Kaila Estrada Siblings: Meet Brother Yuan & Iggy Boy Muhlach And Sister Ina & Moira Estrada

Kaila Estrada Siblings

Who are the Kaila Estrada siblings: brother Yuan, Iggy Boy Muhlach, sister Ina, and Moira Estrada? Find out below.

Kaila Estrada, whose real name is Mikaela Ariana De Belen Estrada, is an emerging actress who has been creating quite a buzz in the entertainment industry.

Her remarkable performances in two simultaneously airing shows, “Linlang” and “Can’t Buy Me Love,” have garnered her significant attention in the online and television spheres.

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Kaila Estrada Siblings: Brother Yuan and Iggy Boy Muhlach

Kaila Estrada’s family is a bastion of talent and prominence in the entertainment world.

Her siblings, Yuan and Iggy Boy Muhlach, contribute significantly to the family’s renown.

In the entertainment industry, they have established themselves as notable figures, leaving a lasting imprint.

The collective talent of the actress and her brothers solidifies their family’s position as a distinguished and celebrated presence in the field.

Kaila Estrada Siblings
Kaila Estrada is pictured with her mother and siblings. (Source: philstar)

Their achievements stand as proof of their artistic skills and have earned admiration from both their fans and colleagues.

This shared talent binds them together as a family of creative and accomplished individuals, adding to the family’s legacy of excellence in the world of entertainment.

Kaila Estrada Sister Ina and Moira Estrada

Kaila’s family also includes her sisters, Ina and Moira Estrada, who have their own distinct achievements in the world of entertainment.

Each sibling has carved out their own niche, contributing to the family’s legacy of talent and creativity.

The actress shares her world with her talented siblings. Ina De Belen, her sister, has made a name for herself as an actress.

Ina’s roles in shows like “Oh, My Mama!” have showcased her acting prowess and versatility.

Kaila Estrada Siblings
Kaila Estrada attended a wedding with her sisters. (Source: Facebook)

She also has another sister, Moira, who has contributed to the family’s entertainment legacy.

With each sibling pursuing their own unique paths in the industry, the De Belen-Estrada family is known for their collective talent and impact in the entertainment world.

Her family story takes an interesting turn as her father, John Anthony Siason Estrada, remarries his longtime girlfriend, the Brazilian beauty titlist Priscilla Meirelles.

This union introduced a new step-sibling into the model’s life, Anechka, adding another dimension to the family’s dynamics.

Kaila Estrada Parents

Kaila’s family background is deeply rooted in the Philippine entertainment scene.

Her parents, Janice de Belen and John Anthony Siason Estrada, are accomplished figures in the industry, and their careers have spanned various decades and genres.

The actress’ parents, Janice de Belen and John Anthony Siason Estrada, are luminaries in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Her mother, Janice de Belen, is often referred to as the “Queen of Horror-Drama” due to her exceptional acting skills and portrayals in Filipino drama and horror films.

She has left an indelible mark on the industry, captivating audiences with her talent.

John Anthony Siason Estrada, her father, is a Filipino film and TV actor with a diverse range of roles.

Kaila Estrada Siblings
Kaila Estrada shares a close bond with her parents. (Source: pep.ph)

He has been a leading man, a comedian, and even a villain in various projects.

His career has spanned multiple networks, including ABS-CBN, GMA Network, and TV5, showcasing his versatility and lasting appeal.

The De Belen-Estrada family is a dynamic blend of talent, creativity, and versatility.

With Kaila’s rising stardom and the continued success of her siblings, it’s clear that their legacy in the Philippine entertainment industry is set to continue for generations to come.

The family’s impact is undeniable, and her journey in “Linlang” and “Can’t Buy Me Love” is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career.

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