Amy Schumer Net Worth : Career & Charity

Amy Schumer’s net worth is $25 million.

Amy Schumer is an American comedian and actress with a remarkable sense of humor.

She often discusses body image issues and relationship issues in her comedic performances.

Amy displayed her comedic skills from her high school days.

She won “Class Clown” and “Teacher’s worst nightmare” in her high school.

The comedian was regular on the “Stand- up circuit.”

Amy Schumer Net Worth 2021
Comedian posing for an event.

Later, she became a regular on an NBC TV reality show called “Last Comic Standing,” where she became fourth.

Schumer is an Emmy Award winner, which she won for her stand-up special “Inside Amy Schumer.”

Amy made headlines for being the first female to sell out the entire venue on Madison Square Garden in 2016.

Amy Schumer: Quick Facts

Full Name Amy Beth Schumer
Date of Birth June 1, 1981
Place of Birth New York, USA
Nationality American
Religion Jewish
Age 42 years old
Height 5’7
Weight 73 kgs
Body Measurement 38-30-39
Shoe Size 8.5 US
Religion Jewish
Education High School
Horoscope Gemini
Color of eye Blue
Color of hair Blonde
Occupation Comedian, Reality TV star, actor, writer, director
Marital Status Married
Father’s Name Gordon Schumer
Mother’s Name Sandra nee Jones
Siblings Sister and Brother
Children One Son
Favorite Food Pasta with Parmesan
Social Media Facebook Instragram Twitter Tik Tok
Net Worth $25 million
Update December, 2023

Amy Schumer Net Worth and Income:

Net Worth

Amy is the richest female comedian globally, with a heavy net worth of $25 million.

Amy’s best year for her career was in 2017 where she earned $37.5 million.

In 2017, Amy earned $11 million from her deal for her stand-up specials with Netflix.

Her stand-up special “The Leather Special”  got her into the list of highest-paid comedians.

Another special, “Growings” about pregnancy, also added a huge amount to Amy Schumer’s net worth.

Amy negotiated for more money when she signed an $11 million deal for “The Leather Special” because after learning how much other male comedians make.

They were making $20 million for the Netflix special.

She strongly believes that she should get equal pay as male comedians.


Amy earned $9 million by selling rights for the book “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.”

Comedian has also signed a huge deal with Hulu for a new scripted comedy in 2019, which got postponed by the ongoing pandemic.

She gets paid from her various paying projects, like her earning of $37,500,000 just from 2017.

Amy also earns millions from her cooking show with her chef husband, “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook.”

Schumer’s unapologetic sense of humor earned her own sitcom back in Comedy Central that made her rich and successful.

The millions are added to Amy Schumer’s net worth because of her many Hollywood Box Office movies in comedy roles.

Amy’s ability to sell out the entire seating capacity in venues like Madison Square Garden also added good income to her net worth.

Amy Schumer House and Cars:

Pent House in Upper West Side, New York

The comedian owns a luxurious penthouse in New York City. Her $12,147,000 penthouse is faced towards Hudson river on the upper west side.

The penthouse is described as a Malibu beach house lookalike home with a very posh architecture that reflects Manhattan.

It is 4500 square feet and consists of five bedrooms.

Amy -Schumer- Net-Worth
Amy’s penthouse at New York

Comedian’s penthouse includes 5.5 bathrooms along with a key-lock elevator at the apartment’s entrance.

It has a big glass-walled living and dining room area, which is 42 feet long.

The sophisticated home is wrapped by floor-to-ceiling glass doors which open up to her beautiful terrace.

The glass walls provide the penthouse with natural bright light during daytime and a star-gazing view at night.

It also consists of a three-sided fireplace and has glass that is laid up to divide 1000 square foot long living room from her kitchen.

The kitchen consists of an oak cabinet with white stains and patterns of marble and black stone counters.

They also have a huge media room near the big curvy stairs.

The private terrace provides a view of the Hudson River along with the New Jersey skyline.

The penthouse also has four guest bedrooms with heated floors and big baths.

The baths are marble patterned with two sinks along with a tub and steam shower.

Amy Schumer: Lifestyle and Vacation


Amy has portrayed her lifestyle as free and doing what she wants without thinking about other’s opinions.

The comedian constantly reminds her audience that she is still a normal human as any other person though she is very successful.

She promotes body positivity, and her style is casual.

She doesn’t indulge in many designer brands and keeps her clothing casual.

Instead, Amy came up with her own fashion line in 2018.

Recently, Amy has been busy with her new role as a mother after giving birth to her son in 2019.

She often shares the difficulties of her pregnancy and childbirth on her social media and how the new life feels for the comedian.

The comedian bought back a farm and gifted it to her father that they had lost in 2016.

When she was little, she gifted to her father; her father went bankrupt and had lost the farm.

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The mother of one, the star often vacations with her friends and family.

She has been seen vacationing in Ibiza, Spain, out on a yacht.

Amy was on vacation with Jerry Seinfeld and their respective partners on a sunny day.

They were seen spending time on a small island of Ibiza and enjoying good food in an exclusive restaurant in Ibiza.

Amy, along with her friends and her husband, was later joined by her other friend.

They were seen having the time of their life at a luxurious yacht.

Amy Schumer: Charity

The millionaire comedian uses her platform for charities as well.

In 2016, she donated $50,000 to the AIDS Charity RED. The money was for a ride in a jet ski with DJ Khaled.

Schumer was motivated to donate so that she can support RED and to aware of AIDS.

Amy once auctioned a unique-shaped carrot whose money went to Feeding America.

She preserved the unique shaped carrot and made a bronze cast out of it, which was auctioned.

The donated proceeds went to Feeding America, where there was an auction of 12 bronze carrots.

Star also uses her platform to raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Sclerosis hits close to her home as her father suffered from it when she was 12.

So, she often uses platforms to raise and donate funds.

Schumer also donates 30% of her clothing line to a charity called Stylefund that she founded with her friend.

She founded this charity to provide confidence to women with the helo of their fashion picks.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Book Publication:

Movies, TV Shows and Podcast

Amy has appeared and written movies like “Trainwreck,” “I Feel Pretty,” “Snatched,” “Thank you for your service.”

She made her acting debut and wrote the movie “Trainwreck” in 2015, which made $140.8 million.

Comedian made $300,000 for her role in “Trainwreck.”

Amy- Schumer- Net- Worth
Poster of her debut movie ” Trainwreck.”

For her role on “Snatched,” she received $5 million, which added good value to Amy Schumer’s net worth.

Schumer made $13 million from her Netflix specials after negotiating that she deserves equal pay as male comedians making $20 million.

A podcast known as “3 Girls, 1 Keith” is hosted by her, which adds value to Amy Schumer’s net worth.

Love, Beth,” a  series with 10 episodes, is also releasing on Hulu this year that’ll add a huge amount to Amy Schumer’s net worth.


In 2018, Amy invested and launched her own clothing line, “Le Cloud.”

Her clothing line’s price ranges from $38 to $248. It has a size variety starting from size 0 to size 20.

Amy Schumer’s net worth gains income from this clothing line as well.

Schumer invested in this clothing line due to her own struggle with clothing in her life.

In 2021, she has invested in Pearpop, whose value is estimated at $6 million. Pearpop is a platform that allows creators to collab with fans on social media like Tik Tok.

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In 2018, Spotify gave Schumer $1 million for a podcast deal.

Amy Schumer’s net worth has been skyrocketing due to brand endorsement deals like this one.

Amy also did an endorsement with Bud Light. She appeared in a commercial with Seth Rogan. The commercial sparked controversy on the issue of equal pay.

Comedian has also done an endorsement with Old Navy, where she appeared in an ad.

Amy Schumer’s net worth keeps on adding great value due to these endorsements every once in a while.

Book Publications:

In 2015,  the 39-year-old comedian auctioned the book she had written, ” The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo.”

A CBS-owned publishing house “Simon and Schuster” booked a deal with the comedian for more than $8 million.

Amy -Schumer- Net- Worth
Cover of Amy’s book ” The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.”

She already had a publisher earlier, HarperCollins, where she gained $1 million advances for the book.

But Amy canceled and gave back her advance money, citing her busy schedule to pay attention to the book.

Instead, Schumer landed a much bigger fish that auctioned her book for more than $8 million.

Amy Schumer: Career

Amy started her stand- comedy after she graduated with a theater degree in 2003.

Star’s first television was for “Live At Gotham” on Comedy Central, where she appeared on an episode.

Her career’s first breakthrough was “Last Comic Standing,” where she earned fourth place.

Amy’s career started rising when she was cast for her own show “Comedy Central Presents” specials.

In 2011, she released her debut album called “Cutting.” This LP had its own charm and edginess.

Until then, Amy’s biggest career break was during 2011 when she was roaster on “Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen.”

Her comedy show “Inside Amy Schumer’ earned her fame and a huge following in 2013.

Amy also achieved Emmy Award for her “Inside Amy Schumer.”

Till now, she has had 35 nominations and 17 awards.

She started doing movies in 2015, making her A-list movie star.

From here till now, she has done tons of projects and shows that made her the richest female comedian in the world.

Amy is the first woman to be on Forbes’s most paid comedian list.

3 Facts about Amy Schumer

  1. Amy and her younger sister were arrested as kids for shoplifting stuff from Bloomingdale.
  2. She and another celebrity Jennifer Lawrence are very good friends.
  3. She is health conscious and often indulges in meditations, and doesn’t drink coffee.


Why did Amy Schumer change her son’s name?

The comedian changed her son’s name from Gene Attell to Gene David after realizing the name rhymes with genitalia.

Does Amy Schumer have any pets?

She has a Pomeranian dog named Tati.

Who is Amy Schumer’s husband?

Her husband is Chris Fischer, who is a chef.

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