Meet Kerwin Frost Wife Erin Yogasundram, Kids And Family

Kerwin Frost Wife

Who is Kerwin Frost wife, Erin Yogasundram? Are there any children in the family of this American celebrity couple? Discover the details below.

Kerwin Frost, hailing from the vibrant streets of Harlem, is a multifaceted entertainer whose creative talents have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and fashion.

With a dynamic career that spans DJing, talk show hosting, and comedy, his journey into the limelight commenced in the heart of New York City’s Soho Youth streetwear scene.

Moreover, his role as the visionary founder of the Spaghetti Boys is notable.

They are a renowned creative collective celebrated for their viral YouTube content and groundbreaking streetwear collaborations.

This role has solidified Frost’s reputation as a trailblazer in contemporary pop culture.

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Meet Kerwin Frost Wife Erin Yogasundram

Kerwin Frost, celebrated for his diverse talents in entertainment, DJing, talk show hosting, and comedy, finds a kindred spirit in his wife, Erin Yogasundram.

Beyond their romantic partnership, Erin emerges as a successful manager and strategic consultant, bringing a distinct perspective to their dynamic connection.

Their love story, initiated in the digital realm through Instagram, has not only deepened their personal bond but also exerted a substantial influence on the creative and business domains in which they both thrive.

Erin’s professional trajectory traverses various facets of pop culture, showcasing her innate ability to grasp the nuances of cultural dynamics.

Kerwin Frost Wife
Kerwin Frost pictured with his wife, Erin Yogasundram. (Source: Pinterest)

Her invaluable counsel has left an indelible mark on labels such as Marshall Columbia, Mush Studios, and Ed Curtis, aiding them in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and entertainment.

Her expertise serves as a testament to her remarkable talent for recognizing trends, shaping narratives, and ensuring that her clients stay at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

Together, the couple form a dynamic duo whose impact resonates far beyond their connection.

Kerwin Frost Kids

In July 2019, Kerwin Frost and Erin Yogasundram welcomed their first child, Waffle Frost, into their lives, marking a momentous chapter in their journey together.

The birth of Waffle undoubtedly infused their family with immeasurable joy and a profound sense of purpose.

As they embarked on the adventure of parenthood, the pair embraced the responsibilities and joys that come with nurturing a new life.

Waffle, now three years old, is blossoming in an environment saturated with creativity and cultural awareness.

Kerwin Frost Wife
Kerwin Frost with his three-year-old daughter, Waffle. (Source: Instagram)

Waffle, raised by culturally knowledgeable parents, is exposed to a world that values exploration, artistic expression, and appreciation for music, fashion, and entertainment.

This upbringing is likely to shape Waffle’s perspective and identity, setting the stage for a bright and culturally enriched future.

The Frost-Yogasundram family is dedicated to fostering creativity and awareness in their children, demonstrating their dedication to nurturing the next generation with a deep love for culture and art.

Kerwin Frost Family and Background

Kerwin Frost’s remarkable journey, from humble beginnings to a prominent figure in entertainment and fashion, serves as an inspiring narrative of perseverance and passion.

Growing up in public housing in Harlem, his early exposure to limited resources spurred his creative spirit. Fashion and music became integral aspects of his life from a young age.

The comedian’s introduction to thrifting, guided by economic necessity and his father’s influence, played a pivotal role in shaping his distinctive personal style.

These formative years honed his ability to uncover hidden treasures in second-hand stores, with surprising discoveries, including designer clothing at Goodwill, often serving as his fashion canvas.

Kerwin Frost wife
Kerwin Frost developed an early interest in fashion and music. (Source: Instagram)

A defining feature of Frost’s unique style is a striking tattoo, a pencil design adorning his right cheek, acquired boldly at the age of 14.

His unconventional choices extended to his educational path, where he attended Martin Luther King Jr. High School.

However, driven by his burgeoning creative pursuits and unique vision, he made the audacious decision to drop out at the age of 16.

This marked the beginning of a path that would ultimately lead him to become a celebrated figure in the world of entertainment and fashion.

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