Jeopardy: Meet Sam Buttrey Wife Elinda Hardy Family Details And Wikipedia Bio

Sam Buttrey Wife

Sam Buttrey is an associate professor. Please read the article below to learn more about Sam Buttrey Wife, his Family Details, and many more.

The name of Sam Buttrey has been rising on the internet after he won 100,000 dollars in a show named “Jeopardy.” The media and public are very keen to know his personal details such as Sam Buttrey Wife, his Family Details, and many more things.

Sam Buttrey teaches operations research as an associate professor at Pacific Grove, California’s Naval Postgraduate School.

He became a fan favorite for his outstanding performances and funny demeanor after taking home the first prize in the Professor’s Tournament on Jeopardy! in December 2021.

Sam Buttrey attended Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of California, Berkeley in addition to earning an A.B. in statistics from Princeton University.

He was a former rugby player and a Princeton University Terrace Club member. Fans of the professor, who is not only educated and intelligent but also extremely witty, are in full support of him despite his failure to win Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions.

Sam Buttrey Wife 

While Sam Buttrey and Elinda Hardy haven’t made their dating or marriage history public, it’s obvious that they have a solid and loving relationship.

The couple has been married for a while. In reality, Sam has expressed in public his admiration for his wife and her assistance while he was competing on Jeopardy!

Sam Buttrey Wife
Sam Buttrey won the first prize in Jeopardy. (Source: Jeopardy!)

In a November 2021 interview with Monterey, Sam talked about how important Elinda’s assistance was in helping him get ready for the event.

Sam is renowned for being a dedicated father to his large family and a loving husband.

He is close with his brothers, nieces, and nephews, and he has expressed a desire to utilize his Jeopardy! winnings to take his family on a vacation to Europe.

Family is obviously important to Sam, and he is appreciative of the love and support he gets from his wife and loved ones.

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Sam Buttrey Family Details

Elinda Hardy and Sam Buttrey have been happily married for a very long time. The couple’s past relationships and marriage, however, have not yet been made public online.

Sam praised Elinda Hardy during an interview with Monterey in November 2021 for helping him prepare for the show and for contributing to his success on Jeopardy!

Sam Buttrey Wife
Sam Buttrey is an associate professor. (Source: Vulture)

Sam and Elinda are listed as having one child together on their official IMDb page, but no other information about their family has been made public.

Sam is a devoted husband and father, and throughout his career, his family has been a source of encouragement for him.

Sam and Elinda are said to be parents, according to their official IMDb profile, but no more information about their family has been disclosed. Even so, it’s clear that Sam is a loving husband and father, and his family has had a big impact on his life and profession.

Sam has benefited from and been motivated by his tight ties to his extended family, which includes his brothers, nieces, and nephews.

Sam Buttrey Wikipedia Bio

The Jeopardy! winner and veteran professor of operations research at the Naval Postgraduate School Sam Buttrey doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, but he has nonetheless managed to attract a lot of attention through numerous internet articles and profiles.

When Sam won the inaugural Jeopardy! Professors Tournament in December 2021, winning a huge $100,000 prize and a coveted place in Jeopardy!’s Tournament of Champions, it was clear how impressive his Jeopardy! performance had been.

Sam Buttrey Wife
Sam Buttrey competing in Jeopardy. (Source: TV Insider)

Sam received an A.B. in statistics from Princeton University and has worked as a respected lecturer for more than 26 years.

Sam’s success on Jeopardy! has been credited to both his quick wit and charismatic demeanor, which have won over many of the show’s fans, in addition to his strong academic credentials.

In Sam’s life and career, his family has also been a very important influence.

He is wed to Elina Hardy, and the two of them have a child together. Sam’s support from Elinda has been steady throughout his Jeopardy career, and she even helped him get ready for the show.

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