Meet Juan Peña Pareja Sonia González And Their Hijo Tristán Peña Familia

Juan Peña Pareja

Juan Peña pareja Sonia González is a strong and independent woman who supported him through thick and thin. They have become parents of an adorable baby boy, a son, Tristán Peña.

Juan Peña is a Jerez de la Frontera-born singer who has been performing for around twenty years.

His performances at parties for actors and celebrities and high-profile international events have earned him the title “singer of the stars” in the eyes of the media.

The biggest distinguishing features are his rumbas, outstanding ballads, and people abilities.

His albums, such as Infinito, Persecucion, Sin Cobardia, A Mi Gente, Grandes Cantaores Del Flamenco, and Esa Es La Vida, are among the best-known.

His fifth album, “A mi gente” (2021) has some popular songs with lyrics covered by renowned musical artists Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz, and Chiquetete.

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Meet Juan Peña Pareja Sonia González

Juan Peña Pareja Sonia González is a journalist by profession. The couple met six years ago and have become the perfect couple.

As per the interviews with, Juan was the one who first approached Sonia.

He met her the day when the singer went to present his third album on the Castilla La Mancha Channel, where she was a presenter.

At the moment, Juan believed Sonia was the one for him and envisioned her as the future mother of his children.

Shortly after they met, Juan and Sonia quickly became friends, and on March 8, 2013, their romantic journey officially began.

Juan Peña Pareja
Juan Pena and his wife Sonia Gonzalez attended the Hugo Boss 90th Anniversary party at the German Embassy. (Image source: Getty Image)

Juan Peña Pareja share a very close relationship as husband and wife, built on trust and unwavering support for each other.

As per Sonia, her husband never forgets to bring her flowers, a sweet gesture that always brightens her day and reminds her of their enduring love.

Recently, Juan wished his wife a heartfelt birthday wish, expressing his love and gratitude for their decade-long journey together.

Mentioning his better half in his birthday message, he wrote about how it marked the 10th birthday they celebrated side by side, cherishing every moment of their shared life.

As he penned down his wishes, he couldn’t help but reminisce about that special night when their son was born.

He remembers the night their son was born: in less than 2 hours, it was her birthday, and he was looking for a cake until he got it.

Juan Peña and Sonia González Hijo Tristán Peña Familia

Juan Pena and Sonia are blessed with their son, Tristan, who was born in 2015.

He weighed 3,440 kilos at birth and measured 50.5 centimeters, making him a healthy and happy addition to their family.

The proud father broke the news on social networks, announcing, “Family, Tristan has already been born.

Showing off the card from La Moraleja hospital in Madrid, where his son was born, Pena expressed his happiness, writing, “It couldn’t be more beautiful,” to his followers.

Sonia and her son suffered an accident

Sonia and her six-year-old son were in a car accident in 2022 that they will never forget.

The singer’s wife claimed on Instagram that she had experienced the most upsetting moment of her life.

She then explained how her car caught fire and how she handled this challenging scenario after becoming a little more at ease.

Juan Peña Pareja
Juan Pena and Sonia Gonzalez are blessed with their son, Tristan Pena. (Image source: Getty Image)

Sonia was driving along the road as her kid slept in the back seat. When Juan’s wife was driving into a blind bend, the automobile began to lose power, and smoke and flames erupted.

Sonia pulled over and unloaded her son to escape the burning vehicle, after which she contacted emergency services.

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