Student Jason Landry Missing Or Found? Case Details Age And Family

Jason Landry

It’s been almost three years of Jason Landry Missing case. Jason Landry, a student at Texas State University was last seen in December 2020.

The Caldwell County District Attorney’s Office and the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office had requested the OAG’s Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit to investigate in February 2022.

Landry had a single-car accident and did not seem to have been meeting anyone or expecting another vehicle in the vicinity when he went missing.

The investigators also examined Lnadry’s social media accounts, mobile phone, and other devices and discovered no evidence indicating his intention to meet anyone in Luling.

Digital data showed that Jason traveled from his San Marcos apartment to Magnolia, Austin, and Luling.

His phone was last synced with the Waze navigation app just before 11:30 p.m. on December 13, 2020.

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Student Jason Landry Missing Or Found?

People including the netizens are eager to know if there are any updates on the 2020 Jason Landry missing cold case.

A former FBI agent who leads a non-profit organization named Project Absentis, along with his team of investigators, conducted a thorough analysis of the case.

They also expressed their conviction that Jason’s disappearance could be linked to a crime.

Abel Pena, who had over 27 years of experience investigating crimes, pointed out several warning signs.

Jason Landry Missing
Man found in New York is not missing Texas State student Jason Landry, police said (Source: ABC 13)

They suspect that the clothing and personal items found in the middle of the road may have been deliberately placed there to deceive the investigation.

Upon further investigation, he and his team believe that the clothes were intentionally placed.

Pena added that witnesses have raised doubts about Jason’s presence behind the wheel of the car at the time of the accident, leading to speculation that someone else may have been driving the vehicle or that he was deliberately run off the road.

Further updates and details about the Jason Landry missing case is not made public to date.

Jason Landry age and case details 

A student at Texas State University, Jason was 21 years old when he went missing in December 2020.

Jason’s mobile phone data showed that he used the Waaze app for directions on his return to Missouri City but later switched to Snapchat while in Luling, near the intersection of Austin Street and Magnolia Avenue.

At this intersection, his phone ceased activity. Pena remarked that the location was known for drug activity and that a criminal element was in the vicinity.

Jason Landry
Search continues for Houston-area student who went missing while coming home from Texas State (Source: KHOU)

Landry’s vehicle traveled four miles on Salt Flat Road, a dark, unpaved road, instead of turning right onto Magnolia to reach I-10, which Pena found suspicious.

Pena also questioned the decision of the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office to assume that Jason was under the influence of drugs and in an internal crisis.

The FBI agent disputed the possibility of Jasn being high enough to undress in the harsh conditions that night, as there are many college students who use drugs.

Additionally, the agent expressed concern that critical evidence, including DNA, hair, and fibers, may have been overlooked inside Jason’s car because it was towed by a DPS trooper immediately.

Jason Landry family details 

The statement released by the Landry family said that Jason is the youngest son of Kent Landry, their senior pastor, and his wife, Lisa Landry.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office has released the evidence in 2021, more than a year after Jason Landry went missing.

Jason Landry
Father hopes newly released evidence will lead to the safe return of missing Texas State student Jason Landry (Source: NBC News)

The family was caught off guard by this news, and according to Jasn’s father, Kent Landry, they were not informed about the release of any information.

Kent stated that they have not seen some of the videos that were released. The family has been told that the TAGO will be holding a meeting with Caldwell County.

People, including netizens and the relatives of Jason, are still hoping for his good health and safety, as he has been missing for like 3 years now.

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