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Kevin Rose

One of the esteemed entrepreneurs, Kevin Rose’s net worth is a staggering $30 million.

He is known for his relentless efforts to establish Digg as the primary source of online news for all internet users.

Kevin Rose is well-known for co-founding Revision3, Digg, and Milk.  He is also famous for serving as a production assistant and co-star at TechTV’s The Screen Savers.

Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose (Source: True Ventures)

Kevin is currently a general partner at True Ventures.

His essential expertise as a venture capitalist makes him a valuable asset to any company.

Kevin Rose | Quick Facts

Kevin Rose’s net worth as of July 2024 is a whopping $30 million. Let’s explore the personal detail of the savvy investor Kevin Rose.

Full Name Robert Kevin Rose
Celebrated As Kevin Rose
Date of Birth  February 21, 1977
Place of Birth Redding, California, United States
Residency California, USA
Age 47 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity White American
Gender Male
Horoscope Aquarius
Religion Christian
Relationship Status Married
Wife Darya Pino Rose
Children Zelda Rose

Nova Joy Rose

Height 6′ 0″/182 cm/1.82 m
Weight 85 Kg/186 lbs.
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Brown
Education University of Nevada
Profession American Internet Entrepreneur
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth $30 Million
Last Update July 2024

Kevin Rose | Net Worth & Income

Net Worth

An American internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose’s net worth is $30 million as of July 2024.

Tech-savvy Kevin initially worked as an employee for several dot-com companies gathering invaluable experience and insight before jumpstarting his own business.

Rose holds two patents under his name. One of them is on “Social Audience Voting on Content,” and the other one is on “Content Visualization.”

Earning From Investments

Kevin has invested in businesses such as Rally, Cozy, BufferBox (bought by Google), Fitly, and Clever through Google Ventures.

He has also made significant investments in Blue Bottle Coffee and Next Door.

Moreover, Rose has broad stakes in well-known firms like Facebook, Zynga, Foursquare, Twitter, Dailybooth, 360buy, and, of course, Digg.

Earning From NFT

The popularity of NFT has enabled anybody with a computer to sell digital art on the blockchain.

Kevin Rose is the co-creator of the Moonbirds NFT  collection and an obsessive collector of digital art.

According to OpenSea, the cheapest owls in the collection are reselling for more than $40,000.

And the entire set of 10,000 photos has a market valuation of more than $165 million.

Earning From Sales


Kevin Rose created Digg with a $1,200 budget withdrawn from his savings account.

Rose recognized the potential of internet advertisements in 2009 and launched Digg Ads.

These advertisements appear to be ordinary content, and internet users can easily vote them up or down.

Digg generated 30% of its income from advertising in a year.

With declining traffic by 2012, Kevin Rose sold the site to Betaworks (owner of for $500,000.


Audiences switched to on-demand and on-the-go content as a result of the use of iPods, mobile devices, TiVo’s, and broadbands.

By the end of 2011, the website Revision3 had had over 800 million visits.

However, Kevin decided to sell the website. Discovery Channel purchased Revision3 for a whopping $40 million in 2012.

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Net Worth of Kevin Rose in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Kevin Rose’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 28,767,000
Pound Sterling £ 24,783,153
Australian Dollar A$ 44,020,560
Canadian Dollar C$ 38,675,250
Indian Rupee ₹ 2,368,527,000
Bitcoin ฿ 1574.53

Kevin Rose | Houses & Cars


Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose’s net worth as of July 2024 is an enormous $30 million.

Rose and his wife Darya bought a historic home in Portland for $1.3 million on February 28, 2014.

The house is located in Portland’s Willamette Heights neighborhood.

He initially intended to build a new house in the same place with his creativity and comfort but decided to sell the property.

Kevin Rose | Lifestyle

The millionaire entrepreneur has a modest lifestyle. Despite his hectic schedule, Kevin usually hangs out with friends and family.

As part of his job, Kevin spends most of his time these days attending meetings with business owners and fellow entrepreneurs.

Kevin is married to a famous food writer and neuroscientist Darya Pino Rose. The couple got married in 2016 and have two adorable kids.

Kevin and Darya (Source: Pinterest)

Their lavish wedding was held at Fairmont Orchid Hotel on Hawaii Big Island.

Aside from their professional lives, the couple likes to spend the majority of their time with family.

The Rose family is also often spotted on their luxurious holidays and getaways. Moreover, Kevin is also quite adventurous and is passionate about mountain climbing.

Kevin Rose’s net worth as of July 2024 is a staggering $30 million.

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Kevin Rose | Charity

Kevin has amassed massive fortunes over his lucrative career. However, he has proved his generosity multiple times with his charitable initiatives.

He is a member of the Tony Hawk Foundation. The foundation contributes to social welfare and the elevation of the underprivileged.

Kevin Rose became engaged to charitywater in 2009 and has campaigned four times to raise money for clean water.

Furthermore, he has also collaborated with many celebrities and corporations for charitable campaigns.

Kevin Rose | TV shows

Even before founding Digg, Kevin Rose was well-known as a TV personality.

He began his career as a production assistant for The Screen Savers.

Aside from appearing on “Can You Hack It?”  Kevin spent a significant amount of time co-hosting TechTV’s popular show, The Screen Savers.

The show garnered him a bigger fan base and considerable fame and fortunes.

Likewise, Kevin has made several television appearances, mostly on talk shows.

Kevin Rose | Career

Kevin enrolled in the University of Nevada following the completion of his high school studies.

However, he dropped out to pursue a career in the information technology business. He worked for several IT companies before developing his own projects.

Even though he didn’t have a college degree, Kevin worked hard on his ambition.

Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose (Source: Moonshot)

He launched Digg and started his journey. Digg became well-known in a short period, and Kevin began to put money into social media sites like Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter.

Today Kevin is one of the famous internet entrepreneurs and celebrated venture capitalists.

As of July 2024, Kevin Rose’s net worth is a massive $30 million.

Unknown Facts About Kevin Rose

  • Kevin started working at the age of 19. His first job was at the Department of Energy’s Nevada Test Site.
  • Kevin Rose joined the Boy Scouts of America when he was a kid. He also earned the highest scout award of “Eagle Scout.”
  • Kevin spent so much time on the computer when he was young. His mother saw him not paying attention to his assignments, so she took away his keyboard.


Has Kevin Rose received any awards?

Kevin received recognition as one of the Top 25 Angel Investors by Bloomberg and Top 25 Celebrities by Forbes. He also has been on the list of Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web by Time and Business Week.

Did Kevin Rose ever date Julia Alison?

At one point, Kevin and Julia Alison were reported to be dating. Julia is a famous writer for “Time Out New York.”

What is the Digg website?

Digg is a social networking website featuring user-submitted news stories. It features links across the Internet, ranging from widely known news sources to obscure blogs.

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