Meet Drew Robinson Wife Diana Angelova, Parents And Story Revealed

Drew Robinson

People are curious to know about Drew Robinson Wife. Drew is in a relationship with his long-term partner Diana Angelova.

Drew Robinson, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) utility player, had a remarkable career representing the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals. He hails from the United States.

He began his professional journey when the Texas Rangers drafted him in the fourth round of the 2010 MLB draft.

Robinson demonstrated his abilities and potential in his debut year while playing for the Arizona League Rangers.

2019 Robinson’s career trajectory changed after signing a minor league contract with the San Francisco Giants organization. However, things did not go as planned, and he was eventually removed.

Due to the pandemic, the minor league season was canceled in 2020, which presented unexpected challenges. Unfortunately, Robinson’s progress suffered as he could not play games for the team.

Meet Drew Robinson Wife Diana Angelova

Drew Robinson and Daiana Anguelova first met at Silverado High School and have since become close friends with occasional romantic involvement. Their relationship didn’t take off immediately, but they met by chance while getting yearbook signatures and hit it off.

They started dating in 2013 but later decided to take a break. However, destiny brought them back together, and their love thrived.

In December 2018, Drew proposed to Daiana after joining the St Louis Cardinals. They set a wedding date for November 14, 2020. However, their plans took a detour when Drew survived a suicide attempt on April 16, 2020, feeling unworthy of Daiana’s love.

Drew Robinson Wife
Drew Robinson Wife: Drew with his partner Diana Angelova (Source: Instagram)

He called off the wedding, but Daiana became his anchor during his recovery.

Although their original wedding date passed without a ceremony, their love endured. Drew’s journey to healing, supported by Daiana, showcased the power of love and resilience.

Their story inspires, demonstrating how the right person can help overcome life’s challenges.

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Drew Robinson Parents

Drew, the accomplished professional baseball player, was born on April 20, 1992, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He grew up on the outskirts of Las Vegas, a city in the United States.

He is the youngest child of Renee and Darryl Robinson, with an older brother named Chad and a sister named Britney.

Chad, a talented pitcher, was selected by the Milwaukee Brewers in 2006 and enjoyed an impressive eight-season career in professional baseball.

Drew Robinson parent
Drew Robinson spending time with his family (Source: Instagram)

Even after the parents’ divorce, the Robinson family came together on the baseball field to support their children’s athletic dreams.

Drew was motivated by the success of his older brother Chad and decided to follow in his footsteps. He had high standards for himself and considered anything less than perfection a failure.

Drew Robinson Story Revealed

Drew Robinson, an outfielder for the Giants, tried to kill himself on April 16, 2020, just four days before he turned 28. He shot himself in the head. Because of this terrible accident, he lost his ability to smell and taste, and he got permanent damage to his right eye.

Robinson had long struggled with his mental well-being, and his efforts to seek help did not help his depression and suicidal thoughts.

Robinson bought a firearm at a nearby store on March 30. Sixteen days later, he decided to take his own life. Robinson shot himself while sitting on his living room couch. He had written a note explaining why he wanted to kill himself and apologizing to his family and friends.

Drew Robinson
Robinson lost his right sight, sense of smell, and taste after surviving his suicide attempt. (Source: Instagram)

Miraculously surviving, he spent months healing physically and mentally, rebuilding relationships, and sharing his story to support others facing mental health challenges.

Almost ten months later, he was brave enough to share his story with the public to bring attention to mental health and help people who suffer in silence.

In an ESPN+ show called “Alive: The Drew Robinson Story,” Robinson talked about his life. He used the opportunity to talk about how important mental health is.

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