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A Lebanese-American webcam model, media personality, and former pornographic actress, Mia Khalifa net worth is a staggering $5 million.

Mia Khalifa is a widely known figure in the adult industry.

However, even after quitting the adult industry, she is still ranked number two on Pornhub with eye-popping views of 784 million.

She is famously recognized as “The hijab porn star.”

She touched a remarkable landmark in her career at a relatively young age.

This accomplishment allowed Mia Khalifa to become a sex icon and amass a significant amount of wealth.

Moreover, Mia became a sensation when she got into the adult industry in 2014. She is famous for her irresistible looks and hourglass body shape.

Mia Khalifa's profile image.
Mia Khalifa (Source: IMDB.com)

Similarly, her popularity skyrocketed after a scene in which she wore a Hijab.

As a result, with 1.5 million views, the 22-year-old Khalifa became the most searched for performer on the adult video-sharing website Pornhub.

On December 28 that year, Pornhub revealed that she was the No. 1 performer on their website.

Mia Khalifa | Quick Facts

So, let’s get to know Mia Khalifa a little better, starting with some basic facts about her.

Name Mia Khalifa
Birthplace  Beirut, Lebanon
Birthdate February 10, 1993
Age 31
Nationality  Lebanese-American
Ethnicity  Arab
Religion  Christian
College N/A
Profession Media personality, Webcam model, pornographic actress
Nickname Mia Callista
Height 157 cm, 5′ 2″
Weight  42 kg, 102 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net worth  $5 million
Sexual Orientation  Straight
Marital status Divorced
Relationship Engaged with Robert Sanberg
Children N/A
Social Media  Wikipedia, Instagram, TikTok
Last Update May 2024

Mia Khalifa | Net Worth and Income

Net Worth

A Lebanese-American webcam model, media personality, and former pornographic actress, Mia Khalifa’s net worth is a staggering $5 million.

A big chunk of Mia Khalifa’s net worth is derived from her career in the Porn Industry.

She started her adult industry career in 2014.

However, she came into wide popularity after a scene from Bangbros in which she wears a hijab.

Along with controversies, this incident fired up her career as well.

At the age of 22, she became the most searched porn star on Pornhub.

However, according to Khalifa, she only made 11 videos and was in the adult industry for three months only.

During the short span, she made around $12,000, which is pretty more minor for a number one porn actress.

However, Bangbros has hinted that Khalifa has done more work than she is publicly advocating.


Mia Khalifa’s monthly income is estimated to be around $30000.

In a short period, Mia made a big name for herself. This fame has helped her amass more money even after quitting the porn Industry.

Currently, she has a diversified source of income.

Moreover, Mia worked as a webcam model as of 2016. So her pre-earned famed came to much use here.

Her earnings were sure to get massive as a webcam model can spend about 3 hours and take home $1,000 per hour; this roughly translates to more than a million per year.

Along with the webcam, she has only fans who have subscription fees of $12.99 per month.

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa (Source: Koimoi)

However, it is estimated that she has 22.7 million followers and makes 6.42 million a month. If this prediction is accurate, she may have a net worth of more than $5 million.

Khalifa also co-hosted a  daily sports show named Out of bounds along with star Gilbert Arenas. She later joined Tyler Coe on “Sportsball.”

Although Mia Khalifa is not a professional, her salary must have been lucrative.

Mia Khalifa also earns money from sponsorship and as the Brand Ambassador of many big companies.

Mia Khalifa’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s look at Mia Khalifa’s Net worth in several currencies,  including the cryptocurrency BitCoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 4,258,000
Pound Sterling £3,644,975
Australian Dollar A$6,867,190
Canadian Dollar C$6,344,650
Indian Rupee 368,887,500
BitCoin ฿ 112

Mia Khalifa | House and Cars

Queen of the porn industry, Mia Khalifa, owns multiples Real Estate properties. Mia owns a massive home in Texas that costs around $1.5 million.

However, she lives in her Los Angeles home, which she co-owns with Sandberg.

Before her divorce, she lived in Florida, Miami, with her ex-husband and two dogs.

In addition, Mia Khalifa also has a luxury cars collection.

Specifically, the cars owned by Mia Khalifa include a metallic black Range Rover, BMW 5 series, Bentley Continental GT Speed,   Ferrari California, Audi A8 L.

Mia Khalifa | Lifestyle and Vacation

Mia’s Khalifa’s Lifestyle

Mia Khalifa is known for her curvy body, but there was a time when she was overweight.

For those who are unaware, Mia is a foodie and also a great cook who once worked at the American fast-food restaurant chain Whataburger.

Subsequently, she made massive changes in her lifestyle to make her body fit.

Mia grinds five days a week in a gym. In addition, she is almost vegan and goes through a strict diet to sculpt her body.

Mia has also shared some of the routines that she had developed to exercise and strengthen her muscles in her social media.

Mia’s Khalifa’s Vacation

Mia Khalifa once blew up the internet with her vacation pictures. The former beauty shared a sun-kissed photo in a bikini.

Specifically, she wore a white micro bikini and paired it with accessories in which she layered her necklace with silver and gold jewelry.

At that instance, she was enjoying her vacation in Coachella with her fiancé Robert Sandberg.


Mia Khalifa has used her fame to support various social movements.

Also, she extended her support to recent farmer protests in India.

She also vocally backed Cuban protesters and called her followers to boycott the country in support.

Specifically, Mia Khalifa has pledged to donate $160,000, which she accumulated from her OnlyFans to charity.

Following the deadly blast in Beirut, she auctioned off her infamous glasses, which she wore during her adult career, for over $1000,000.

Later she donated that sum to victims of the explosion.

Moreover, Mia Khalifa also revealed her generosity with a whopping $20,000 contribution to the Lebanese Red Cross.

While her former career had caused hysteria among some fraction of Lebanese society, many people in Lebanon have greatly applauded her charitable activities.

Endorsements, Movies, Other Work and Books

Mia Khalifa had a venture with a clothing brand, which launched a series of swimwear designed by her.

Mia unveiled her dress on August 20, 2021, via Instagram post. The brand praised her design for being sexy, comfortable, and unique.

In addition, Mia Khalifa is also featured in the second season of the Hulu series Ramy.

Mia herself has not written any books. However, there are biographies of her written by other authors.

According to Goodreads, her best-rated biography is Online Goddess- Inside Mia Khalifa: The story of the world’s top adult actress written by Meghann Power.

Other Works

Khalifa worked as a paralegal and bookkeeper in Miami for three months after working as an adult film star.

She went on to work as a social media star, a webcam model, and a sports analyst.

In addition, she has a YouTube channel, Twitch live broadcasts and has worked as a webcam model.

Moreover, she also offers photo shoots, merchandise, and access to exclusive material on Patreon and sells explicit photoshoots and films on Findrow.

From October 2017 to February 2018, she and Gilbert Arenas co-hosted Out of Bounds on Complex News’ YouTube channel, a daily sports show.

The second season of SportsBall, which premiered on RoosterTeeth on July 16, 2018, included Khalifa and Tyler Coe as co-hosts. On October 30, 2018, the final episode was released.

Furthermore, she had a guest appearance as herself on the Hulu drama Ramy in May 2020.

She also appeared in the music video for Bella Poarch’s breakthrough single “Build a Bitch” the following year.


Mia Khalifa embarked on her career by working as a bartender and a part-time model in a local Spanish show.

She has posted several pornographic images to a popular NSFW(Not safe for work) subreddit on Reddit.

Similarly, Khalifa started to work with Whataburger. It was here that she was influenced to work in the porn industry.

Her official work in the porn industry began in October 2014.

Mia Khalifa talking about her negative experience in porn in an interview.
Mia Khalifa Talking About her Negative Experience in Adult Film Industry (Source: Sputnik News)

She wore a Hijab in one of her scenes which ultimately caused outrage in the Arab world and led her parents to disown her publicly.

Moreover, Khalifa’s career in the porn industry was a mere three months in that period. She played in 11 adult movies.

Furthermore, after quitting the porn industry, she made her career as a media personality, webcam model, streamer, and sports show host.

Three Facts About Mia Khalifa

  • Mia Khalifa has two tattoos on her hand, for which she is heavily criticized. One is the opening line of the Lebanese National Anthem, and another tattoos us of the Lebanese Forces Cross.
  • Mia Khalifa has been targeted by the terrorist organization ISIS on social media; she has even received death threats.
  • Mia Khalifa is a big fan of sports and spends most of her time on DC sports- The wizards, Capitals, Nationals, and Redskins.


Who is Mia Khalifa?

Mia Khalifa is 28 years old social media personality, webcam model, and sports commentator who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and later moved to the united states.

Why did Mia Khalifa quit the porn industry?

In the interviewer of  Lance Armstrong on his podcast Forward, Khalifa revealed that the real reason behind leaving the porn industry within months of joining it was getting death threats from ISIS regularly, which had her worried and scared.

What makes pornstar Mia Khalifa so unique and popular?

A quora user answers, She is frequently on social media and social media news.

She outs famous men with significant others who approach discretely. In addition, Mia has been the star of controversy, which also makes people want to search for her.

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