Meet Melanie Bloom New Husband Dan McNulty, Age Gap Children

Melanie Bloom

Melanie Bloom is the widow of N.B.C. News reporter David Bloom, who died while covering the war in Iraq. Dive in to learn more about Melanie Bloom New Husband, the age gap between them, and their children. 

After the heartbreaking loss of her husband, Melaine has become a national spokeswoman for the Coalition to Prevent DVT, fearlessly traveling the country to spread the word about the dangers of this silent killer.
As a young widow and single mother of three, Melanie has faced immense challenges with unwavering courage, reentering the workforce and protecting her children.

Melanie’s distinguished and laudable achievements as a health advocate are plentifully manifest in her numerous accolades, such as the “President’s Award for Inspiration,”  and the prestigious 2009 “Outstanding Service Award” granted upon her by none other than the American Society of Hematology (ASH).

Melanie’s resilience and determination are awe-inspiring as she inspires others with her unwavering dedication to health advocacy.

Meet Melanie Bloom New Husband, Dan McNulty

Melanie, a renowned health advocate, has captured hearts with her unwavering dedication to raising awareness about DVT. She has found happiness in her personal life with her loving partner, Dan McNulty.

In 2008, Melanie and Dan exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Their love story is one of success and happiness as they navigate life together, hand in hand.

Melanie Bloom New Husband
Melanie Bloom is a spokesperson for the Coalition to Prevent DVT. (source: nbcnews)

They have built a solid and loving home in Connecticut with their blended family, including Melanie’s three precious girls.

Melanie’s transition from being a single mother to a cherished wife has been inspiring.

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Age Gap between Melanie Bloom and Dan McNulty

Unveiling the age gap between Melanie Bloom and her husband, Dan McNulty, remains a compelling mystery. Despite extensive research, Melanie’s birthdate remains unspecified, and the provided source does not shed light on Dan McNulty’s age either.

It appears the couple values their privacy regarding personal matters, and respecting their boundaries is imperative.

Their decision to keep their ages undisclosed should be respected, as it speaks to their desire to prioritize the essence of their relationship.

Their bond continues to captivate regardless of age, and their love shines beyond numerical details. Their relationship serves as a reminder that age is just a number, and the absence of precise age details only adds to the charm of their story.

Melanie Bloom Children

Melanie’s life took an unexpected turn when her husband, David Bloom, a reporter for N.B.C. News, tragically passed away at 39 while reporting in Iraq in 2003.

Their youngest daughter Ava was only three years old, and their identical twin daughters, Christine and Nicole, were just nine when they had to bid their Father farewell. Melanie has seen her girls as they have matured over the years and has noted how much they resemble their late Father.

Melanie Bloom
Melanie Bloom with the late David Bloom and their kids. (source: today)

Furthermore, after the tragic death of her husband, David Bloom, she faced immense challenges as a single mother and widow. Melanie worked tirelessly to provide for her family, reentering the workforce to ensure her daughters had the best possible opportunities.

Despite the immense loss, Melanie found love again. She married Daniel McNulty in 2008, bringing his own children into the family – stepdaughter Alex, now 21, and stepson Gavin, who is 19.

Melanie and her blended family are incredibly grateful for the love and support they share. They consider themselves one big happy family, and Melanie often mentions their blessings.

Melaine’s family seems to be animal lovers as their home is filled with the companionship of pets, including three goldfish, a turtle, a dog named Poppy, and a cat named Pippy.

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