Is Patrick Bet David Jewish – What Religion Does He Follow? Age And Net Worth

Patrick Bet David

Patrick Bet David’s followers are curious to know about his religious beliefs and whether he is Jewish or not. The entrepreneur seen talking about finance in the podcast has been gaining fame with his talks lately.

Iranian-American businessman and financial counselor Patrick Bet David was born in Tehran, the capital and largest city in Iran.

The entrepreneur graduated from the 101st Airborne Division’s Air Assault training with a primary job as a light wheel technician.

However, the financial expert joined Morgan Stanley after his time in the military, where he later created the website Saving America. Later, he also started a radio program that was heard in Los Angeles.

Patrick currently serves as the host of the PBD Podcast, a podcast that covers news, politics, and hot subjects as they apply to daily life and business.

Moreover, the Iranian-American businessman has gained a lot of public attention with his podcast.

Is Patrick Bet David Jewish – What Religion Does He Follow?

The successful financial advisor is not Jewish, but he is estimated to be Christian as he did wish his followers a Merry Christmas along with his family in an Instagram post on his handle with the caption “Merry Christmas from ours to yours” in 2022.

Patrick Bet David Jewish
The business man with his beautiful wife and four children. (Source: Instagram)

However, the businessman did take business advice from a Jewish businessman when he was 21 years old, and he has shared the advice that he got on his YouTube channel, Valuetainment.

Furthermore, the host has not confirmed his religion belief. Still, he does believe in religion, as evidenced by his tweets on Twitter under the handle @patrickbetdavid: “Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not understand what religion is.” Gandhi.”

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Patrick Bet David Age

The Iranian-American financial counselor was born on October 18, 1978. He’s half Armenian and half Assyrian and originally from Tehran, Iran. He is currently 44 years old.

The businessman’s family escaped a war-torn Iran in 1989, and they ended up in a refugee camp in Erlangen, Germany. David began his career as an entrepreneur when he was 10 years old.

Patrick Bet David
Patrick Bet David and his son wearing jersey supporting Bengals. (Source: Instagram)

The host of the PBD Podcast first started as a cleaner near a swimming pool, where he collected beer bottles and got 10 euros per bottle from the owner of the local swimming pool.

Moreover, the advisor had been into making money from his early childhood and later got into financial services with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter a day before 9/11.

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Patrick Bet David – Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of the entrepreneur is $200 million. The businessman does not only own business firms but is also active on social platforms like Instagram and YouTube and is an author of books like Drop Out and Get Schooled, Your Next Five MovesMaster the Art of Business Strategy, and many other books related to finance and building businesses.

However, by 2009, he had transitioned from being a regular counselor to managing a multimillion-dollar enterprise for Transamerica after completing his service in the military.

Patrick Bet David
The financial advisor with his friend Mario Emerick Aguilar. (Source: Instagram)

The speaker is active on Instagram under the user name @patrickbetdavid with 3.5 million followers currently, where he often shares clips of his podcast, which also helps him generate followers, and we know that on Instagram we can earn money according to the post engagement with the viewers.

The entrepreneur founded PHP Agency Inc., Valuetainment Media, and Valuetainment Investments Group. The Valuetainment Channel, which has over 3 million YouTube subscribers, provides information and entertainment geared toward a global audience of startup founders and business owners.

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