Jackie Mcdonald Sister Fiona MacDonald Age And Parents

Jackie Mcdonald Sister

Who is Jackie Mcdonald Sister? Her sister is the beautiful Fiona MacDonald. They grew up together in Australia.

Jackie McDonald is a spirited Australian television personality. Her infectious charm and talent quickly became a household name in her home state during the 1970s and 1980s.

In those early years, Jackie graced the screens with her show. Her show “Jacki and All That Jazz” appeared on QTQ-9.

The celebrity’s talent stretched beyond television. She briefly anchored TVQ-O’s Eyewitness News in 1983.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Jackie became one of the influential figures. She earned several TV weeks Logie Awards for Most Popular Female Personality in Queen Shot.

After the hiatus from the spotlight, the anchor made a return in 1991. She hosted a season of “Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show.”

In 2022, McDonald made headlines by selling her Sunshine Beach Retreat. She sold it for a staggering $18.75 million, showing her keen investment skills.

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Meet Jackie Mcdonald Sister 

Jackie Mcdonald’s sister has been a critical person in her life. Her sister is the famous Fiona Mcdonald from the 90s.

Jacki Mcdonald sister
Jackie Mcdonald’s sister, Fiona, is battling a rare disease called Motor Neuron Disease (MND). (Source: New Idea)

Fiona Macdonald is a friendly face from TV shows like “It’s a Knockout” and “Wombat.” Recently, she shared sad news regarding her health.

Fiona is a person who started working on Kids’ TV. Later, she became famous for hosting a fun game called “It’s Knockout” in the 1980s.

Additionally, The host has been on Other TV programs. She has appeared in shows like Burke’s Backyard and Good Morning Australia.

Also, The famous host used to write articles for newspapers and magazines. She has worked in the wine industry for a long time, organizing events and promoting wines.

Jackie’s sister now runs her own “Wine Chronicles” business. She helps wineries tell their stories and manages their public relations.

Fiona has a disease called Motor Neurone Disease (MND). This condition makes it hard for her muscles to work correctly.

This disease worsens over time, and unfortunately, there is no cure. The Wombat star noticed something was wrong when she could not talk, especially when tired.

Now, Fiona wants to help others with MND. She is going on a long drive around Australia, covering 15,000 km, to raise money for research.

The money will go to a special clinic at Macquarie University. There, scientists are trying to find a way to help people with MND.

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Jackie Mcdonald’s Age And Parents

Jackie Mcdonald is an accomplished TV star. She has been in this industry for more than 15 years, which shows her dedication and determination to the Television world.

Jacki Mcdonald sister
Jackie Mcdonald’s sister, Fiona, is raising awareness and funds for research on MND. (Source: 7News)

The TV star, Jackie, is at the age of 69. Beyond her television profession, she has been engaging herself in the business world as of 2023.

The businesswoman is quite a private person. She prefers to keep certain aspects of her life away from the public.

Jackie has not talked much about her parents. It is common in the Television industry for celebrities to protect their loved ones from the media.

The TV personality’s parents gave birth to her on 26 November 1953. They lived in Blackall, Queensland, with her sister Fiona.

The well-known host has gained lots of fame and recognition. Her parents must have been proud and supportive of her career.

Her parents must have loved and cared for her. They must have been McDonald’s most significant source of strength.

Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald’s played a significant role in their daughter’s life. Their upbringing and parenting have pushed them to become a celebrity and a kind-hearted person.

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