Lilly Singh Net Worth: Career & Books

The famous Canadian YouTuber and writer of “How to Be a Bawse,” the New York Times Bestseller book Lilly Singh has a net worth of $20 million.

Lilly Singh, aka IISuperwomenII, is a successful YouTuber turned Author who runs a youtube channel under the name “Lilly Singh.”

Her youtube channel has 14.8 million subscribers till this article being published.

Lilly Singh in a photoshoot.
Lilly Singh in a photoshoot.

Lilly is also a writer of the successful self-help book called How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life,” which became the New York Times Bestseller list.

Due to her rising fame and success, Lilly was given her own show on NBC called “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.”

Quick Facts

Full Name Lilly Saini Singh
Known as Lilly Singh
Date of birth September 26, 1988
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Age 35 years old
Marital Status Single
Dating/Boyfriend N/A
Previous Boyfriends Yousef “FouseyTube” Erakat
Father’s name Sukhwinder Singh
Mother’s name Malwinder Kaur
Siblings Tina Singh
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Libra
Education Mary Shadd Public School

Lester B Pearson Collegiate Institute

York University

Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm)
Weight 60kg (132 lbs)
Religion Sikhism
Nationality Canadian
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Profession Youtuber, Author, Host, Vlogger, Rapper, Motivational Speaker
Years active 2010-current
Net worth $20 million
Body Type Slim
Body Measurements 32-28-34
Bra Size 32 B
Dress Size 4 (US)
Nick Name IISuperwomenII
Prominent Movies Dr, Cabbie (2014)

A Trip to Unicorn Island (2016)

Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

Bad Moms (2016)

F the Prom (2017)

Awards and Honours MTV Fandom Awards

Social Superstar of the Year (2015)- Won

Teen Choice Awards

Choice Web Star: Comedy- Won

Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Website
Last Update April, 2024

Lilly Singh Net Worth and Income

The famous youtube Lilly Singh’s net worth is a staggering $20 million.

Most of her net worth is from her YouTubing career and the bestselling book.

According to Forbes, in 2016, she was at 8th position of the highest-paid Youtuber stars earning about $7.5 million in the year.

And in 2017, she was ranked 10th on the Forbes list of highest-paid YouTubers, where she earned $10.5 million from the sales of her book, boosting her income.

Lilly in the front cover of the Hollywood Reporter magazine
Lilly in the front cover of the Hollywood Reporter magazine

She has two youtube channels; her main channel is Lilly Singh (Superwoman), with around 14.8 subscribers.

While her other channel called Lilly Singh Vlogs has around 2.8 million subscribers.

She documents her lifestyle and daily happenings in this channel.

Since the inception of her main channel Superwoman which is now changed to Lilly Singh, in 2010, she has constantly been generating revenue through youtube views.

Let’s look at her net worth in the last 5 years.

Net Worth (In USD) Year
$20 million Net Worth in the year 2021
$20 million Net Worth in the year 2020
$17 million Net Worth in the year 2019
$12 million Net Worth in the year 2018
$8 million Net Worth in the year 2017


She earns an estimated $2600 a day and $1 million per year through her main channel only.

Her secondary channel also generates revenue of $200 a day, totaling around $73,000 a year.

Additionally, the sales from her bestselling book also add to her net worth along with the salaries received from voiceover acting, motivational speech, and acting jobs.

Now let’s look into the total net worth of Lilly Singh in various currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 17,032,150
Pound Sterling £ 14,563,000
Australian Dollar A$ 27,681,080
Canadian Dollar C$ 25,295,500
Indian Rupee 1,482,650,000
BitCoin ฿ 404

Lilly Singh House, and Cars


After staying with her parents in their home in Canada, Lilly moved to Los Angeles, USA, in December 2015 to further pursue her career.

She used to stay in a spacious Los Angeles apartment with two bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, a walk-in closet, and an upper floor dedicated to her workspace.

Lilly Singh's new L.A home
Lilly Singh’s new L.A home

In September of 2019, Lilly finally moved to her stylish dream home, costing a whopping $4.1 million.

Singh’s new home is located at the top of a hill which offers a panorama view of the city and mountains.

The house has five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms with a spacious 6,361 square foot area.

It also features a warm contemporary estate vibe with high ceilings, an open floor plan, and blonde-hued hardwood floors.


Lilly owns multiple cars in her garage.

Her favorite one among them is Tesla Model S which she keeps making videos about in her vlogs.

The all-electric, zero-emission green vehicle costs around $80,000 and has five-star ratings in safety.

Other cars she owns are Mercedes Benz A45 AMG which costs around $93,000.

Lilly Singh Lifestyle and Vacations


Lilly loves to live a luxurious lifestyle which is evident from her daily vlogs.

We can see her working, hustling, and relaxing at the end of the day in most of her vlogs.

She likes to eat whatever she wants, and some of her favorite foods are Chicken curry, Chipotle, Macroni, Cheese, Popcorn, Skittles, etc.

Lilly lives a lavish life in her Spanish-styled mansion in Los Angeles.

She has named her house “Lillypad,” which goes very well with her name and personality.

Lilly with her pet Scarbo
Lilly with her pet Scarbo

She has to pay  $1,983 as property tax to the government and pay the income tax due to higher income rates.

Lilly is also an animal lover; she has a pet dog named Scarbro.

She adores the pup and often shows her to many talk shows and programs.


Lilly loves to travel and document it either for her vlogs or just for remembrance for the future.

Recently she was on vacation to Jamaica, where we can see her enjoying the beach.

She was on a world tour to various cities when she decided to film the process and make it a documentary.

She visited five locations during her tour, which was named “A Trip to Unicorn Island.”

Her trip to Unicorn Island has been a documentary about her lifestyle and how fame affects her mental health.

Lilly Singh Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Books


Lilly Singh made her film debut in 2011, working as a background dancer in the Hindi movie Speedy Singhs.

A documentary called A Trip to Unicorn Island that features her lifestyle and a tour was released on the Youtube Red platform.

The movie was about her world tour across the globe, describing how the incoming Youtube fame mentally affects her life.

She further worked in an animated Ice Age: Collision Course where she voiced a character named Misty/Bubbles, which was loved by many animation fans.

Her other movies include Bad Moms, F the Prom, Riverdance: The Animated Adventure.

Her upcoming movies are Lilly Singh’s Proud Princess and Hitpig, which will hit the theaters in 2021.


Lilly introduced her line of lipstick collection in collaboration with Smashbox cosmetics in May of 2016.

The lipstick is called “BAWSE” and is priced from $14 to $20.

Her other investments venture include Jinx, which is a dog wellness brand selling dog food online.

The investment is around $5.6 million.


She has also collaborated with several brands as a sponsorship deal.

Brands like Coca-Cola, Pantene, Calvin Klien, Olay, Smashbox Cosmetics, and Cotton are few names associated with Lilly.

She uses her social media handles and youtube channel to promote these brands.

Lilly has been associated with P&G to endorse the shampoo Pantene online, and Starbucks also has featured her for a promo.

Along with Taraji P. Henson, Katie Couric, Busy Philips, and Nicole Stott, she has been featured in a 2020 TV spot ad for Olay Super Bowl commercial.

Lilly Singh Career

Youtube Career

Lilly initially pursued her studies in Bachelor of Art Psychology in Canada.

Her father wanted her to pursue law, but slowly she began to create videos on Youtube.

Lilly started to post videos on youtube in 2010 via her channel name “Superwomen” and totally began to be indulged in doing so.

She then began to see a career in Youtube and then decided to pursue it.

Lilly Singh in cover of her book.
Lilly Singh on the cover of her book.

After the success of her primary channel, she then started another channel where she posts daily vlogs named Superwomen Vlogs.

Lilly then ventured into different horizons with offers from TV shows, movies, singing, TV Show Host, and motivational speakers.

Writing Career

A huge turning point came in her life in 2016 when she published her self-help book called How to Be A Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life.”

The book became an instant bestseller worldwide, which changed Lilly’s persona from an entertainer to an author.

The book went to become the New York Times Best Seller of the year 2016.

Lilly is one of the top Youtubers of Canada, with a net worth of $20 million.

She further went on to receive many acclaims and awards like the People’s Choice Awards for Favourite YouTube Star in 2017, Teen Choice Award: Comedy in 2016, and many more.

Lilly Singh Charity

Lilly is associated with many causes and charities.

She partnered with MetoWe, a charity that raises funds to be spent on different causes.

A bracelet named “Girl Love Rafiki Bracelet” was promoted to be sold, and the funds collected from the sales went to girls in Kenya for their education.

Lily Singh calling for charity poster for the WetoWe bracelets sales under #GirlLove
Lily Singh calling for a charity poster for the sales of the MetWe bracelets under #GirlLove.

The project’s initial goal was to sell 5000 bracelets, but the project went successfully and went to sell around $14k bracelets.

She promoted this event with the hashtag #Girllove overall social media handles to boost its sales.

Lilly is also involved with UNICEF, and she supports causes like children, health, human rights, poverty, slavery, and human trafficking.

She was announced as the UNICEF’s Goodwill ambassador in July 2017.

3 Facts about Lilly Singh

  • Lilly Singh has almost $3.4 billion views on her youtube channel now.
  • She stopped making videos in November of 2018 because it was tiring her and making her mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, but she soon returned to making videos the next month.
  • Lilly Singh has also sung songs in her career. Some titles include songs like #leh and Mauj ki Malharen in 2014 and Clean up Anthem in 2015.


Is Lilly Singh from India?

Lilly Singh’s parents belong from India, but they migrated to Canada, and Lily was born in Canada. She has Indian roots and values, but she is a Canadian citizen.

What is Lilly Singh’s salary?

The comedian and youtube Lilly Singh earns around $8 million per year from her youtube channel, sales of her book, and her brand lipstick with additional income from various brand advertisements.

Is Lilly Singh a vegetarian?

Yes, the talented youtube Lilly Singh has been a vegetarian for 12 years, and still, she follows strongly.

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