Alexis Bellino New Boyfriend John Janssen Relationship Timeline: Age Gap

Alexis Bellino new boyfriend

Alexis Bellino new boyfriend: Alexis is now involved in a romantic relationship, and the person she’s dating is recognisable to viewers of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Alexis Bellino was a major presence on The Real Housewives of Orange County during seasons 5 through 8.

She brought a vibrant, fun-loving attitude to the show, openly discussing her traditional family values and religious beliefs.

Viewers watched as Bravo followed her life as a devoted wife and stay-at-home mother of three young kids.

While on RHOC, Alexis depicted an ideal lifestyle: a doting husband, three children, and a string of lavish homes.

Audiences got a peek into her indulgent world, including luxurious couple getaways and over-the-top princess parties for her twins.

However, the show also explored struggles in her marriage with Jim Bellino, sparking criticism from fellow cast members.

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Alexis Bellino New Boyfriend John Janssen

The reality star is now dating John Janssen, the ex-boyfriend of fellow cast member Shannon Storms Beador.

Also, they were introduced last month by mutual friends at The Quiet Woman, a restaurant that was one of Storms Beador’s regular spots and the site of a memorable incident in RHOC history.

Since meeting, Alexis and John have been consistently spending time together.

Alexis Bellino new boyfriend
                                                        Shannon Beador and John Janssen attended BravoCon 2019 (Source: People)

While they are not officially defining their relationship yet, they are enjoying getting to know each other better.

Moreover, their budding romance comes on the heels of rumours that Bellino may return to RHOC for the show’s 18th season, which starts filming next January.

In addition, she was a prominent fixture on the show for four seasons before departing after the 8th.

Alexis Bellino and John Janssen: Age Gap

The renown contestant of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Alexis, was born in 1977. As of now, 2024, 47 years old.

Also, Alexis new partner, John, was born in 1962; as of now, 2024, 62 years old.

Alexis and John have a significant 15-year age difference between them. Despite this age gap, their relationship is characterised by a robust connection and evident affection.

Their bond goes beyond the numerical difference, highlighting a deep emotional connection that is apparent in their interactions with each other.

The recently formed couple has been actively posting numerous pictures and videos of their joint travels across various destinations on social media, with a particular focus on platforms like Instagram.

Moreover, this public sharing of their adventures not only provides glimpses into their shared experiences but also underscores their enthusiasm for exploring different places together.

Furthermore, the visual documentation on social media offers followers a vivid portrayal of the couple’s journey and the enjoyment they derive from each other’s company during their travels.

Alexis Bellino relationship timeline

Before getting involved with John, Bellino was in a relationship with Andy Bohn.

According to reports, Bellino and her fiancé Andy Bohn decided to end their engagement in September, concluding their three-year commitment that began with his proposal in December 2020.

In a similar timeframe, Janssen terminated his relationship with Storms Beador in November, just a week after completing the filming of season 17 of the popular Bravo series.

Alexis Bellino new boyfriend
       Alexis Bellino and Andy Bohn were present at the WE tv celebration for the debut of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ on October 10, 2019 (Source: People)

Although they remained friends, their communication ceased shortly after she was arrested for a DUI in late September.

In the midst of these challenging times, Bellino and Janssen have found a strong connection.

According to an insider, the two have become supportive companions as they navigate the complexities of a newly single life.

This shared experience, coupled with a mutual attraction, has facilitated the natural development of a connection between Alexis and John.

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