Miles Ocampo Boyfriend 2023: Break Up With Elijah Canlas And Dating

Miles Ocampo Boyfriend

Who is Miles Ocampo Boyfriend in 2023? The actress has been in the headlines numerous times, but this time, she is all over the internet because of her relationship.

Miles Ocampo was originally named Camille Tan Hojila. Her birthdate is May 1, 1997, and she grew up in the Philippines.

Miles is a well-known Filipino actress, model, TV host, and writer. She started her acting journey at a young age.

Moreover, Ocampo debuted in the series ” Mangarap Ka” in 2004. She is recognized for her versatility and skill in portraying various roles, making her one of the standout actresses.

Miles’s early career includes being a mainstay in shows like “Goin’ Bulilit.” While initially known for her work in comedic roles, she transitioned into more intense acting.

Ocampo delivered remarkable performances in popular series such as “And I Love You So.” She has appeared in over 20 films.

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Miles Ocampo Boyfriend In 2023

Miles Ocampo is tight-lipped, surrounding her boyfriend in 2023. At age 26, her romantic life has become a subject of curiosity for many.

Miles Ocampo Boyfriend
Miles Ocampo is currently single and had a breakup with Elijah. (Source: YouTube)

Known for her versatile roles in the entertainment industry, Miles has managed to keep her personal life relatively private.

While there have been speculations about her relationship status, the star has not confirmed or revealed any details about her romantic involvement.

It is worth noting that Miles seems to be prioritizing her career at this point in her life. She is channeling her energy and focus into her work in the entertainment field.

Despite the occasional public interest in her personal affairs, Ocampo maintains a discreet approach. She is choosing not to disclose any information about a potential relationship.

Whether she is currently in a severe relationship or enjoying singlehood, Miles values her privacy, leaving fans and admirers intrigued about the personal aspects of her life.

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Miles Ocampo Confirms Break Up With Elijah Canlas

The Filipino actress has officially confirmed teh end of her relationship with actor Elijah Canlas. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Canlas revealed that they went through a tough time recently.

The couple decided to part with a couple of months ago. Despite the breakup, Cnalas emphasized that they harbor no ill feelings toward each other.

Elijah further mentioned that the two were okay. He conveyed continued support and love for the Filipino Star.

Moreover, The actor revealed they are taking time to navigate their paths. The duo publicly acknowledged their relationship in May 2022 and started dating in 2021.

Elijah, known for his role in the film “Key to the Heart” on Netflix, acknowledges the challenges they faced during a rough patch, highlighting the ongoing process of figuring things out in their lives.

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Miles Ocampo Dating Life

In a revelation made in May 2022, Filipino actor Elijah confirmed that he and Miles were in a relationship. The confirmation came during an interview on YouTube.

Miles Ocampo Boyfriend
Miles Ocampo and Elijah Canlas’s separation has saddened Filipino fans. (Source: Cosmo. ph)

Elijah, alongside his “Gameboys” costar, acknowledged their respective partners. He explicitly confirmed his relationship with Ocampo.

When asked about their relationship status, Mr. Canlas said, “Yes, we are a couple. I mean, she’s the best. We are in a good place. We are delighted.”

The two decided to keep their relationship private initially. Nonetheless, they thought of sharing the happy news with their fans.

The speculation about the pair’s dating had surfaced early in 2022. They both shared photos from Ocampo’s birthday celebration.

Like other couples, they also faced challenges in their relationship. The two thought it was better to leave each other.

The fan-favorite couple separated in 2023, leaving all their fans sad. Nonetheless, it is important to respect an individual’s decision.

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