Meet Ken Bruce Partner Kerith Coldham: Children And Family Ethnicity

Ken Bruce partner

Kenneth Robertson Bruce MBE is a well-known Scottish presenter in the radio and television industry. Who is Ken Bruce partner? Find out. 

He gained fame through his long-standing weekday mid-morning show on BBC Radio 2, which he hosted from 1986 to 2023.

In September 2018, he took on the role of patron for Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio, replacing Freda Roberts, the former mayor of Aylesbury. 

Bruce expressed his joy in supporting the thriving Hospital Radio as its patron. 

In April 2023, the television presenter joined the commercial station Greatest Hits Radio. 

On the 2023 Birthday Honors, Bruce was honored with the appointment as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his contributions to radio, autism awareness, and charity. 

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Meet Ken Bruce Partner Kerith Coldham

Ken Bruce partner is Kerith Coldham, who is professionally engaged as a radio researcher. 

The Scottish television and radio presenter happens to be twelve years older than his partner. 

Their love story culminated in a joyous union as they exchanged vows and entered into the sacred institution of marriage in the year 2000

Ken Bruce partner
Ken Bruce partner is Keith Coldham who is a well-known radio researcher.  (Source: Daily Mail)

Furthermore, Ken’s partner deliberately maintains a low profile, which has resulted in limited information about her. 

She chooses to keep her personal information private, making it challenging for the media to uncover details about her educational background and family. 

Her preference for privacy creates a barrier to obtaining further information about these aspects of her life. 

Ken Bruce Children And Family 

The identities of Ken’s parents remain undisclosed, leaving their names shrouded in mystery. 

Similarly, information regarding the well-known presenter’s siblings remains elusive and unknown. 

The lack of available details hinders our ability to provide any further insight into his parental background or the existence of any brothers or sisters. 

Bruce has a total of six children, namely Verity, Murray, Campbell, Douglas, Charlie, and Kate, with ages ranging from 42 to 15. 

Ken Bruce partner
Ken Bruce with ex-wife Anne and daughter Kate in 1993 (Source: Daily Mail)

From his current and third wife, Kerith, the television personality shares three children.

These include Murray, who is 21 years old, autistic, and non-verbal, as well as Verity, who is 18, and Charlie, who is 15. 

Due to the responsibility of caring for Murray, Ken, and Kerith seldom have the opportunity to go out as a couple. 

However, they cherish the rare occasion when they can enjoy a shared meal together, considering it a significant treat. 

Although there are challenges, the family has great joy in going on vacations together, relishing the collective experience. 

Ken Bruce ethnicity

As of the time of writing and publishing this article, the journalist has not publicly disclosed his ethnic background on any known platforms or websites. 

However, considering that Ken hails from Scotland, it is worth noting that Scotland has a predominantly high population of individuals with a white ethnic background. 

Therefore, it can be speculated that Bruce may likely share a similar ethnic background, although concrete information about his heritage has not been revealed.

Ken Bruce partner
Ken Bruce’s ethnic background is not known as of now (Source: The Independent)

Despite having a diverse ethnic background, he is widely acknowledged for his remarkable talents in journalism which have garnered him recognition in both radio and TV. 

His skills and abilities have transcended any focus on his ethnicity, and he has established himself as a highly respected and accomplished professional in his field. 

Ken’s exceptional aptitude for his craft has been instrumental in solidifying his reputation and making a significant impact in the realm of media and broadcasting. 

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