man walked up behind the group of Dutch tourists before initiating the frenzied attack.

Erik suffered two stab wounds in his back and a 10-centimeter-long cut to his throat. Moreover, Colin was left with a long, deep gash on his arm.

The victims were rushed to the Chiang Mai Hospital. After the incident, police were alerted of the attack.

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Chiang Mai Stabbing: American Tourist Arrested

Municipal authorities and detectives arrested an American tourist at around 1:30 p.m. The police arrested Brian Andrew Burggraf outside the Jed Yod Plaza marketplace.

Reportedly, Burggraf will be charged with causing violent harm to others. Likewise, he is expected to face legal proceedings.

Moreover, security personnel brought attention via Reddit and shared CCTV images and clips of the perpetrator.

The American suspect is seen wearing a long-sleeved shirt and shorts in the images.

Chiang Mai Stabbing Case Update: Stabbed Dutch

Local residents of Chiang Mai told police that suspect Burggraf may have attacked another foreign tourist. Likewise, the 27-year-old American tourist carried a knife in the same area.

Besides, the unidentified tourist was stabbed in the back. Chiang Mai residents suggested that Burggraf’s clothes matched the perpetrator’s description in the earlier assault.

Chiang Mai Stabbing Case
Chiang Mai Stabbing Case: The American man matched the description of the released CCTV footage. (Source: YouTube)

After the incident, the municipal authorities increased the security in the area, mainly for the tourists visiting there. 

Moreover, the tragic Chiang Mai stabbing incident sparked security concerns and surprise in a city known for its hospitality and peace.

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