Alexis Ren’s Net Worth [Update 2021]

An American social media personality and model, Alexis Ren’s net worth is a staggering $3 Million as of 2021. 

Alexis Ren was born in November 1996 in Santa Monica, California. She has collaborated with many brands, including Forever 21 and Tobi.

As a result, she is one of the most well-known models on social media.

Ren had two younger sisters and a younger brother while he was growing up.

She started her career when she was just the age of 13. At that age, she got a modeling opportunity.

Ren got her education at home and has struggled with an eating disorder.

In August 2017, she was featured on the cover of Maxim magazine. Likewise, Ren is also named a 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie.

Alexis Ren in Black Dress at Spotify pre-Grammy party in LA
Alexis Ren in Black Dress at Spotify pre-Grammy party in LA

Moreover, Ren now has an Instagram following of over 11 million people.

Furthermore, Ren has appeared in commercials for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, a smartphone game.

In addition, she also appeared in The Chainsmokers’ video “Paris” (lyric version) and the film Deported.

Ren was announced as one of the celebrities competing on season 27 of Dancing with the Stars on September 12th, 2018. It’s a dance competition show based on the British version of strictly come dancing.

After a year, the model was listed in the famous ‘Maxim’ Magazine’s Top 100 Sexiest Women list.

You might know Alexi Ren as a model, but do you know her personally?

Quick Facts

Full Name Alexis Rene Glabach
Known As Alexis Ren
Date of Birth 23 November 1996
Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Age 24 Years Old (As of May 2021)
Nationality American
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnicity Half Russian and half German
Birth Place Santa Monica, California.
Mother Cynthia Gaylord
Father Frank Gaylord
Siblings 3 Sisters(Ace, Alisa, Amber) and a Brother(Devin)
Profession Model, Social Media Celebrity, Entrepreneur
Residence Los Angeles, California, US
Build Slim
Social Media TwitterInstagramTumblrFacebookYoutubeTikTok
Body Measurements 35-23-35
Shoe Size 8.5
Dress Size 8
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Brown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Education High School Graduate
Salary $20 Million
Active Since 2010 – present
Endorsements Nike, Pepsi, Verizon Communication, Carnival Corporation
Team Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys
Position Wide Reciever
Marital Status Unmarried
Sexual Orientation Straight
Ex-Relationship Noah Centineo and Jay Alvarrez
Favorite Color Black and Blue
Popular TV shows Dancing with Stars – Season 27
Photoshoot Equipment Portable Photo ReflectorsTripodLighting Kit
Net Worth $3 Million
Last Update 2021

Alexis Ren’s Net Worth and Income

Alexis Ren’s Net Worth

An American social media personality and model, Alexis Ren’s net worth is a staggering $3 Million as of 2021.

In detail, her modeling shoots and promotions provide the majority of her revenue.

At the age of 22, Popular Model Alexis Ren’s net worth was $1-5 million. She made a living as a fashion model.

In addition, advertisements and video shoots are other sources of income for her. As a result, her gross net worth is calculated as follows. Her profession is still in its infancy.

So her net worth will undoubtedly increase in the coming years.


Alexis’s first photoshoot for Maxim Magazine took place in 2017. She was compensated with $25,000 in cash.

Similarly, her popularity earned her the chance to appear in Sports-related swimsuit photographs as the 2018 Rookie of the Year, which paid her well.

However, Alexis also does a lot of music videos and makes money from them.

In addition, she also has her own company, Ren Activewear. She is compensated fairly for them as well.

On the other hand, Ren was chastised for charging $44 a month for her fitness guide program subscribers during COVID-19.

Her earnings are determined by her modeling career, television appearances, brand endorsements, and other factors.

Alexis: House and Cars


Alexis Ren’s residence is located in Los Angeles. Her home’s value, however, is still uncertain.

Besides, she had a picture of her room on Instagram.

She shared a photo of herself reading a book on her bed, which bed covered in a white bedsheet. It also has a large television on the front and a window on the right.

Furthermore, she has also lived in six separate locations since the age of sixteen.


Ren owns a car, Land Rover, worth around  $130,000. After all, her net worth is impressive at such young age.

Alexis Ren with her car.
Alexis Ren with her car.

She posts her car quite often on her social media.

Alexis Ren Vacation and Lifestyle


Alexis flies a lot for her photoshoot. She enjoys going to the beach and playing with her dogs.

Hawaii, Greece, Indonesia, and Mexico are among Alexis’ holiday destinations.

Likewise, Ren also loves seeing the world from a helicopter and participating in extreme sports such as skydiving.

She went on a trip to Tahiti with her ex-boyfriend, which she documented on social media.

Similarly, she’s already been to Moorea, Australia, for a photoshoot and holiday.

She also blogs about chilling with elephants in Thailand, Jet Skiing in the Bahamas, Maldives, Jamaica, Brazil, and Italy during her break.

One can only be envious of her travels around the world.


Alexis has to live a balanced lifestyle as a model.

Alexis is known for flaunting her sexy body on social media. Moreover, she often shares pictures of herself in a bikini.

Ren was recently photographed wearing a stunning purple Spring-2021 blazer, Cycling shorts, and $3400 Mule leather sandals.

Similarly, she also wears Gucci clothing. She was once spotted with a pair of Gucci bags, which cost about $2565.

Ren adds Versace clothing to her shopping list as well.

On the other hand, Alexis works out for 1-2 hours at least five days a week.

She, too, follows a strict diet to keep her slim figure.

Alexis Ren's photoshoot.
Alexis Ren’s photoshoot.

On the other hand, Ren had to battle her food disorder syndrome in her early years after her mother died of breast cancer.

In addition, she abstains from bread and alcohol, as well as fast food. Similarly, she also avoids consuming red meat and gluten.

Her diet consists of various organic vegetables and fruits, a small amount of sugar, and plenty of water.

Ren’s supplements also contain protein powder and organic stevia as a sugar substitute.

On the other hand, her off-duty wardrobe consists of sweatpants, bulky sweatshirts, and tees with shorts.

Investments, Movies, Music, Endorsement, And Commercials


Alexis is a Maxim girl who is not only beautiful but also a good entrepreneur.

Ren Active is the name of her business. In addition, her company sells athletic apparel for under $100.

Furthermore, the products are available via Ren Box, which charges a $69 monthly subscription fee.

Likewise, she also works as a personal trainer. She tutors people for a fee to help them get in shape.

She is also the founder of Hybrid Inc., a management firm in Japan.

Movies and Music

Ren performed in Paris – Lyric Version of The Chainsmoker, which earned $3,961,100 in worldwide sales.

Ren also makes a living as an actress in television shows. Her appearance in ‘Dancing with Stars’ also netted her a cool $125,000. In addition, the show cost about $50,000 a week to run.

Similarly, she has also appeared in TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight and Home & Family.

Endorsement And Commercials

Alexis is a young woman whose body is ideal for commercials. Her striking appearance drew a lot of interest.

Initially, Ren’s beauty drew the attention of Seventeen Magazine, and she had previously worked with them on advertisements.

After then, Alexis supported Forever 21, which had a $6 billion annual turnover from its 800 stores worldwide.

Similarly, Ren appeared in a commercial for the smartphone game ‘Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire,’ which has amassed a massive following.

Ren has also endorsed Calvin Klein and appeared in a video for its “Put It On, Take It Off” campaign.

In addition, she also promotes Sonya Dakar, a well-known brand. It offers a variety of beauty items ranging in price from $50 to $500.

As in result, Alexis earned about $65,000 a year from her sponsorship deals around the world.


Alexis has a soft spot for social causes, besides her stunning body. She also contributes to a variety of social causes.

Alexis is involved in several charitable endeavors. She recently started a Go-Fund-Me initiative to save the marine creatures Reef.

Similarly, to inspire the mother, she launched a fundraising effort.

She also makes appearances for charitable events on a volunteer basis.


Ren started her modeling career when she was 13 years old, working for Brandy Melville.

After that, Ren worked for ‘Nous Management’ and ‘Chic Management,’ two high-end management firms.

Alexis became an online sensation after posting a picture of her sizzling hot body beside a pool on Tumblr.

Furthermore, she had amassed millions of Instagram and other social media followers in a matter of hours.

Alexis Ren in a runway modelling.
Alexis Ren in a runway modeling.

Meanwhile, Alexis walked the Sahara Ray swimwear runway in Los Angeles in 2014.

Similarly, she was also the cover girl for Maxim in the United States and Mexico, and she won Sports-Related Swimsuit 2018 Rookie.

In addition, she was also a contestant on Season 27 of Dancing with the Stars, where she placed third.

Finally, she has appeared in several music videos and films.

3 Facts About Alexis Ren

  • She’s amassed a large online following. She has 1.6 million Twitter followers and 12.8 million Instagram followers. Both of her Twitter accounts are @AlexisRen.
  • In early 2017, she partnered on a makeup line with ColorPop, a beauty company. There were shimmering bronzers, highlighters, and shiny lip colors in this collection.
  • Over the years, she’s had various hair colors, including bright blonde, red highlights, deep brown, and a sandy beach “bronde” tone (a mix of blonde and brown).


  • “I always associate blonde with sunshine and puppies and happiness, but I don’t think sexiness. …”
  • “With acting, it wouldn’t be about money: it would be about taking my life experiences and using them to create art. …”
  • “I think being vulnerable to other humans is a form of strength. …”


Does Alexis Ren have a tattoo?

Yes, Alexis Ren has at least 11 tattoos, including her mother’s signature on her forearm. Roman numeral on her elbow, spade behind her ear (covered up).

Does Alexis Ren smoke?

Since Ren tends to live a very healthy lifestyle, she does not smoke.

Is Alexis Ren in a relationship?

Alexis did have a few relationships in her past, but she is not in a relationship as in the present.

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