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James Gorman

James Gorman wife is Pendleton Dedman. They were married in 1990 and have two daughters. Read the article to find more details.

James Gorman, an Australian-American financier, has made headlines as the chairman and chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley, a prominent Wall Street bank.

Previously, he held the company’s Co-President and Co-Head of Strategic Planning positions.

However, recent news reveals that Gorman plans to step down from his role as CEO within the next year, marking the end of his remarkable tenure at the bank’s helm.

During the bank’s annual shareholder meeting, he expressed that the exact timing of the CEO transition has yet to be determined. However, he and the board expect it to occur within 12 months.

Notably, Morgan Stanley’s board has already identified three highly qualified internal candidates as potential successors to Gorman. He is one of the longest-serving heads of a U.S. bank, and he will assume the position of executive chairman for a transitional period.

Meet James Gorman Wife Pendleton Dedman

James, the esteemed CEO of Morgan Stanley, is happily married to Pendleton (Penny) Dedman, a woman with an impressive background. Penny is an alumna of Smith College, where she honed her skills and knowledge in investment banking.

They got married in September 1990. Their promise has lasted for more than 30 years, which shows how strong their bond is.

While information about Penny is scarce, her accomplishments in finance and supportive role as a wife to James demonstrate her intelligence and dedication.

James Gorman Wife
James Gorman wife Pendleton Dedman, at the American Museum of Natural History (Source: Getty Images)

Before joining Morgan Stanley, James held various high-ranking positions at Merrill Lynch and was a senior partner at McKinsey & Co. His career initially started as an attorney in Melbourne, Australia, showcasing his diverse expertise.

Beyond his professional achievements, he is actively involved in several civic activities. He serves as a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations and holds the esteemed position of Co-Chair of the Board of Overseers of the Columbia Business School.

Additionally, he is a member of influential organizations such as the Financial Services Forum, Business Council, and the Business Roundtable.

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James Gorman Kids

James, a proud father, has two talented children, Caroline Gorman and Caroline D’Arcy Gorman. His daughter, Caroline Gorman, is a remarkable singer and songwriter.

During her senior year of high school in 2015, she released a captivating four-song EP that garnered immense praise.

Even more remarkable was her father, who told her he was proud of her.

James Gorman
James Gorman daughter Caroline Gorman (Source: Business Insider)

Caroline possesses a diverse skill set, showcasing her guitar, piano, and vocal talents. She is also part of a two-person band called Madness and the Film, which also released a remarkable four-song EP.

As a father, Gorman has always respected his children’s aspirations and never pressured them to follow in his footsteps. Caroline quietly applied for an audition in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a long way from their home in Manhattan.

She was very excited when she got an invitation to audition in person. She told her parents, who were very proud of her passion and ability.

James Gorman Family

James was born on July 14, 1958, in Melbourne, Australia, making him 64 years old. He was one of 12 children in a big family as a child. Two of his brothers died before he turned 18.

One of his sisters is a judge on the Australian Supreme Court, and one of his brothers is credited with making a gadget that helps people who snore.

James Gorman
James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley, spoke at the Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit in Hong Kong. (Source: Getty Images)

Gorman’s father, Kevin Gorman, who was raised in the Australian Outback, significantly influenced his upbringing. His father would help I.Q. tests his children, and the results would be proudly displayed in the family’s living room.

For his education, Gorman attended Xavier College and later pursued his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees at the University of Melbourne. While at the university, he resided at Newman College and even held the position of president.

After he finished school, he worked as an attorney at Phillips Fox and Masel before going to the U.S.

When he arrived in the United States, he studied at Columbia Business School for his MBA.

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