Mario Brescia Hijo With Marido Fanny Lu: Familie Origine

Mario Brescia Hijo

Who is Mario Brescia hijo? The businessman recently married a Colombian singer, songwriter, and actress taking the internet by storm with their grand wedding.

Mario Brescia Moreyra is a businessman from Peru. He is part of the affluent Brescia family, one of the wealthiest in the country.

Mario’s birthdate is 196,1, making him currently 6s. He has held the position of Director at RIMAC since 1995.

Additionally, Brescia serves as the director of BRECA. He holds the prestigious role of President of the Board of Directors at TASA and EXSA.

Mario is actively involved in various sectors. He is a director in real estate companies within the BRECA Group.

Brescia extends his influence to institutions like BBVA Banco Continental, Minsur, Raura Mining Company, and Corporation Peruvian Chemical Products.

With a degree in Business Administration from Richardo Palma University, Mr. Mario has been a consistent and valued member of the business community in Peru for many years.

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Mario Brescia Hijo With Fanny Lu

Mario Brescia hijo’s identity has not been revealed yet. It is still unknown if he had any kids before marrying the singer, Fanny Lu.

Mario Brescia Hijo
Mario Brescia and Fanny Lu exchanged their wedding vowels on December 4, 2023. (Source: Instagram)

The businessman is widely recognized for being a member of the wealthiest family in Peru. Nonetheless, he seems private about his personal life.

It is common in business for people like Brescia to hide certain aspects of their lives from the public eye. 

Furthermore, Mr Brescia appears to fall under the category of people who let their work speak for them rather than being excessively talkative.

Additionally, his relationship with Fanny Lu came as a surprise to everyone. He got married to her in 2023 which was a piece of shocking news for the online community.

Before Fanny Lu, if he had been married to any other woman, Mariohads did not mention previous relationships.

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Mario Brescia Marriage With Fanny Lu

The Peruvian Businessman tied the knot with Columbian star Fanny Lu. The wedding, held in Cartagena, Colombia, drew the attention of its celebrity attendees.

Mario Brescia Hijo
Their close friends and family attended Mario Brescia and Fanny Lu’s wedding. (Source: Instagram)

Lu and Brescia first met at the Ancon spa through mutual friends. Their relationship has blossomed over the years.

Despite keeping their love life private, Fanny publicly acknowledged their romance in 2019. The director proposed to her in December 2022.

Furthermore, The musician, Fanny dedicated the song “Valio la Pena” to celebrate their love story. Their wedding featured a decorated venue with cascade lights and mirrors.

Additionally, The CEO’s partner, Fanny’s children, Valentina and Mateo, attended the ceremony. They celebrated their mother’s marriage.

Despite the notable age difference between the great businessman and the Colombian superstar, the pair has demonstrated a strong and enduring bond.

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Mario Brescia Familie Origine

Mario Brescia is a prominent businessman. He is the Breca Group’s main shareholder, a leading Peru business.

The Millionaire is connected to the wealthiest family of Peru. His family owned the leading banking and industrial conglomerate Group Breca.

The Breco Group’s leader has family ties with Mario Brescia Cafferata, a prominent figure among Peru’s wealthiest individuals.

Unfortunately, Mr Cafferata, who is related to Mario passed away at the age of 83. In 2013, Cafferata held the 831 position on Forbes’ List of the World Billionaires.

The Brescia family has always been involved in the real estate business and banking organizations. They were the crucial stakeholders for many companies in Peru.

The director of BRECA has not revealed much about his family. Nevertheless, it is a known fact that his family members have been renowned figures for a long time.

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