Ismail Haniyeh Death, Haniyah’s House Bombed 14 Killed

Ismail Haniyeh Death

Ismail Haniyeh death? Citizens are concerned about learning if the Hamas leader’s house was bombed. 

Ismail Haniyeh is one of the infamous names in the recent Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Besides, he was a senior political leader of Hamas.

Ismail was also among the disputed Prime Ministers of the Palestinian National Authority.

The senior politician became the prime minister after winning the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006.

Likewise, Haniyeh participated in protests in the First Intifada, for which he was given a short prison sentence by an Israeli military court.

In 1998, he was detained in prison for six months, and following the year, he was again imprisoned for three years.

Moreover, Haniyeh is one of the controversial Palestinian politicians with a questioning political career. Apart from that, people are captivated by his death rumors, so look below!

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Ismail Haniyeh Death

Reports suggest that Israel’s military has killed Ismail Haniyeh’s three family members.

Citing reports in Gaza suggested that Haniyeh is currently in Qatar, which has been backing Hamas. However, the reports did not give any details of those killed by Israel. 

As per Wion, Haniyeh was born on 29 January 1962. He hails from the Shati exile camp in the Gaza Strip.

The controversial leader spent his childhood in a refugee camp. Likewise, he saw how Palestinians continued seeking statehood as opposed to the backdrop of its lasting conflict with Israel.

Ismail Haniyeh Death and house bombed
Ismail Haniyeh Death: As per the reports, the Hamas leader lives in Qatar. (Source: CNN)

Haniyeh completed his schooling in a foundation overseen by the United Nations Relief.

Moreover, he focused on Arabic literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. Eventually, he became engaged with Hamas while at college.

Haniyeh has been involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, he served as the head of the students’ council representing the Muslim Brotherhood.

Likewise, Haniyeh’s connection with Hamas began in the mid-1990s. Also, he climbed the positions of Hamas. Moreover, his initiatives during the Second Intifada proposed him to the front of Palestinian issues.

Ismail became Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority after democratic elections in the Palestinian territories in 2006.

Moreover, Haniyeh with Hamas has been associated with several conflicts with Israel, including various military showdowns.

These military shutdowns have brought about the death toll and broad blotting out in the Gaza Strip.

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Haniyah’s House Bombed 14 Killed

Reports from the Gaza Strip showed that 14 people have been killed in a deadly strike on Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh’s home.

Ismail Haniyeh Death House Bombed
Ismail Haniyeh Death: As per the reports, the Hamas Leader’s House was bombed, killing 14 people. (Source: Marca)

Reportedly, among the 14, his brother and nephew were also included. As per the Israeli media, Haniyeh lives in Qatar.

A deadly Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip on 17 October killed the head of Hamas’ Central Gaza Brigade.

As per media reports, the killed individual served as a senior commander in the terror organization.

Moreover, the military and Hamas told Israel’s defense minister the terror group members had to choose between surrender and death.

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