Who Is Sara Hill, Gary Wilmot Wife? Married Life And Daughters

Gray Wilmot Wife

Who Is Sara Hill, Gary Wilmot wife? Wilmot and his marital partner have been enjoying their companionship for many years.

Gary Wilmot is a renowned British singer, actor, comedian, writer, and presenter. He was a contestant on New Faces who quickly gained the popularity and affection of the fans.

Furthermore, he is a famous Television presenter hosting greatest shows like You and Me, So You Want To Be Top, and Showstoppers. 

This multi-talented star has a humorous and hysterical personality, leading him to appear on Copy Cats, Knees Ups, Cue Gary!, and The Keith Harris Show.

His notable work includes his role in the BBC children’s quiz show. “So You Want To Be Top,” where he shared the stage with Leni Harper.

His talents and skills aren’t limited as he is also involved in the musical industry. He has released his albums Love Situation, The Album, and Double Standards.

Wilmot’s fine work and skills have earned him respect and prestigious nominations. At the Olivier Awards, he was nominated in the “Best Actor” category.

In 2022, The actor joined The Wicked’s London musical theatre cast as the wizard.

Who Is Gary Wilmot Wife Sara Hill?

Gary Wilmot is happily married to Sara Hill. His wife is a video producer, actress, and yoga teacher, as her Twitter bio suggests.

Gary Wilmot Wife
Gary Wilmot with his wife Sara Hill. (Sources: Shutterstock)

She has been active on Twitter since 2010 and has shared various tweets and posts, including her constant support and admiration for her lovely husband, Gary.

As a video producer and actress, Sara likely works in film and media, creating and producing video content.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Sara is a yoga teacher. She seems passionate about yoga and shares her love for it on Twitter.

She might teach yoga classes or workshops. Moreover, she seems like a health-conscious person who invests in healthy living.

 It is evident that Gary’s life partner, Sara, enjoys traveling and has shared posts from places like Prague, Italy, and other places.

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Explore Gary Wilmot Married Life With His Wife Sara Hill

Gary is meticulously private and often keeps his personal and professional life apart. Thus, the actor doesn’t talk much about his relationship with his wife.

The lovebirds may have dated before having a wedding in the UK. However, They haven’t revealed their wedding date and venue.  

Furthermore, the duo often travels together and attends various events and workshops. They seem inseparable most of the time.

His partner, Sara, always supports his work and craft through adorable encouraging posts on social media. 

Apart from his married life with Sara, fans know that Gary previously shared a relationship with his ex-wife, Joanne Murdock. 

Who Are Gary Wilmot And Sara Hill Daughters?

Gary Wilmot has two daughters from his ex-wife Juanne Murdock. His daughters are Georgia Wilmot and Katy Wilmot.

Katy Wilmot is 37 years old and professionally identifies as an architect, whereas Georgia Wilmot, 33 years old, is a personal trainer.

Wilmot might have a lovely relationship with his daughters. He mentioned that the birth of his first child, Georgia brought him the immense joy of his life.

He prefers to keep his daughters out of the public eye. It is common for celebrities to be cautious of their loved ones.

Gary Wilmot Wife
Gary Wilmot had a turbulent marriage with his ex-wife, Joanne Murdock. (Source: topfoto.uk)

Since separating from his ex-wife, he hasn’t shared much about his relationship with his daughters. He probably wants to avoid scrutiny and judgments.

However, Gary is a great and kind person. So, he certainly showers his daughters with love and care with the constant support of his wife, Sara Hill.

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