Bekka Allick Parents: Mother Colleen Ziegelbein Father And Uncle Brady White

Bekka Allick Parents

Bekka Allick parents, Colleen Ziegelbein and Melvin Allick showed an unwavering support for her talent. When she was young, her uncle, Brady White took her under his wings.

Bekka Allick, hailing from Waverly High School, emerged as a standout in collegiate volleyball during her freshman year at the University of Nebraska.

The 2021 Nebraska Gatorade Player of the Year showcased remarkable talent and dedication.

Her debut season with the Huskers in 2022 earned her a position on the AVCA All-Region Team and unanimous All-Big Ten Freshman Team recognition.

Multiple Big Ten Freshman of the Week honors underscored her exceptional skill set.

Beyond sports, Allick excelled academically, earning a spot on the Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll.

She’s also represented the U.S. in international competitions, winning gold at the 2022 Pan American Cup and impressing at the FIVB U18 World Championships.

Bekka Allick promises a bright future in volleyball.

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Bekka Allick Parents: Colleen Ziegelbein and Melvin Allick

Bekka Allick, a rising star in collegiate volleyball, has not only made a significant impact on the court.

She also carries a rich family background that has shaped her into the person and athlete she is today.

Born on January 26, 2004, her journey to becoming a standout player for the University of Nebraska is closely intertwined with her family’s support and influence.

The athlete’s family is her rock, providing unwavering support in her pursuit of excellence in both athletics and academics.

Her parents, Colleen Ziegelbein and Melvin Allick, have played pivotal roles in nurturing her talents and instilling core values.

Bekka Allick Parents
Bekka Allick photographed with her family members (left)  and her volleyball coach (right). (Source: Facebook)

Colleen, the volleyball player’s mother, has been a significant presence in her life. Colleen herself has a background in basketball, having played the sport at Northwest Missouri State.

Her athletic experiences likely contributed to her understanding of the demands and challenges Bekka would face as a young athlete.

On the other hand, Melvin, her father, brought his own perspective to her upbringing.

A former swimmer at UNLV, he likely shared valuable insights about discipline, dedication, and perseverance, which are all essential qualities for success in sports.

Bill Ziegelbein, the athlete’s stepfather, also added to the family’s strong sports legacy.

Bill played football at Nebraska from 1987-1991, further emphasizing the importance of sports in the family.

Bekka Allick Uncle Brady White Listened To Her Talent

Family support extends beyond her parents. Bekka Allick’s uncle, Brady White, has significantly influenced her life.

Brady is not only a military veteran but also serves as a firefighter in Alaska. His commitment to service and dedication to his profession have left a lasting impression on Bekka.

Growing up, the athlete was fortunate to have the guidance and mentorship of both her mother and uncle.

They played vital roles in shaping her values and personality, instilling a passion for life and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Bekka Allick Parents
Bekka Allick is captured alongside the individuals she considers her family. (Source: Instagram)

Their influence has contributed significantly to her vibrant and enthusiastic approach to life and sports.

In Allick’s own words, “My parents are divorced, so my uncle and my mom helped raise me a lot. And both of them are very passionate about life, and how they do things.’

She further added, “They pretty much showed me how I want to live my life. I don’t know, just take advantage of every moment we have on this earth.

They’re the reason I have such a big personality, and why I get so excited and so enthusiastic.”

Bekka Allick Siblings

Bekka Allick’s family dynamic extends beyond her parents and uncle to include her siblings, who have played crucial roles in her journey as an athlete and individual.

One notable figure among her siblings is her brother Josiah, who has made his mark on the Nebraska men’s basketball team as a graduate transfer.

Josiah was born on June 2, 2001, in San Antonio, Texas, and he is one of Bekka’s six siblings, including Sarah, Tony, Hannah, and Kalev.

Josiah’s purpose of a master’s degree in business administration at Nebraska is a testament to the family’s commitment to education and excellence across various fields.

Josiah’s distinction as the first Husker basketball player from Lincoln North Star sets him apart, further cementing the family’s connection to the university and its athletic programs.

This achievement underscores the Allick family’s deep-rooted commitment to sports and academic excellence.

Bekka Allick Parents
Bekka Allick’s brother, Josiah, was a first-team all-city performer at Lincoln North Star High School. (Source: huskers)

Bekka, too, is deeply committed to her academic pursuits, majoring in business management.

Her dedication extends beyond the volleyball court, reflecting her holistic approach to education and athletics.

It showcases her unwavering commitment to personal growth and success as an athlete and individual.

Born in San Antonio, she embarked on her Nebraska journey when she was six, making Lincoln her new home.

Her experiences within the local community, combined with her family’s unwavering support and mentorship.

Her parents have significantly shaped her into the exceptional athlete and individual she is today.

The Allick family’s strong presence and shared values have undoubtedly contributed to the athlete’s success.

They even instilled in her passion and drive to excel in sports and all aspects of her life.

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