Is Tasha Ghouri Deaf In Real Life? Net Worth Age And Wikipedia Bio

Tasha Ghouri

Is Tasha Ghouri deaf has been the most searched topic on the internet as people are curious to know if she is deaf in real life or not. This article will provide you with the insight on his net worth age and  Wikipedia bio.


Tasha Ghouri is an Internet personality who was a contestant in Love Island season 8 in 2022. She rose to fame since then and has been gaining followers.
A group of “single” candidates known as “islanders” who live together in a specially built villa that is cut off from the outside world in an effort to find love are featured on the dating reality show Love Island, which first debuted in the UK.
The influencer has more than a million followers on her Instagram account and has been posting vlogs of her life on her social media platforms.
Moreover, many have shown interest in the social media content creator’s personal life and want to know more about her.

Is Tasha Ghouri Deaf In Real Life?


There have been tons of contestants who have gained fame through the show, and Tasha is one of them. She was not only famous because she was part of the show but because she was the first deaf contestant in the show.
The social media content creator mentioned that she was deaf from birth and had her implant fitted at the age of five in her intro video for the show.
Is Tasha Ghouri Deaf
The beautiful Instagram model, Tasha Ghouri. (Source: Instagram)

The influencer has been vocal about her disability and joined the show to represent the community.
However, many people still tend to question if she is deaf or not in real life as she can be seen communicating well with other people around her.
We need to understand that she has been wearing the implants, which are an electronic device that helps with hearing.

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Tasha Ghouri Net Worth – Explored

According to Stark Times, the estimated net worth of the internet sensation is more than $ 2.2 million.

The influencer has gained fame from the reality show and has been getting many opportunities to collaborate with brands.

Tasha Ghouri
The former Love Island contestant rocking her outfit on her first day at Coachella. (Source: Instagram)

Tasha has been active not only on Instagram but also on her YouTube channel, where she has more than 500 thousand subscribers.

In addition, the public figure also earns money through modeling. Her appearances at social events have helped her stay in the media and gain more fame through them.

Moreover, the content creator has been doing well and has been able to become financially independent through her career choices.

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Tasha Ghouri Age And Wikipedia Bio – explored

Tasha Amber Ghouri, popularly known as Tasha Ghouri, was born on August 11, 1998, in Thirsk, United Kingdom. She will be 25 years old as of [2023].

The influencer’s birth sign is Capricorn. She has been fond of dancing and the glamour industry since childhood.

The social media content creator’s father’s name is Tarek Ghouri. However, he has no information regarding his mother.

Tasha Ghouri
The social media influencer with her partner, Andrew who is also a former Love Island contestant. (Source: Instagram)

There has been no information regarding her academic qualification on the internet yet, as she has not been public about it on her social media platforms.

The social media content creator is in a relationship with Andrew Lepage, who was also in the same season as she was.

Moreover, the public figure has not shared much about her personal life before her fame on the social media platform.







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