Is Angela Simmons Pregnant From Yo Gotti? Dating Timeline And Family

Angela Simmons

“Angela Simmons Pregnant From Yo Gotti” has been the most searched topic on the internet as many are curious whether it is a rumor or real news. This article will also provide insight into their dating timeline and family.

Angela Simmons is a globally recognized celebrity who has made herself an accomplished personality across many fields, including acting, shoe designing, entrepreneurship, social media influencing, fashion enthusiasm, and reality television stardom.

Her prominent appearances span popular TV shows such as “Pressure Makes Diamonds,” “Just Angela,” and “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

However, her role in the hit TV series, “Run was initially initiainitiallyack in 2005, which brought the public eye initially. This show chronicled her family’s daily routines through which she accumulated a devoted following.

Angela Simmons solidified her position by assuming the role of editor for a fashion magazine aimed at teenagers called “Angela’s Rundown.” However, unfortunately, the magazine ceased publication in 2012.

In addition to these editorial responses, alongside appeared alongside her older sister on a popular reality show titled “Daddy’s Girls” in 2009.

Is Angela Simmons Pregnant From Yo Gotti?

The question on everyone’s lips: Is Angela Simmons Pregnant From Yo Gotti? No definitive answer is known for sure despite much talk and speculation regarding the matter.

While some claim that a single tweet hinting at Yo Gotti’s learning of Angela’s pregnancy may offer clues to its integrity, this cannot be deemed concrete evidence without further verification.

Angela Simmons Pregnant From Yo Gotti
Angela Simmons is currently dating Yo Gotti. (source: bet)

Furthermore, although Angela Simmons was seen in attendance PartyYo Gotti at a Grizzlies game recently, no official confirmation from either Party exists relationship reported pregnancy claims.

Meanwhile, reports concerning their relationship make no mention whatsoever of her purported carrying a child.

Currently, we find ourselves in limbo, waiting for reliable sources or an official announcement to shed light on this issue one way or another so that speculation can cease and truth prevails.

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Angela Simmons Dating Timeline 

Across several years Angela Simmons’ love life has been eventful indeed!

In this timeline of hers is an engagement that lasted from the years of 2016 to 2017 with a man named Sutton Tennyson – as well as an engagement that went from February 2012 until ending at some point post-2014 (the precise date is lost at sea) with Shad Moss.

Angela Simmons
Angela Simmons had a son with her ex-fiance Sutton Tennyson, who passed away after being shot 13 times. (source: People)

In between these milestones were relationships spanning various timeframes – such as one she had with a producer, named Skillz that lasted between 2009-2010: another notable dalliance was between her and Serge Ibaka (2017-2018).

Brandon Jennings made it onto this list after a fling they had back in 2013; not far behind him was Romeo Miller (2012), while Cam Newton entered her orbit around 2011.

Terry Kennedy, Ricky Hill, plus Rob Kardashian were all romances that also defined her dating timeline. Fast forward to the current day, and Angela is now with Yo Gotti. This relationship was confirmed on New Year’s Eve in two thousand and twenty-three.

Angela Simmons family

Angela Simmons has grown up surrounded by entertainment industry legends thanks to her family ties!

Born and bred in Queens, New York City; her father Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons used to be part of the influential hip hop group Run DMC back in the day.

Her siblings are equally impressive too – shes got elder sister Vanessa along with younger brother Joseph Ward Jr., plus half siblings from both maternal and paternal sides called Daryan, Russell and Diggy Simmons respectively. 

The list doesn’t stop there though! Russell Simmons (the co founder of Def Jam Recordings) happens to be Angelas uncle while Ming Lee is her cousin alongside Vanessa too!

Lastly but certainly not least; Angela welcomed her son Sutton in September 2016. Sadly Sutton Tennyson (his father) lost his life due to a shooting incident while they were in Atlanta just two years later in November 2018.

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