Savukku Shankar Wife And Married Life: Age At Death

Savukku Shankar wife

Achimuthu Shankar, known by the alias Savukku Shankar, previously worked as a lower division clerk at the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, a position he took up in 1991. Who is Savukku Shankar wife? Find out. 

In 2008, Reddy was said to have leaked incriminating details, like taped talks between Directorate of Vigilance head S.K. Upadhyay and Chief Secretary L.K. Tripathi, to the Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

During the middle of 2010, he posted information gathered through the Right to Information Act on his blog.

The very next day, he was arrested on charges related to a road rage incident.

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Savukku Shankar Wife

Savukku, a well-known journalist and news commentator with a substantial following, particularly on Instagram, maintains an active presence on his social media accounts.

On these platforms, he primarily shares updates related to his professional endeavours and ongoing events.

However, one notable aspect that remains undisclosed is his marital status.

Savukku Shankar wife
                    Savukku has tons of fans and admirers on his social media handles, especially Instagram (Source: Instagram)

At present, there is no public information available regarding whether he is married or still single.

Interestingly, some online speculation and unverified rumours are circulating among internet users, suggesting that the journalist may be married.

Nevertheless, he has not officially confirmed his marital status or provided any details about his spouse, keeping this aspect of his personal life in mystery.

It is advisable to exercise patience and refrain from seeking information about the journalist’s family and relatives until he decides to open up and provide such details voluntarily.

Respecting his privacy and personal boundaries is essential, and any disclosures about his family should ideally come from him when he feels comfortable doing so.

Savukku Shankar married life

As previously mentioned, Savukku is a notably private individual, especially concerning his family matters, including the possibility of having a wife.

Specific online sources have suggested that the journalist has been married three times, but it’s essential to clarify that these claims are mere speculations made by internet users.

Without official confirmation from Savukku himself regarding his marital status, it’s advisable to exercise patience and avoid making assumptions.

Waiting for him to share this information, if and when he chooses, is the most prudent approach.

Savukku Shankar wife
                                       Suvakku speaking to the media in front of the Madras High Court (Source: Instagram)

He deliberately keeps a low profile in sharing personal details about his family life.

If you browse through his social media profiles, you’ll mostly come across images and videos related to his professional work and news.

As a result, it’s pretty challenging to gather substantial information about his family and loved ones from his online presence.

Savukku’s focus on protecting his family’s privacy is evident through his limited sharing of personal information on social media.

Savukku Shankar: age at death

Like numerous other journalists, Savukku has encountered rumours of his demise.

These unfounded reports about his death stirred up surprise among his followers when they began circulating on the internet.

However, I can confirm that, as of the time of writing this article, the news commentator is in good health and doing well in his journalism career.

The false news of Savukku’s death turned out to be a mere fabrication, likely propagated by online users seeking attention.

This clarification came as a huge relief to his dedicated fan base, as they discovered that their beloved journalist was alive and thriving.

It is strongly recommended to exercise caution and refrain from unquestioningly accepting every piece of viral news found on the internet.

Instead, it’s advisable to rely on reputable and verified sources for accurate information, especially regarding news related to someone’s demise.

In an age where information can spread rapidly through various online platforms, it’s crucial to prioritise reliability and authenticity when seeking such critical details.

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